Eyeglasses trends 2022: The must-have styles to invest in this season

See the hottest eyeglasses trends 2022 has to offer. Our guide will give you a stylish outlook when it comes to prescription spectacles.

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The best eyeglasses trends 2022 offer something for every face shape and budget. The one trend you may not have thought about, optical styles also go through trend cycles and as designer frames grow in popularity, so to, does the emphasis on eyeglasses trends.

Now that we're in a new year, it's time to think about the eyeglasses trends 2023. While you might be au fait with the latest sunglasses trends 2022 has to offer, when it comes to eyewear, it's not just sunnies that are making waves in the fashion world. Prescription eyeglasses are having a big moment too. An easy way to switch up your look, the eyeglasses trends are all about accentuating your face. A finishing detail, rather than just a practical piece, your eyeglasses should be an extension of your style and personality, with many designers and stylists suggesting you should build a capsule wardrobe of glasses for different occasions, making it as much of an accessory as investing in the best jewelry brands. 

Just as we eagerly anticipate the latest fashion trends 2023, each season new eyeglasses trends emerge too. Often taking notes from what's happening on the runway, including the jewelry trends, we're seeing plenty of bold styles hitting the shops as we all embrace getting dressed up and investing in our wardrobes once again. And if eyes are the windows to the soul, eyeglasses should be seen as complementary curtains to enhance your natural assets. Pick the right eyeglasses and not only will you see better, but your facial features could also be defined and enhanced. When considering the best eyeglasses trends 2022 has to offer, think about how and when you wear your glasses. You may want a sharper and more angular pair for work - to show you mean business, as well as glasses that are perhaps, more elegant, embellished or directional for weekend wear.

There are 10 eyeglasses trends 2022 to consider if you're in the market for a frames update this season. Many of these trends will cross over with the best sunglasses, so if you're already a collector of the best designer sunglasses, then lean on your favorite sunglasses shapes to help you navigate these upgraded glasses silhouettes. 

1. Classic Cat-Eyes

eyeglasses trends: Cat-eye Ornella Muti and Danielle Renfrew Behrens

Ornella Muti and Danielle Renfrew Behrens look great in cat-eye glasses

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A retro classic, a cat-eye frame shape is one of the most timeless eyeglasses trends that will suit virtually all faces, regardless of shape. And when it comes to the eyeglasses trends 2022, experts agree that it's one of the key looks this year. 

Natasha Luthra, Resident Optometrist at David Clulow explained, "cat-eye opticals are having a moment for women’s styles. Brands have homed in on classics shapes and colors - blacks, tortoiseshell, demure light blues and red - likely an impact of the times".

This trend isn't just for designer frames though. Bianca Swan, Specsavers frame stylist adds, "The cat-eye style is a statement look that wins every time so I’m very pleased to see this style back as a fashion go-to for 2022. The triangular tips compliments the majority of face shapes, especially those with a defined jawline. Cat-eye glasses highlight your brow arch, drawing attention to your face’s high points and is a great way to inject some fun into your everyday style."

Style tip

When selecting your style, make sure to pay attention to the width of frames: 

"To add width to the narrower top half of your face, choose frames with a strong brow-line, such as a full-rim cat-eye shape." - says, Perry Moore, managing director, Silhouette UK Ltd

For added interest, try a cat’s eye eyeglass style with interesting wingtip details such as diamanté or an exaggerated point. This vintage-inspired style would work really well with any of your best midi dresses, which also have a retro vibe. Offering a more dressed up finish, while they can easily be worn as you're everyday pair, a chic design would also work as part of capsule wardrobe of glasses and be ideal for what to wear to the races or what to wear to Wimbledon in the summer months.

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2. Thick rim dark frame glasses

eyeglasses trends: thick frames: Cynthia Erivo and Jane Campion

Cynthia Erivo and Jane Campion opt for thick-rimmed glasses

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Thick rimmed glasses might’ve once carried connotations of bookish nerds but these days they’re one of the most popular frames amongst celebrity spectacle wearers with Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Banks and Gwyneth Paltrow all rocking geek chic. Their rise in popularity is also partially due to lockdown as noted by Marie Wilkinson, Style Director Cutler & Gross:

"Some crave more angular frames as they can sharpen profiles that have become a little softer over lockdown."

Style tip

If you’re worried that a traditional black frame may wash you out, look for thick-framed eyeglasses in softer shades such as navy, dark red or opt for an alternative such as colored or clear frames in the same shape. When choosing thick rimmed frames, think about your face shape too. More angular styles can add sharpness to rounder faces. 

