New Moon July 2022 is in Leo and calls on you to let your inner light shine: Here's what that means for your star sign

The New Moon July 2022 is in Leo, a sign known for loving the limelight, so will you be brave and let your inner light flow?

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The New Moon July 2022 is in Leo and this luscious and lovely lunation is asking us all if we are ready to shine. So will you take heed and answer its call? Will you be a brave lion, or hide your light away?

Leo season 2022 kicked off ten days after the July Full Moon 2022, also known as the Buck Moon 2022, and this fire sign is ready to light you up, as it perfects on July 28, 2022, at 1:54 PM EST.

Taking place at 5 degrees of the brave and big-hearted sign of Leo, this is a lunation that invites us to embrace our inner child, to remember who we were and who we said we wanted to be - before the world told us differently or experience served us a harsh dose of reality. 

As the Sun and Moon join, they do so with a harmonious trine to magnanimous Jupiter and the healing asteroid Chiron, both in the sign of the warrior, Aries. Together, the message of these celestial bodies is clear - when you lead from the heart, you will never go astray. You will never betray yourself. So, follow your own lead. Make your own decisions. Share your creativity. Be your authentic self. And shine your inner light. Remembering this is especially important as the New Moon July 2022 also coincides with Jupiter retrograde 2022 - which will bring with it, its own challenges. 

Of all the astrological events in 2022, and more precisely the Moon Calendar 2022, whenever there is a New Moon the stars are calling on us to believe even while working our way in the dark. It’s our monthly and truest test of faith and trust - in ourselves, in the Universe, and in the infinite possibilities available to us. And because this is Leo energy we’re talking about; this lunation is coming for us to slay.

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 It’s about having the courage of our convictions - and believing in ourselves even if that means needing to quiet any negative inner or outer critics, current ones or from our past, who would have us believe the worst of ourselves - or of each other. 

The July New Moon 2022 occurs during the midst of otherwise turbulent transits—even a cursory scan of current events around the globe would certainly confirm that Summer 2022 has been marked by increasing unrest and volatility. 

At the time of the July New Moon 2022 in Leo, we are seeing fighter Mars linking up with wildcard Uranus, while squaring the town gossip Mercury and stern Saturn, both of whom oppose each other. 

What this New Moon does, however, is remind us that when everything else around you is unpredictable, fraught, and tense, you reign supreme in your own realm. The only authority you will ultimately have to answer to is yourself. When you face challenges, act in a way that will make yourself proud. And remember that negative events don’t cancel out the good. It’s simply your job to remember the good and acknowledge that it’s there.

Here's how the New Moon in Leo of July 2022 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

How will July New Moon 2022 affect your star sign?

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Fun is not optional - it’s essential, Aries. And so, your one job during this New Moon in your fifth house of creativity is to embrace leisure and pleasure. Don’t think of that as 'work' in the sense of it being a chore - but do think of it as an obligation to yourself. It’s your opportunity to play, dance, sing, draw, sculpt, entertain, write, flirt, or whatever activity you loved doing as a child - and still want to do now. This New Moon is an invitation to expand how you define yourself. Channel that energy into a hobby or passion you’ve always desired and then fuse that intention as a core part of your identity moving forward. If you feel like your spark has been missing, you have a cosmic permission slip to relight your flame.


Home is where the heart is - and no sign embodies that sentiment more than you, Taurus. Your home is your sanctuary. But do you feel peace at home- and within yourself? The July New Moon 2022 in your fourth house of home is inviting you to expand your definition of sanctuary. Think about laying the groundwork for feeling at peace in your physical spaces - that includes your body. Your house is just four walls and a roof, but it’s the energy that you infuse into it that makes it a home. The same goes for your corporeal form as well. Use this New Moon to clear out any old cobwebs - proverbial or literal - that have been hanging out for too long and crowding your space. Then be good to yourself. Relax. Meditate. Show gratitude and appreciation for who you are inside. That inner light will shine on the outside, too.


You’re a naturally gifted storyteller and entertainer, Gemini, and this lunation means it’s your time to dazzle. With this New Moon taking place in your third house of communication, it’s an opportunity to consider what, if anything, is holding you back from expressing your most heartfelt thoughts and your most authentic self. Leo season is inspiring you to turn up your charm to attract more like-minded people - and possibly even some adoring fans and admirers. You have cosmic permission to take up space - your story matters. Channel your thoughts into creative expression - and then share it out into the world. Whether it’s on social media, in a group chat, on a date, or during a friendly conversation, you can rewrite how you connect with people and the world at large. Make the most of this magical moment.


Leo season has your mind on your money matters, Cancer. And it could come just in time for the career upgrade that you’ve been waiting for. With this magical New Moon in your second house of income, you have an opportunity to grow your personal investments, not solely in a monetary sense, but also in terms of what you want your legacy to be. The energy of material wealth is swirling all around you and you may find yourself in a position to make a public declaration. It could certainly mean you’re buying yourself a statement wardrobe or handbag you’ve had your eye on, but it could just as likely mean you’re scouring for a new job or side hustle or finally getting that promotion that gets you closer towards the status, financial security, and career you desire. The stars are aligning for your growth, Cancer, so manifest that money magic.


