10 best-smelling body lotions we're indulging in this summer

Our beauty team's go-to best-smelling body lotions. From luxury creams to buttery florals

A selection of the best-smelling body lotion buys, including options from Elemis, Jo Malone and Dior.
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The best-smelling body lotion is one you can't help but re-apply throughout the day, whether for moisture or its irresistible scent. 

The best body moisturisers should overhaul dry skin and leave you with silky-smooth limbs, add a gorgeous scent to it and you’ve got a fragranced body lotion that’ll have you side-eyeing your favourite long-lasting perfume.

According to the owner of Emma Hardie skincare Jane Foultson, the power of scent isn't one to be underestimated, especially when it comes to body treatments. "A pleasant aroma can transport the senses and using a body cream or butter with a fragrance you like can be a real mood enhancer," she says.

So whether you're searching for the best-smelling body lotion to refresh your moisturising routine or you're after a summery hand lotion to stash in your purse, our beauty team rounds up their favourites, from sweet and creamy to light and shimmery.

The best-smelling body lotions, picked by our beauty team

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How we picked the best smelling body lotion buys

A selection of the best smelling body lotion buys, including buys from Emma Hardie, Clarins and Jo Malone

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Each of the buys on this list has been fully tested by me before they made the cut for this list of the best smelling body lotions. Some of them are real tried-and-tested favorites that I’ve loved for years, and some have been recommended by other members of the beauty team - in that scenario, I still fully tried the product out, to make sure that the recommendation was a valid one (it always was). 

To narrow down this list, I tried a lot of options, from cult classics to new launches. I wanted buys at every budget that would suit all scent preferences, so I tried a huge variety of options, to really ensure that this list was definitive, with something for everyone. 

While trialing all of these body lotions, I made sure to consider:

  • The scent: This one’s the most obvious - first and foremost I had to love the scent, and whether that lasted on skin throughout the day. With perfume notes being so subjective, I also roped in the beauty team, to get a wider range of opinions.
  • Its ability to moisturize: again, an obvious one, but as well as smelling great, they also had to work well as standalone body lotions, otherwise you might as well just rely the best perfume for women. I tested each buy for their ability to hydrate and soothe skin, and how long that moisturization lasted. 
  • Any other benefits it offered: Did they contain any other beneficial skincare ingredients, rather than just humectants? These skincare-level ingredients can really be the step up from your bog standard lotion. If they have them, they're flagged in the specifications. 
  • The price point: Scented products are usually ones that can get a little wild in the price tag. I wanted to ensure that each buy here was really worth spending your hard-earned cash on, to give you ultimate value for money.
Rhiannon Derbyshire
Senior Beauty Editor

Rhiannon Derbyshire is the Senior Beauty Editor for Woman & Home and other publications. 

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