The August Full Moon 2022 is in Aquarius and will shake things up – here's why that's a good thing for your star sign

The August Full Moon 2022 is during Leo season, meaning it's guaranteed to bring the drama - here's what that means for your star sign

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The August Full Moon 2022 is in Aquarius and is a reminder that, as the saying goes, if we do the same things over and over again, we can expect the same results. So, it’s also true that if we do something out of the ordinary, something that breaks us out of the status quo, we make room for the Universe to surprise us with something that’s different at a minimum – and possibly even extraordinary if we’re lucky.

Shake up the Universe - that's the invitation of this intense and action-packed Full Moon in Aquarius. Drama, of course, is just what you'd expect from a Full Moon during Leo Season 2022 and this one falls within touching distance of the huge cosmic event that is The Lion's Gate Portal opening. So you'd better get your Lion's Gate Portal manifestations ready as well!

This lunation comes after the July New Moon 2022, in the Moon calendar 2022, which called on you to let your inner light shine. Also known as the Sturgeon Moon, it culminates on August 11, 2022, at 9.35 PM EST at 19 degrees of the sign of the Water Bearer. With only one planet in one of the water signs and all the rest in air signs, fire signs, and earth signs at this time, we can expect intense mindset shifts, dramatic action, and some foundation rattling to occur as these planetary energies combine on this fateful day. 

Fate is indeed a keyword for the Full Moon August 2022, as the major planetary players of this Full Moon mirror the seismic eclipses we experienced in November 2021 and April and May of 2022. Think back to those time periods and if you experienced any major shifts - either new beginnings or final endings. This Full Moon, also known as the Sturgeon Moon, could bring up those same plotlines, themes, and possibly, even cameo appearances from previous players.

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If you're asking yourself why is the Moon so bright tonight, it's because the August Full Moon 2022 is the last Supermoon of 2022. If that's not enough to grab your attention, the ruler of the August Full Moon 2022 ought to. It's a sobering and somber Saturn in Aquarius who is receiving a conjunction from the Moon and an opposition from the attention-grabbing Sun in Leo, both squaring wildcard Uranus in resource-oriented Taurus. All that means is that as this Full Moon peaks, we could experience an intense sense of letting go of a heavy weight or burden – or rattled when a support system we previously relied on is no longer readily available to us. 

We could feel alone in the spotlight, but we could also experience this with a sense of relief. What’s done is done. Now the only way ahead is forward. Consider these thoughts if you choose to engage in any Full Moon rituals, perhaps incorporating the best crystals for your star sign to heighten the ceremony.

So as this Aquarius Moon shifts the collective consciousness towards community and collaboration, remember that as a stargazer, you have a cosmic clue from the stars themselves about what their highest hopes for us are. They say that we can envision a world where people come together to their ideas, technology, and resources, to individually improve the personal lives of as many as we can. 

Here's how the August Full Moon 2022 in Aquarius will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

August Full Moon 2022 zodiac forecast

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If there has been conflict brewing within your social circle or bubbling between coworkers, this Full Moon marks the boiling point. It may sound intense, but after this moment passes, temperatures should begin cooling down considerably. Remember that Aquarius energy activates your eleventh house of groups – and as an independent person, you can bristle when confronted with conformity or with having to deal with conflict, especially if it’s not yours but you feel compelled to participate in it. Use the light of this Full Moon to reconcile what group dynamics you’re part of that no longer feel supportive of your biggest hopes and aspirations. Now is the time to cut off feelings of restriction and expand your network to include people that see your inner light and allow it to shine.


A work situation is reaching a critical turning point – and there is no turning back now. This dramatic Full Moon in your tenth house of career could see the departure of a support system you previously relied upon, but also one where that may felt overly restrictive or domineering. While this could easily be a boss, it could also suggest teams, structures, or organizational charts are shifting and rebalancing at this time, and you’re left to consider how you want to be move forward. The question to ask yourself during this Full Moon is now that the obstacle has been removed, do you feel any sense of relief despite any feelings of uncertainty that looms ahead of you? Pay close attention to your feelings as they are offering you cosmic clues about where your heart truly lies – and if it isn’t time for you to command your own authority.


You can do whatever you set your sights on, Gemini. You just have to believe in something or someone. This Full Moon in your ninth house of higher learning is hoping that someone whom you chose to believe in, is in yourself. Your self-confidence may have been rattled recently, and you may have suddenly found yourself questioning previously held convictions, whether they’re spiritually based or political. Add to this dynamic your innate curiosity as a Gemini, and you may have been feeling like you have more questions than you’ll ever get clear answers to. But the secret this Full Moon is sharing with you, is that having more questions is the true path to wisdom. It sounds lofty – because it is. Let go of needing to know everything and allow yourself to sit with uncertainty. That’s how the answers will come.


Now is the time to free yourself of any debts or obligations you owe others – or allow yourself to move on or move forward without waiting for permission or validation from someone else. With this potent Full Moon taking place in your eighth house of karmic debts, this is often a time when people reappear. Sometimes it’s because you owe them a favor and they are cashing that in. Other times it can be because that person owes you something – a thank you, an apology, an explanation – and the stars aligned for them to finally give it to you. Be open to what you receive during this time, as those messages often have a way of being subliminal or unexpected in nature. Also be aware of the energy you’re giving off during this time as you could be creating more karma between you and other when this is a time to be clearing it.


