The Best Summer Hairstyles

How to style your hair this summer

With new seasons come new hairstyles, and not always just because of the changing of trends – a lot of the summer hairstyles we’ve mastered are as much about keeping our hair off of our necks as they are about being on trend.

Weather it’s a hot new braid fresh off the catwalks, or a new colour for the changing weather, it’s easy to update your look when the season changes. Looking for ideas for summer hairstyles? Don’t overlook the old favorites: ponytails and buns are no longer the things you throw your hair into while you’re at the gym. With the right flourishes and styling, they can be as fresh and cutting edge as any elaborate look. Think about colour too: go a few shades lighter for summer – it’ll heighten the authenticity of your colour, giving the impression that it’s naturally lightened in the sun.

When it comes to winter colour, try balayage for winter – the highlights around your face add warmth to your complexion, helping you navigate between that glowing skin of summer, and the sun-deprived porcelain tones of winter. A fringe is also a great look for winter (not least cause it’ll work much better in a non-sweaty climate, when you can keep it under control): it really draws attention to your eyes, making the smoky eyes of party season that much more effective.

Speaking of effectiveness, one of our favourite styles for high impact, low effort glamour? The humble braid. Woven chignons, French braids, impossible-looking (but actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it) fishtail plaits: you can guarantee that a new way of doing this surfaces every season, and once you get the hang of basic braiding techniques, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking for new winter or summer hairstyles, we’ve got all the inspiration you need…

Hair by Jamie Stevens