Lion's Gate Portal manifestations for each star sign: Supercharge abundance during explosive cosmic event

These Lion's Gate Portal manifestations focus on each sign of the zodiac and bring you the most abundance as the Portal roars open

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Choosing your Lion's Gate Portal manifestations could potentially feel like finding a needle in a haystack. This cosmic event says to dream big and manifest your deepest desires.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a cosmic event that occurs every year between July 28 and August 12 - a dramatic date in the Moon Calendar 2023.

During this alignment, which is one of the most abundant astrological events in 2023, higher frequency energies flood through this gateway bringing us heightened wisdom, experiences, and activations. You might find that you are having vivid flashbacks of present or past life memories or difficulty sleeping around this time. This energy also brings us great potential for growth and manifestation, which is why choosing and focussing on your Lion's Gate Portal manifestations is so important. Pay attention to what is coming up for you - is it showing you something that needs to be healed? Something that isn’t aligned? Or inviting you to step forward into the unknown?

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On August 8, this energy peaks making it the perfect time to focus on your Lion's Gate Portal manifestations - getting clear on your goals and taking aligned action to call them forward. The number eight also represents karmic loops and infinite transformation - what you put out you receive. How committed are you to your goals and the necessary inner work of healing and breaking cycles and limiting beliefs in order to receive more?

The brave, bold, spicy energy of fire sign Leo empowers us with the courage to take action, self-express, and move forward with our desires. Feel free to create your own ceremony, or perhaps borrow from your Full Moon rituals. For an extra flourish, maybe you can incorporate the best crystals for your star sign to heighten your Lion's Gate Portal manifestations.

Each Zodiac sign has a unique way of harnessing the charisma and courage to manifest on 08/08 and here are the best Lion's Gate Portal manifestations for you, depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

Lion's Gate Portal manifestations for each star sign

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You’re as direct as they come and unlikely to hold back. When it comes to manifesting your desires, the key is in expressing yourself in ways that might be different from your default. Often we can feel boxed in by our personas, but most of the time it’s only in our heads. Is there something that you long to express or create that seems at odds with who you are or how you think other people perceive you? What do you need in order to be able to allow these parts of you to come through? Creativity expression is also a big key here and you have no shortage of creativity. How can you stoke your creative fires to find new ways of doing things that will help move you forward? Even if you don’t identify yourself as an artist, the way you live your life is an artistic expression of who you are and every moment is an opportunity to be and to create.


Taurus, you like things to be a certain way, and being reliable is a gift in a world that is often so flakey, however, the only thing we can truly control is our mindset and our response to situations. You need a solid foundation in place before you can even think about co-creating with the universe. How can you create the stability that you crave within yourself? So that you can rest assured that no matter what comes up, you feel safe and secure and solid in yourself and that your needs will be met. Fears and uncertainty and curveballs will always come up, but it’s up to you to get grounded and send the roots down so that you will bend and not break. Once this is done taking a chance, trying something new, or putting yourself out there won’t seem quite so daunting. 


You are naturally gregarious and have a finger in every pie. Your manifestation powers lay in your ability to network and charm because you are genuinely interested in getting to know every person in the room and what they’re about. You are also extremely curious and inquisitive and absorb information like a sponge. You take in everything around you, more than most, and with your mega mental processing capacity you are able to let information and experiences that are seemingly disparate and at odds marinate and transform into new ideas. How can you combine your beautifully unique mind and witty and charming nature to connect with others to share your dreams and ideas and call in opportunities? We often take for granted what comes easily for us, but this is a true gift to capitalize on and make the most of.


People might know you for your nurturing qualities and sensitivity which come naturally to you. You are able to manifest the most when you make use of your inherent skills and talents, this includes caring for others which brings you immense fulfillment and is part of your role in this lifetime. However, you have a very unique star-like quality that lays deep within you waiting to emerge. Once you can find out what that is and bring it to life, you will be unstoppable. While you always want to share what you have with those you deem to be in need and make sure everyone else is taken care of, it is also important for you to manifest, create, and enjoy things that are just for you and only you. You are worthy to receive, and the universe will reward you when you make self-honoring choices that allow you to fill your cup and then share the overflow. 


Dearest Leo, your manifesting powers lay in just being your own fabulous self. You are here to express yourself, and your beautiful big heart. When you do so, it gives the rest of us permission to do the same, which is really what we’re all here to do. Lead by example and show us how!  Avoid external influences and expectations that make you second guess yourself and dim your light, and never ever let anyone tell you what to do. If you ever feel like you’ve gone off course, remember who you are at your essence away from all of the 'shoulds.'  We change and evolve with time and experience, but there’s always a common thread. Be bold and fearless in everything you do because when you shine bright like the diamond that you are, everything will fall into place.


