L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise Review: Does the budget buy really measure up to the high-end greats?

Is L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise a budget mascara not to be missed?

L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise mascara
(Image credit: L’Oréal Paris)
Woman & Home Verdict

Holds its own against the high-end clique

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Gentle formula suitable for sensitive eyes

  • +

    Soft brush that doesn’t cause irritation

  • +

    Lifts lashes and holds curl

  • +

    Pretty, fanned-out look

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Some under-eye smudging and flaking after a few hours

  • -

    Tip of brush is awkwardly bulky

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Are you tempted to try L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise, or is something holding you back? Many of us can probably admit to being low-key mascara snobs, dabbling with only the best mascaras (opens in new tab) on the shelves, which, in our eyes, tend to usually be the most expensive ones, too. But now and then something comes along to bring us all back down to earth and remind us that we don’t have to dip into our savings just to refresh our makeup bags – and in this case, it’s L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise.

This sub £10 mascara has famously been compared to the notorious Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, which, at one point, was the bestselling mascara in the world for its voluminous impact but fluttery effect – and we can see the resemblance. Lash Paradise not only looks the part, but it plays the part, too – easy application, staggering volume and a fanned-out finish.

And while it doesn’t quite come into the major beauty bargain category, it’ll set you back less than your monthly brow wax.

(Image credit: L’Oréal Paris)

L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise: Our summary

With a shameful blush we can admit that the Lash Paradise has taught us that a weightier price tag doesn't necessarily mean a superior product. The well-thought-out formula is everything you might want from a mascara, with the added bonus of looking after your lashes at the same time as giving you a look worthy of a L’Oréal advert.

While there were a couple of tiny flaws, namely light flaking and the awkward brush tip, these are by no means dealbreakers – plus, we can safely say we’ve put up with worse from more luxury offerings. Will we be abandoning all of our high-end favourites? Perhaps not. But we’ll definitely be paying more attention to any high-street drops from now on...

First impressions

It’s not the most grown-up tube we’ve come across and it by no means has a high-end look to it, but we’re kind of swayed by the pretty simplicity of it. Plus, if you’re a fan of rose gold, then you’ll love the cute blush colouring.

Formula and ingredients


Price: £11.99

Waterproof version available: Yes

Suitable for sensitive eyes: Yes

Formulated with nourishing castor oil, this mascara works behind the scenes to strengthen and hydrate your lashes, while giving you a long-lasting impactful look. The oil infusion also gives the formula a silky-smooth consistency, meaning that it glides on to lashes effortlessly – no sticking and catching in sight.

It’s not the toughest formula we’ve tried, as we did spot a tiny bit of flaking by the end of the day, and a little bit of smudging on the undereye, but it was by no means a full-on panda look. It also dissolved with makeup remover quite nicely without the need for any harsh rubbing, so goes a long way in putting off the dreaded search for best eye creams for a little while longer. You can also really appreciate the castor oil’s hard work after removing the mascara, as lashes felt soft and silky, which was a nice pre-bedtime surprise.

Ease of application

Not only did the delicately contoured brush catch almost every lash in just one swipe, but the soft bristles worked right from the lash line without scratching. Bristles also collected just the right amount of formula, making it easy to layer on to lashes for dramatic impact without ending up with clumps that had to be combed out.

One niggle we did have was that the tip of the brush is quite hefty, so did collect quite a bit of formula and made it slightly difficult to get to the inner lashes without making a mess. So, we’d make a note to remember to wipe off the excess product before trying to tackle your inner lashes – and you definitely want a cotton bud or two on hand when applying.

What's it like to wear?

When it comes to mascara results, most of us will be happy as long as we’re given length, definition and volume – and sometimes a little bit of curl thrown in for good measure. This budget buy will give you it all. It lifts lashes and, if you use an eyelash curler beforehand, it holds the shape relatively well.

We didn’t notice as much length as with some other mascaras we’ve tested, but you could always layer it with something really lengthening, such as the Benefit BADgal BANG! (opens in new tab) mascara.

What we did love was the fanned-out and volumised look that came without any clumping, no matter how many layers we slapped on. The Lash Paradise also gave the kind of even definition you would expect to achieve with a comb wand, without having to actually endure using one of the contentious things.

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