These are the best makeup looks for blonde hair - as inspired by our favourite celebrities

Elevate your features with these timeless beauty looks for blonde hair

32 best makeup looks for blondes collage
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When it comes to makeup, we believe that individual expression is key and beauty advice shouldn't be too prescriptive, however, there are some makeup looks for blondes that just work - as our favourite celebrities demonstrate. 

A good place to start is with the lip colour and build the makeup look around that, so reach for a long-lasting lipstick in a flattering tone. A natural nude will work well with smokey or defined eyes, but you might want to keep the base and eyes simple if opting for a bold or deep lip shade. True reds, orangy reds and blue-toned reds all work well on blondes in terms of lip colours, and for those going for a more natural look, a slick of the best mascara is all you need. "I always look at blonde movie stars from the 1920s, 30s and 40s, when we saw the gorgeous brow and then the winged liner and the classic red lip, which still work well today," Angie Parker, international MUA and founder of Shop Parker told us. 

We've looked into the beauty archives of our favourite blonde celebrities to seek out their most inspiring beauty looks - which anyone with blonde hair can try. From Cate Blanchett's fresh peach tones to Sharon Stone's classic red lip, these are 32 timeless makeup looks for blonde hair. 

32 best makeup looks for blonde hair 

Subtle metallic eyes and bold lips

Kate Winslet with subtly metallic eyes and bold lips

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Adding a little bit of shimmer in a subtle way can be a great way to open up the eyes and is more flattering than heavy matte tones. Kate Winslet has paired her metallic-lined eyes with a soft and bright pink lip for a real wow-factor look that would be perfect for an evening event. 

Smokey eyes in bronze tones

Jennifer Aniston with smokey eyes in gold tones

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Smokey eyes in bronze and gold tones go hand in hand with radiant, sun-kissed skin - as in the case of Jennifer Aniston. Forever one of our beauty muses for elegant and simple makeup looks, the former Friends actor pairs a holiday-ready beauty look with statement gold hoops. 

"Olive skin can handle a bit more makeup - I like a little smudgy brown on the lid typically I lean into creams these days so it feels fresh and you can just apply it with your fingers," international MUA Angie Parker told us.

Defined eyes and bold lips

Sienna Miller with defined eyes and bold lips

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Sienna Miller's lined eyes and bold, matte lips prove that blonde makeup looks can veer towards the dramatic, with her simple, flawless base allowing her features to shine through. 

Keep foundation dewy and soft without too much blusher or bronzer to ensure a subtle, natural base - and opt for a red lip to suit your skin tone.

Peach tones with a matte base

Cate Blanchett with Peach tones with a matte base

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For those with a paler complexion, peach tones look fresh, light and youthful. Cate Blanchett complements her light blonde hair here with peachy eyeshadow and a subtle coral lip for understated glamour. 

"With blue eyes and blonde hair, I just think less is more so really just making sure the skin is fresh and even, and the brows are well groomed," international MUA Angie Parker told us. "Sometimes I like that colour pop on the lips like a peachy tone, or orange-red if the mood can handle it." 

Red lips with an orange undertone

Cameron Diaz with red lips with an orange undertone

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Orange tones work well on blondes as a fresh alternative to reds. Cameron Diaz works the classic combination of a subtly smokey eye and a bold lip, with her fresh, natural complexion preventing the overall finish from being too heavy. 

Lined lips and eyes

Rihanna wearing lined lips and eyes

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Rihanna, a beauty chameleon, who has provided us with brunette, red and blonde hair inspiration over the years looks striking with her combination of lined lips and defined eyes alongside caramel curls - we'd expect nothing less from the Fenty beauty boss. Copy her look by investing in a good lip liner in a few tones darker than your regular lipstick.

Darker brows and smokey eyes

Nicole Kidman wearing darker brows and smokey eyes

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Nicole Kidman proves that darker brows can look elegant against light blonde hair - as long as you match the tones well. Nicole's ash brown brows match her ash blonde hair perfectly define her face - and are particularly striking teamed with a smokey eye with soft brown tones. 

