Benefit Badgal Bang! review: Can the much-hyped mascara live up to its predecessors?

Our Beauty Editor weighs In on Benefit Badgal Bang! Mascara

Benefit Badgal Bang!
(Image credit: Benefit)

Benefit Badgal Bang! arrived on a wave of hype - no surprises there, this brand is  known for creating some of the best mascaras around.  To me, mascaras are like little black dresses: eminently useful, entirely essential, but no matter how much I love what I've got, I'll keep on casting my eye around in case The One is still out there. Clearly, I have commitment issues. But if there's one brand I can generally rely on to deliver a contender for my most beloved mascara list, it's Benefit.

You've probably tried mega-seller Benefit They're Real! or at least heard one friend rave about its ridiculous lengthening and volumising powers (all true) Now Badgal Bang!, is out to take its crown, boasting a jet black formula containing super-light aero particles for mega volume with zero heaviness.

benefit badgal bang! mascara

Formula and ingredients 

Why? Well they aren't lying about the formula; it's silky wet and slippery, gliding onto every lash without clogging or weighing them down, which means tons of length and curl. 

As well as flexible polymers and waxes the main USP in terms of ingredients is the aforementioned aero particles. These are super light and designed to be layered up bit by bit on the lashes to build volume without heaviness or clumping. It's worth paying a bit of attention to how to apply mascara when using this one, as getting a bit of a wiggle on really displays the full flutter potential of the formula. 

The colour is a deep velvety black and stays that way all day (side note; have you ever noticed some mascaras start jet black but end up all chalky and grey by the end of the day... why?) None of that here, just inky glossy lashes  right up until you remove them. 

What's it like to use?


Waterproof version available: No

Shades available: Black, blue

Added extras: 300 bristle ultra slim brush

My favourite thing about Badgal Bang! is actually the brush; it's incredibly flexible in a neat conical shape to get right into those tiny lashes at the inner and outer corners of eyes. It's ultra slim and has over 300 bristles so really wiggles right between every tiny lash - perfect for clump free flutter. 

It also seems to pick up just the right amount of product without overloading my lashes or requiring too much hokey cokey style in-out in-out, as many comb-like brushes tend to do.

I did experience a little bit of smudging - which is by no means unusual as I have deep-set eyes and long lashes that sometimes sit against my upper lid if a mascara is  lengthening enough. If anything this is a testament to the fact this is definitely one of the best lengthening mascaras I've tried. 

Benefit Badgal Bang! Verdict 

I can hardly think of a reason not to love Badgal Bang!. If you love super bulked-up spidery-style volume or have hooded lids and want something so budge-proof it requires a hardcore removal technique then maybe stick with They're Real.

Otherwise it's a winner, and definitely top dog in my highly competitive mascara hierarchy (for now at least...).