Leo season 2022: When does Leo season start and how will it affect your star sign?

Leo season 2022 brings stability and calm, following quite a few overly dynamic months - here's what that means for your star sign

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Leo season 2022 is upon us and is laden with the kind of relaxing energies we've so longed for in recent months. Leo, represented by the lion, is a royal sign of the celestial jungle - but will this lion roar or be a total pussy cat? 

Following immediately from sentimental, emotional Cancer season 2022. With Leo being a fire sign, we expect it to be fast and furious. Quick to respond, swift to take action, and focused in its approach. However, Leo season 2022 brings stability and calm, following quite a few overly dynamic months, including some key astrological events in 2022.

Personally and globally, there have been so many changes, that you’d be right in wanting a long rest, and it's coming, even if it's overdue. Several planets find themselves in peaceful placements and offer some respite from strife after much planetary unrest. 

When does Leo season start?

From July 22 we are flung right into bold, proud and loud Leo season 2022. We’re here till August 23, so buckle up. With summer in full swing, this is a great time to be out in the open, and contemplate all the gifts that the Sun gives us.

Leo season 2022 begins with Mercury in Leo, meeting the Sun. As the Sun in Leo allows for frank and honest expression of each person’s truth, Mercury, the planet of communication joins in the fun, in making you feel as if you absolutely can speak plainly and be your true self.

Check in with your horoscope 2022  to see how you're getting on and reflect on what the first half of the year has brought into your life. Think about what you want to welcome into your life and what you may want to leave behind.

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Mark your Moon calendar 2022 for the July New Moon in Leo on July 28, which creates a powerful trifecta - you are called to manifest the future that suits you. This is no longer an idea, it’s an order. The planets are commanding you to stand up for your beliefs and speak up for the voiceless.

But that’s not all for July 28. While the Moon is new and calls on you to be authentic, we also witness Mercury, the planet of communication, form an interesting alliance with Uranus, the planet of rebellion. This adds extra spice to the lunar moment. Mercury and Uranus tell you to not just use your voice, but exercise flair. Drama is entirely ok in this situation, so don’t hold back.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a cosmic event that occurs every year between July 28 and August 12, which is the day after the August Full Moon 2022, also known as the Sturgeon Moon. So you better chalk up your Lion's Gate Portal manifestations and help the Universe give you all of her abundance!

One by one, the planets form an alliance of peace. Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into sensible Virgo on August 5, creating an environment of acceptance and collaboration. Virgo’s influence favors intelligence over fervor, and your words will be heard if spoken kindly. There’s no need to scream your way through a lovers’ spat or a Zoom call, if you make it make sense, you’ll win the case. Even if your history is a temperamental one, you’ll be permitted to turn over a new leaf and be reborn.

Some romantic peace is on the cards, courtesy of Cancer, a sign known for its love of family and relationships. Venus, the planet of love, has already entered Cancer during Cancer season 2022, and is still there for a good portion of Leo season 2022. Until August 12 it is there to tidy up your household a little bit. You’ll be filled with a desire to ‘nest’, keep your home looking lovely and smelling even nicer, and you are also likely to find family members seeking your closeness and your guidance.

Close relationships will benefit from Venus in Cancer 2022, and even arguments will be calmly resolved, with each side keen to hear the other side’s point of view, and respond peacefully.

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Discord and imbalance will be put to rest this season, thanks to Mars, the planet of war, which has been in the calm and elegant sign of Taurus for a few weeks before the start of Leo season 2022. There it remains, for all but the final two days of the Leo month, and it helps repair long-term disagreements into a peaceful agreement, or at the very least, a stable impasse where everyone accepts their part of the solution.

Humanitarian efforts will reach a peak on August 11, with the August Full Moon 2022 in Aquarius. The sign of the water-bearer is involved in justice and maintaining productive dialogue. The time of the Full Moon is a good moment to set some wishes, either in prayer, or journaling, or in full-blown candle magic. A pale green candle would suit Aquarius’s gentle qualities, and the time is never better, for magicking world peace.

Those gentle and compassionate energies won’t last forever. As the season draws to a close, just a couple of days before we exit the time of Leo, on August 21, war planet Mars enters Gemini. This is a sign that is mixed up at best, mischievous at worst, and will start sewing the seeds of misunderstanding, disharmony, and selfish needs. This isn’t bad news, politically speaking, because there’s always a certain amount of guesswork around our elected officials, but it certainly calls on citizens to keep their heads on and analyze every bit of information as if it may or may not be the truth.

From August 23, we can relax into Virgo season, as the sun moves away from Leo.

Check your astrology birth chart for your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign to see how the season influences you and which days are heightened for your zodiac. 