Given a striking and strong look, this style is ideal when you need a little confidence boost - so make these your go to for important work days, meetings and presentations. 

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3. Wire Frame Glasses

eyeglasses trends: wire frames: Drusilla Foer and Yoyo Cao

 Drusilla Foer and Yoyo Cao are chic in wire frames

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The most delicate of styles, wire frame glasses aren’t as visible to the naked eye, particularly when worn in a classic light metallic color such as yellow or rose gold, creating the illusion that the wearer’s face is in fact ‘naked’.

Luthra shares reveals that this is one of the top eyeglasses trends 2022  with many of the top brands endorsing the look, "metal frames are having a big moment - almost every brand has released a distinctive metal double bridge frame to soft round frames".

Style tip

Wire frames aren’t for every prescription as the delicate frames can’t hold thicker lenses. Those with varifocals or stronger eyeglasses prescriptions might need to avoid this style. Ask your optician for advice. 

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4. Clear and pastel colored acetate frames

eyeglasses trends: acetate frames: Alyah Chanelle Scott and Elise Perry

Alyah Chanelle Scott and Elise Perry look stylish in acetate eyeglasses

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The eyeglasses trend for invisible frames has been gathering pace as a fashionable alternative for several years. Frames in clear acetate and soft pastels are particularly on-trend right now. Luthra explains the progression of this look has it roots in another trend:

"2022 is an evolution on dainty eyewear but in oversize shapes, as seen at Prada, but what’s a little surprising is the transparent theme, Arnette, Emporio Armani, Oliver Peoples and Tiffany & Co have really added a refreshing take to opticals [with this trend]". 

Simon Jablon, Creative Director of luxury glasses brand Linda Farrow, adds that they expect soft hues to be the most popular this year, 'for 2022 we focussed on a soft pastel trend for our hero acetate styles leading with a lavender, peach and sky blue colour palette'.

Style tip
Wilkinson advises that for truly on-trend frames, opt for ‘ice blue, pink and Granny chic. Deeper transparents like warm Rhubarb and cool aviator blue and colors that fade like the honey burst fade and grey fade are popular’.

Lighter frames are ideal for summer occasions, so whether you're looking for an update to team with the best mother of the groom dresses or some stylish frames to pair with the best mother of the bride outfits, a pastel or clear acetate offers a dressy but modern finish.

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5. Vintage-style aviators

eyeglasses trends: aviators: Nathalie Emmanuel and Brooke Shields

Nathalie Emmanuel and Brooke Shields go vintage in aviator frames

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A clear sign that vintage-style aviators are going to be a key style this year, ex-J Crew Queen Jenna Lyons has even swapped out her previous signature chunky frames for cool '70s-inspired aviators. While Sarah Jessica Parker also chose a similar pair for read-throughs for the new series of Just Like That, meaning that you too can master how to dress like Carrie Bradshaw - starting with this just one nifty accessory.

Style tip

Go oversized, for a statement, retro look. Wilkinson suggests opting for an on-trend oversized pair of prescription glasses: "Oversized frames can be a refreshing wear as they offer wide uninterrupted fields of view."

With a naturally '70s vintage feel, this look is ideal for those wondering 'what is boho style?' and working out how to inject the bohemian vibe into a modern wardrobe.

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6. Round frames

eyeglasses trends: round: Sandy Powell OBE and Ashley Nicole Black

Sandy Powell OBE and Ashley Nicole Black look great in circular frames

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Quirky and cool, circular and round frames are once again a key prescription glasses trend for 2022 and look brilliant on women of all ages. Not one for the faint hearted, a rounded frame definitely offers a more directional feel to your look, but wear them with confidence and you'll easily pull the look off. While they can be worn for everyday or smarter occasions, the slightly edgier feel does make them ideal for dressed down weekends.

"Just as square frames suit rounded faces, round or oval frames balance out and add softness to a squarer face. Opt for frames that are narrower than they are wide to soften strong, angular features. Neutral colours will also help to elongate the face. Rounded or oval-shaped frames, and those with decorative details along the top line, are an excellent choice for heart-shaped faces to balance out a narrower chin," says Perry.

Style tip

"Just as square frames suit rounded faces, round or oval frames balance out and add softness to a squarer face. Opt for frames that are narrower than they are wide to soften strong, angular features. Neutral colours will also help to elongate the face. Rounded or oval-shaped frames, and those with decorative details along the top line, are an excellent choice for heart-shaped faces to balance out a narrower chin," says Perry.

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