Subtle blue eyeshadow

Gwyneth Paltrow with subtle blue eyeliner

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While blue eyeshadow may be associated with the Noughties, there's a growing number of celebrities and beauty enthusiasts that are bringing back the look - and it looks like Gwyneth was ahead of the curve with this bold look. For those with blue eyes, this can really elevate your features - just keep the rest of your makeup look simple. 

Bare lips and smokey eyes

Olivia Wilde with bare lips and smokey eyes

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Smokey eyes with grey tones work well for blondes with green eyes. Olivia Wilde accentuates her features with a simple, matte base and defined eyes for a striking look. She completed the look with a subtle and flattering nude lipstick.

A bold red lip

Sharon Stone with a bold red lip

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A bright, bold red lip looks wonderful on any hair colour, but on blondes, it's reminiscent of old-school Hollywood looks. We're taking beauty notes from Sharon Stone and her combination of long, curly lashes and a pillar box red lip. 

Winged eyeliner and a bold lip

Jennifer Lawrence with winged eyeliner and a bold lip

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Jennifer Lawrence has no end of stunning beauty looks, from natural sun-kissed skin and barely there makeup, to all-out glamour. We love this classic combination of winged liner and a deep red lip that will suit those with blonde hair for an evening event. 

Pink lips and flushed cheeks

Kim Cattrall with pink lips and flushed cheeks

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A pink lip is fresh and youthful and will work much better in the day than a bold or dark red. Kim Cattrall shows us that sometimes simple makeup looks are the best with gently flushed cheeks and subtle pink lips. 

Bold eyes and nude lips

Beyonce with bold eyes and nude lips

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Beyonce looks incredible with blonde hair and nude shades, with her caramel-toned hair complemented perfectly with a glossy nude lip. Lined eyes and a simple, glowing base finishes the classic makeup look. 

Fuchsia pink lips

Margot Robbie with fuchsia pink lips

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In true Barbie style, Margot has opted for a bright pink lip that really works with her blonde hair swept up into a low ponytail and soft pieces falling framing her face. It's a bold choice, but one that works well with blonde hair and the actor's slightly undone hairstyle softens the overall look. 

Nude tones and smokey eyes

Taylor Swift with nude tones and a smokey eye

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If you have dark blonde hair, try soft, nude tones that will streamline your features like Taylor. The superstar's dress is particularly bold here with a green shimmer, meaning her subtle makeup is a great choice for toning down the overall look.

Dramatic gold eyes and nude lips

Blake Lively with dramatic gold eyes and nude lips

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For a '70s-inspired makeup look that screams vintage Farrah Fawcett, opt for blonde curls with big hair and bold smokey eyes with gold tones. It's a winning combination, as Blake Lively proves and works well with a subtle nude lip.

Nude lips and taupe eyes

Margot Robbie with nude lips and taupe eyes

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Beauty goddess Margot has provided us with countless beauty looks since her rise to fame. This subtle makeup look shows how beautifully complementary nude shades can work together on blondes. 

Defined eyes and glowing skin

Reese Witherspoon with defined eyes and glowing skin

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Reese Witherspoon is a classic blonde who needs little help when showing off her incredible features. To achieve a Reese-worthy look start with a dewy base and a hint of highlighter and then focus on the eyes, blending eyeshadow from light to dark at the outer corners. 

Vintage-style bold lips and eyes

Taylor Swift with vintage-style bold lips and eyes

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Taylor Swift goes for a more vintage style with this makeup look, combining dramatic winged eyes and a full, bold pout that works well with her slightly grungy, strawberry blonde hair. This bold look is best tried with a hairstyle that isn't too polished to offset the heavy makeup. 

Pink-toned eyes and lips

Scarlett Johnansson with pink-toned eyes and lips

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Scarlett Johnansson is flawless in pink tones with metallic eyes and a soft dusky pink pout that anyone with blonde hair could replicate. The look is seamless in its colour matching, but you could try grey or brown metallic eyes if pink is too bold. 