Virgo, you can spot when something is not right or not working from a mile away. You have a rich inner world, where you process and analyze data and details to help you to understand yourself, others, and the world around you. Making sense of the intangible and your ability to see what others so often miss and cut through anything that is unnecessary to bring about improvement is what enables you to call in your desires. What is your inner world is wanting to come out into the light that could be useful for the collective? What stories do you keep locked away and how can you share them in a way that will be healing for both yourself and others? How can you share your methods and process to help others to hone their lens of discernment?


You’re affable and charming and love a good time. You are most in your element when connecting with other people, enjoying life, and surrounded by nice things. You are here to bring balance and harmony to the world, whether that be aesthetically through fashion and art or in terms of social justice, the legal profession, human rights, and other charitable pursuits. In what ways do you desire to bring about this balance? And how can you birth this in a way that brings people together and makes them feel good? Do your community and the people around you support your vision? It is important for you to get out there and network and spread your mission and vision far and wide so the more people you can get on board, the better.


You are truly magnetic and might find that you attract random strangers and possibly even animals because your energy draws people to you, even if you don’t mean to, and they can’t articulate why. You have likely had many, many life experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and it can feel like the hands of fate aren’t messing around. But if nothing else, you’ve come out the other side and your gifts are to share your experiences in a way that impacts many to show them the way through. If this sounds daunting, remember that you get to decide what does and doesn’t feel right to share and with whom. It doesn't have to be in an overly public way and can be as simple as deciding how you want to show up in the world, and who for. You are a natural when it comes to space holding and showing up in your presence is enough to align with your manifesting potential.  


You live to learn and try new things. Your archetype is the traveler and the teacher; always learning, sharing, up for an adventure, and craving new experiences. You might feel like this is everyone’s inclination, but it’s not. It is one of your gifts and you’re here to go out and do the field research, leap into the unknown and bring home your tales of foreign lands. As the teacher, this can be in an academic sense - there is no limit to the amount of knowledge that you long to acquire through studies to the highest level and then some. Whatever your approach, you are here to synthesize your learnings and experiences into new ideas that are to be expressed and shared with each other. As a natural teacher, you will find that when you do this, people will flock from far and wide to hear what you have to say, and stepping into this energy will bring you more support than you can imagine. 


Your entrepreneurial spirit is strong. You are not here to take shortcuts because you understand that with time plus consistency success is guaranteed, and every curveball is wisdom gained, and lessons turned into experience.  Similarly, you know that anything worth doing will stand the test of time and are not here for the fads and quick wins. Some could say that legacy is your middle name because whatever you’re working towards will surely have an impact. However, it is important for you to remember that in the process of striving, creating, and achieving, you still need to stop and smell the roses, being present with the journey and not fixated on the destination. It is here that you will find inspiration and fuel for the times when the going gets tough. And while you are very independent and might feel like you are going at it alone, success is more impactful when you’re able to share it with the many who are waiting in the wings cheering you on.


You are known for your rebellious streak, and any rule that doesn’t make sense to you is nothing more to you than a mere guide. Yet you dream of creating a better world for all - one that serves the many and disrupts the systems and constructs that simply aren’t working. Although you are here for the collective, you can be a bit of a dark horse and might feel more drawn to working on your own.  However, the best way to understand what is in service to all, and validate your ideas is through working in close partnership with others who share your overall vision. This also may involve a romantic partner that has something to do with your work or can support you in bringing your dreams to life. The key is to find out how you can work with others and form synergistic collaborations that work for everyone and benefit many because some of your best talents are brought out by bouncing ideas off others. It may be useful to reflect on what aspects of your collaborations have gone well and what haven’t to understand your needs.


Pisces, you are here to flow with the waters of creativity, but even the sturdiest ships need to moor. Your compassion is endless, because you’re so caring, sensitive, and in tune with others’ energy and emotions. This is a beautiful gift, to be able to feel so much, but you may find that you sometimes lose the sense of where they end and you begin which pulls you off focus and out of your creativity and muddies your intuition so it’s important that you learn to not don’t get swept away. You may also find that you can get so absorbed in your own creative flow that you forget to come up for air. The key for you is balance because your success is directly linked to how much you can uphold energetic boundaries and ground yourself through routine. It doesn’t have to be boring or confining, it simply means making sure that your needs and responsibilities are met on a day-to-day basis before you consume yourself in your creative pursuits. 

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