Why is the Moon so bright tonight? Last Full Moon of the summer promises intense and action-packed few weeks ahead

Why is the Moon so bright tonight? As the August Full Moon lights up the skies, we prepare for a whole range of exciting energies

Why is the Moon so bright tonight? Amazing display of blue and red color in the sky. Background night sky with stars, moon and lugs. The image of the moon of incomparable beauty.
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Why is the Moon so bright tonight? As the sky lights up with an incandescent radiance, many awe-struck star gazers wonder what's causing this megawatt lunation.

The August Full Moon 2022 is the last Supermoon of 2022 and was preceded by the huge numerological event that is The Lion's Gate Portal opening, Lion's Gate Portal manifestations have been swirling around no end. As August also sees energy-filled transitions like Mars in Gemini 2022, you certainly have a whole lot going on.

There's something a bit special about the late summer months. Balmy nights, clear skies, and Supermoons so bright they light you up. The summer season in the Moon calendar 2022 has plenty of these supersized Moons, but how often is a Supermoon and why is the Moon so bright tonight?

Why is the Moon so bright tonight?

Why is the moon so bright tonight? Fullmoon as seen through jasmine plant.

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If you're looking up and asking why is the Moon so bright tonight - it's because it's a Supermoon! The August Full Moon, also known as the Sturgeon Moon, is the last of this year's four Supermoons. These incredible lunations happen when the Moon is at its nearest point to planet Earth, which is why it looks so huge.

The first in 2022's quartet of lunations was the Full Moon May 2022, also known as the Super Blood Flower Moon, and who could forget when the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse 2022 filled the cosmos with supercharged Supermoon energy? This was followed by the June Full Moon 2022, which is known as the Strawberry Moon and then the July Full Moon 2022, also called the Buck Moon 2022, which was the largest Supermoon of 2022.

What is a Supermoon?

July Full Moon 2022: Blue super moon isolated on black background.

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We all know that a Full Moon takes place on one occasion each lunar cycle, a period of 29.5 days - but how often are Supermoons?

Sitting pretty in among a myriad of astrological events in 2022, like Mercury retrograde 2022 and more recently Neptune retrograde 2022 - Supermoons are an astrological and astronomical delight.

According to the Natural History Museum, there are only three or four Supermoons in a year. Interestingly, between 2020 and 2025, we will see four of these stunning lunations per annum.

Professor Sara Russell explains, "During a Supermoon, the Moon is at a stage where it is closest to Earth. This will typically last for two to five Full Moons, so that's why there are multiple Supermoons in a row. After that, the Moon goes into the more distant part of its orbit."

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