Leo, you’re radiating main character energy. And remember that the thing about the main characters is that they have to act. They are destined to be bold. To take risks. To put themselves out there. For you, that moment has arrived. One where you get to craft the next chapter in your life. Whatever your intuition has been whispering to you - about what you want to do, where you want to go, or how you want to live - is now turning into a ferocious roar. A roar you can’t ignore. Change is scary, especially for a fixed sign like you, but with this New Moon in your first house of identity, it’s reminding you to never forget who you are and who you always were. A born superstar. So, get out there and give people something to talk about. That’s how you’ll make your mark.


This is a very healing New Moon for you, Virgo. You’re always working hard to help other people - while being extraordinarily hard on yourself. It’s a reminder to ease up on yourself and know that perfection is not the price you pay to be loved and appreciated. With this cosmic energy swirling in your twelfth house of the subconscious, your work behind the scenes is worth celebrating. The little things you do make a big difference in the lives of the people you most love - and this is a New Moon where you can commit to rest while also getting reciprocity for your efforts. Take a cleansing bath, get a deep tissue massage, or do a meditation to be clear on what about yourself that you love and want to hold onto. Your efforts are noticed by the Universe, so make sure that you acknowledge them to yourself, too.


You’re known as the social butterfly of the zodiac. And with this New Moon in your eleventh house of groups, you’re now able to grow and nurture your circles. While other people can side-eye the supposed triviality of things like 'small talk,' you see striking up a conversation with a stranger as a unique opportunity to get to know someone you otherwise wouldn’t have. You see checking in on a friend via a single emoji as a fun way to stay connected and let them know you’re thinking of them. Because these small ways of recognizing someone else’s humanity are how you build your strongest partnerships. So use this lunation to reach out to an old friend, a new friend, or a person who hasn’t become a friend yet. Spread your light and your inner sunshine to brighten up someone else’s day - and in turn, yours.


Scorpio, this New Moon in your tenth house of career is putting a spotlight not only on how hard you work - but how much power you have coursing through you that you may not even be aware of. As a sign, once you’ve decided you’re dedicated to a person or a cause, you’re in. All in, in fact. And in the process of working, grinding, and hustling, you could start wondering if your efforts are noticed or acknowledged. This lunation is empowering you to take up space, celebrate your victories and accomplishments, and believe that whatever you dream of, is possible. Whether that’s envisioning a future promotion, opening up your own business, or pursuing a new career path, use this time to vision board your future career and allow yourself to manifest the upgrade you’ve always wanted.


Free your calendar for fun because this New Moon in your ninth house of travel has got you primed for adventure. This lunation is calling on you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something different. Take a risk. Book a last-minute flight. Go on a spontaneous vacation. Pursue a passion. This is your time to take a walk on the wilder side and communicate to the cosmos that you’re willing to put yourself out there - literally. And while throwing caution to the wind certainly sounds easier said than done, this is not about abandoning your responsibilities, but about reframing your commitment to living a life that’s authentic. Start by doing one memorable thing during the New Moon July 2022 and see how that decision sparks a whole new path for you.


It’s time to get personal, Capricorn - something that may not always be easy for you. As a natural-born leader, you’re accustomed to having all eyes on you when it comes to decisiveness and planning. Being in touch with your more vulnerable spots can be uncomfortable for you, however. But with this New Moon taking place in the most sensitive spot of your chart, the eighth house of secrets and intimacy, you can face down your fears with courage, bravery, and an open heart. Consider what you consider your 'weak' spots and use the healing energy of this New Moon to reframe your sensitivities as your secret superpowers. This is about being kinder to yourself and changing negative self-talk into positive self-empowerment. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be yourself.  


Is it time to dial up, or dial down, the drama, Aquarius? Whatever you choose, you have the chance for a fresh start in your love life. With this New Moon in your seventh house of partnership, it’s time to envision (or revise) the kind of partnership you need in this next phase. Maybe your love life has felt stale, stagnant, or in some cases, non-existent. If so, use this New Moon to manifest a dramatic spark. Write down your desires. Brainstorm what you can do to add more excitement. Or maybe there is a dynamic in your current partnership where you can’t agree without an argument. Use this energy for a reset. The key for you is communication - tell your partner, tell yourself, and tell the stars exactly what you’re hoping for and then commit to your end of the deal.


What does your ideal day look like, Pisces? If you dream it and then plan for it, anything is possible under this magical New Moon in your sixth house of daily routine. This lunation reminds you that you are the authority of your own life and how you choose to live it. You do not need to conform to anyone’s expectations of how, when, and where you do something. What is important is that the how, when, and where are reflective of your personal choices and preferences. Start by making a vision board, a wonderful New Moon activity, of how you want your day to look. And remember to factor in downtime, because like the Lion energy that rules this area of your life, what may look like “laziness” to some is actually an essential part of your process. 

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