3 Tricks That Will Make Grey Hair Look And Feel Fabulous

Grey hair is great for so many reasons (not least freedom from the ceaseless cycle of root touch-ups) but, like any colour, it comes with challenges. Luckily we've got a hairdressing superstar on hand to show you three ways to make grey hair look and feel fabulous.

Celebrity Hairdresser Denise McAdam was worked her magic on everyone from Cindy Crawford to Kylie Minogue, Anna Wintour and even styled the Duchess of York's hair for her wedding to Prince Andrew. Denise's hairdressing pedigree has equipped her with the knowledge to make every hair colour and texture the very best it can be, and now she's sharing it with Woman & Home in this exclusive video.

If you have grey hair like our fabulous Woman & Home reader Fiona, you'll know that yellow or brassy tinges can be an issue. These can be caused by anything from UV sun damage to cooking fumes, smoking or pollution in the atmosphere, but with a simple haircare regime and Denise's amazing dry shampoo hack you can enjoy cool, icy colour. "Always use a deep cleaning, clarifying shampoo to open the cuticle and cleanse away build up," recommends Denise, "chamomile shampoo is fab as well."

Another issue with grey or silver hair can be shine, or lack of. Light shades of hair are naturally less reflective than brunette, and if you have a salt and pepper mix a mirror-like shine can be especially tricky to achieve. Watch our video to discover how Denise solved the shine dilemma with nothing more than a pro technique with a smoothing styler and a tiny touch of spray, genius!

Finally, learn all of Denise's fast haircare tips for fabulous grey hair every day. The best thing about these tips and tricks is they are so easy to achieve at home, you don't need professional skills or any special equipment.

Simply watch our video to discover how to make grey hair look and feel fabulous every day!