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A peaceful season is not really your idea of a good time, is it, Aries? As your ruling planet, Mars, finds rest in the calm and elegant sign of Taurus, for all but the final two days of Leo season, you feel uneasy with all the peace. Use the time for planning - journaling, researching, or booking a vacation. Taurus lends itself well to home changes, so shop for new lamps and paint the bedroom a bold hue. 


Unusually for you, you’re in the mood for speaking up on things that annoy you, Taurus. Peaceful and understanding, you prefer to let people be themselves. You respect each person as they are, and meet them where they stand, without judgement. Mars, planet of war, is in your sign until August 21, and you can’t stop yourself in expressing unease with any injustice or selfishness you may encounter. Your ruling planet Venus, planet of love, brings a joyful collab with Neptune, planet of illusion on August 7, meaning your partner is planning a big surprise.


If this period of rest is annoying to you, then do something about it, Gemini! Following a fairly busy Cancer season, you’re now having a quiet moment at work, and a lot of peace and quiet at home, and you’re getting agitated about it. You love being in motion! Your sense that something big is coming is absolutely right, and on August 21 you are proved right as Mars, the planet of war and passion, marches boldly into your sign, releasing all the pent-up havoc in its wake. A week-long party and a blistering argument with the other half ensues.


Being center stage during Cancer season was a bit much, wasn’t it, home-loving Cancer? Now, during Leo season 2022, you’re at liberty to go back into hiding, and only allow access to those nearest and dearest to you. With Venus, the planet of the home, in your sign until August 12, there are literally no downsides to spending your days with only a select few. Generous Jupiter blesses Venus on August 18, which means you save some serious cash by living your life modestly.


Once a year you get the New Moon in your sign, and it’s always in your season, Leo. You are doubly empowered by the coming together in your sign, of your own ruler, the big bright Sun, and the new starts promised by the July New Moon on July 28. Your public persona, and the way you present yourself, is up for an overhaul. If your current approach doesn’t best serve you, take bold action and simply decide to change it.


It’s your time to take charge, Virgo. A happy worker bee, you’re often busy behind the scenes, setting up meetings and creating helpful environments while enjoying none of the glory. You’re proud in the knowledge that you contributed to a group effort. This Leo season, enrich your experiences with some Leonine pride. On August 5, talkative Mercury enters your sign, and this is your chance to grab the microphone and take the lead.


Taking charge in your love life will feel fresh and empowering, Libra. Between August 12 and August 23, both the powerful Sun and Venus, the planet of love, are in Leo. As your personal ruling planet, you are strongly affected by Venus’ movements, and you will find yourself standing your ground with love, and demanding for things to go your own way.


As the zodiac’s most passionate sign, you’re no stranger to a love triangle, Scorpio. Your love of secrecy is directly linked to your seductive nature, nobody wants their exes to meet up, especially if they had overlapped. A lucky escape on August 14 will have you reaching for the smelling salts. As your modern ruling planet, Pluto, the planet of mystery and rebirth, sits and chats with your ancient ruling planet, Mars, the planet of sex and war, you cross paths with too many blasts from the past. You charm your way out of this one, but you won’t forget this day in a hurry.


Don’t let the planets cramp your style, Sagittarius. You’re the fun fire sign, the one everyone wants to see at the party - your convivial and generous nature makes you everyone’s friend. You are ruled by Jupiter, a planet as lucky and abundant as you are, and for the majority of Leo season, your planet is in the youthful and fiery sign Aries, so far so fabulous! But just when you think you’re safe to be your vivacious self, Jupiter goes retrograde from July 29, and a dark cloud hovers over you, casting shadows over your aspirations and slowing your progress down to a snail’s pace.


It’s time for you to take stock, Capricorn. Your boundaries may be challenged, so guard them carefully. Mercury, the planet of communication, has an uneasy face-off with your personal planet, Saturn, a mature planet of obligations and authority. Your boss will try to call after hours, and if you cave in and give them your free time, you may have to do it again and again. Calmly refuse to engage, and reassert your control over your own timeline.


A big boost of celestial energy lifts you up on August 11, with the Full Moon in your sign, Aquarius. Quietly confident by nature, this Leo season you are called to become a bit more loudly confident, out, and proud as your true, authentic self. Harness the Full Moon energies to speak up on important matters, and let the positive responses wow you.


Good fortune for your home and family is nearly here, Pisces! Your ruling planet, Neptune, is dreamy and fantastical, lending you otherworldly qualities. This is the reason you’re so psychic and empathic. On August 7 this planet forms a favorable, firm handshake with Venus, the planet of love and home, and the good news you’ve been waiting for is finally delivered.

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