Dramatic smokey eyes and dark lips

Charlize Theron with dramatic smokey eyes and dark lips

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Blondes shouldn't be afraid of using darker tones when it comes to makeup - as beauty icon Charlize Theron proves. The actor looks striking with a plum lip, smokey eyes in bronze tones and defined brows.

Copper eyes and glossy lips

Reese Witherspoon with copper eyes and glossy lips

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Blondes, copper is your new best friend as this versatile shade looks fresh and uplifting and can really warm up a paler skin tone. Reese Witherspoon opts for copper-lined eyes and glossy nude lips for a failsafe makeup look. 

Bronzed skin and red lips

Kate Winslet with bronzed skin and red lips

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This has to be one of our favourite makeup looks for blonde hair, with Kate Winslet's bronzed skin and contoured cheeks finished with a deep red lip - a look that takes our imagination to balmy al fresco nights in some glamorous European city. 

To get the look, invest in one of the best fake tans as prep, subtly build bronzer along the cheekbones and finish with a deep red, matte lipstick and simple eye makeup. 

Dramatic winged eyes and bold lips

Jennifer Lawrence with dramatic winged eyes and bold lips

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Jennifer Lawrence's look is bold, but with her cascading blonde curls, it has an element of old-school glamour and really elevates her features. If opting for a bold eye and lip combination with blonde hair, keep the base simple and the hair soft - like Jennifer's romantic waves. 

Lined eyes and pink lips

Blake Lively with lined eyes and pink lips

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Blake Lively's pink lips are the focal point of her otherwise simple makeup look and prove how a classic pink shade can work well on blondes. Team with defined eyes with neat lines for an elegant evening look. 

Subtle nude tones and bronzed cheeks

Charlize Theron with subtle nude tones and bronzed cheeks

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Lighter, ashy blondes will look stunning with nude makeup tones that allow for a seamless and timeless look. Charlize Theron pairs her nude lips with subtly smokey eyes and lightly flushed cheeks for a real wow factor. 

"Blonde hair with fair skin feels more expected and I love just to strengthen the lashes with a good brown or black mascara and give the cheeks that gorgeous healthy glow like a long walk outside creates," international MUA Angie Parker told us.

Fluttery lashes and white liner

Scarlett Johansson with fluttery lashes and white liner

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To match her '60s-style hair, Scarlett Johansson opts for a classic makeup look from the time, defined eyes with fluttery lashes and a slick of white liner across the waterline. All this makeup look needs is a nude lip. 

Glowing skin and bright lips

Sienna Miller with glowing skin and bright lips

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Sienna Miller masters holiday chic with bronzed skin, an incredible glow and fresh red lips with a vibrant orangy tone. A good makeup look starts with good skin prep and it's clear that Sienna's laid the groundwork with her healthy-looking, glowing skin. 

Bronzed skin and smokey eyes

Kate Moss with bronzed skin and smokey eyes

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For those with darker blonde hair like Kate Moss, a deeply bronzed look with contouring can be striking when paired with nude lips and defined eyes. Sun protection is the golden rule of skincare, so fake a golden glow with bronzer instead. 

Smokey eyes and a dark nude lip

Sarah Jessica Parker with bronzed skin and a dark nude lip

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Blondes can carry off darker shades of nude on the lips well, as in the case of Sarah Jessica Parker. The And Just Like That actor has opted for a simple base and defined eyes to complete the look. 

Berry-pink lips

Cate Blancett with subtly metallic eyes and pink lips

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Subtle pinks work well on blondes and Cate Blanchett shows us just how classy a sweep of pink can look when teamed with gently flushed cheeks and a natural pink lip. 

Dramatic liner and nude lips

Cat Deeley with dramatic liner and nude lips

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Those with caramel tones like Cat Deeley will look striking with heavier eye-liner and a natural, nude lip. This '60s-inspired makeup look is the ideal evening beauty combination and works perfectly with Cat's radiant and glowing skin. 

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