Relationships are supposed to be about love, fun, and all the good stuff. So why have they been feeling so serious lately? While you can certainly thank Saturn in Aquarius in your seventh house of partnership for that, now this Full Moon is coming along to add a huge spotlight on your intimate affairs. What do you see under the light of the August Full Moon 2022? Consider if the relationship others are watching isn’t in fact a social media highlight reel. Is being in your relationship more isolating or lonely than you might let on? You don’t owe anyone any explanations – but you do owe that to yourself. This Full Moon is asking you to address a relationship dynamic that is no longer working for you or the two of you. The potential for change is present, but so is the opportunity for growth. The stars want you to take it.


As a Mercury-ruled sign, you rely on organizational systems – even if they make sense to no one but you – and enjoy certain daily rituals to maintain a sense of order and control. But as a mutable sign, you also crave change and variety. Now this Full Moon in your sixth house of routines is coming along and begging you to try something new. To break free of systems you’ve put in place that could be dragging you down instead of lifting you up. Remember that if something disrupts your equilibrium, you can choose to see it as empowering. Is this routine more of a burden than a comfort? This is a time to be innovative and creative about how you structure your day. It doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s, and it doesn’t even have to look like your old one. Experiment with living a little more.


We’re in the middle of hot person summer and you may be feeling less than willing to put yourself out there. With Saturn currently in your fifth house of fun, romance, and creativity, you could instead be feeling stifled, inhibited, and shyer than usual – especially as you’re known as a flirty and social sign. The good news of this Full Moon is that you can finally let your feelings of insecurity go as you’ve reached the critical release point of this cycle you’ve been in since late 2020. While you’ve certainly had delays and setbacks, either in your love life, sense of fun, or in your creative projects, the stars are aligning to empower to move forward in a clear direction. And that’s knowing that you’re never too much of something or not enough of anything. What you have to offer no one else can. Remember that.


Life at home may have presented more challenges for you recently. Perhaps support systems, like your parents, partner, or anyone else you have relied on, have been less available to you for help – and in fact, more reliant on you. Increasingly you could have been dealing with frustration and feelings of isolation or having to do it all alone despite being surrounded by others. With this Full Moon in your fourth house of home and family, you will soon experience a sense of relief and ease from the tension. Note that the relief may come after a change takes place – it could even involve changing houses or structural changes within your family unit, but when the proverbial dust settles, you’ll end up feeling freer and that you can live more authentically. And that’s always the goal.


You’ve never been known to mince your words – but recent events may have had you questioning yourself. With this Full Moon in your third house of communication, you may have found you’re more inhibited than usual. Or, when you do speak your mind, your intentions have been misinterpreted. You’re left feeling confused, annoyed, and frustrated – and this Full Moon is about to magnify this issue so you can finally learn to release the expectations you have on yourself and others around this concern. You don’t have to get it right on the first try. You don’t even have to get it right on the second one, either. Making your needs known and your voice heard is an ongoing process. One that is in a constant state of finetuning to precision. So keep talking. The more you do, the more you’ll figure out not only what you want to say, but how you actually feel.


Your mind has likely been on your money, Capricorn – along with the feeling that as soon as you have some, it’s not being spent on anything you like or saved for something you want. Instead, it feels like debts and other financial obligations have been cropping up repeatedly, especially if you have children. This Full Moon in your second house of income and resources is asking you let go of the idea that your bank balance defines you. It’s asking you to release any scarcity mindset you have about financial lack, which can certainly come up with Saturn parked in this house. It’s a reminder that you are more resourceful than you give yourself credit for and you have more support systems in place than you may realize. Repeating an abundance mantra if you need an extra dose of confidence.


Sometimes the biggest shifts that can happen are the ones that happen when no one else notices. It’s not about how your appearance, your job, your home - or any other outward change, that other people comment on. The August Full Moon 2022 is in your first house of self and is all about releasing your fears and what inhibits you from living a life that is purely and authentically your own. What it can show you is that often when you have a big external shift, it can help you solidify the parts of you that are fundamentally you – and can magnify areas where we need additional support or self-acceptance. Because if you gain or lose weight, if you get promoted or let go from a job, if you live in your hometown or move across the world, the person you are is coming with you. 


As a Pisces, you’re big about vibes and reading the energy in the room. But with this Full Moon in your twelfth house of the subconscious, the stars are asking you if you’re side-stepping two-way conversation and shortchanging not only the other person but yourself in the process. The August Full Moon 2022 could be asking you to do something that initially feels uncomfortable as you came by this skill honestly – but for example, reading into the micro-gestures of another person’s body language and making your own interpretations could have you going through mental and emotional loops longer than the situation requires. Instead, let go of fears of rejection or what the other might say and allow them actually to say it. Their words will reveal a lot – and solve your sense of alienation that you have to figure it out in your head.

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