The types of crystals to attract love and positive vibes according to your star sign

Here are the right types of crystals for you, depending on your zodiac sign, to help bring in all the love and positivity you desire

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Choosing the types of crystals, depending on the energy you seek to bring into your life, can seem like a daunting task initially. Crystals are wonderful conduits for bringing your desires into reality using the law of attraction.

Perhaps you observe the Moon Calendar 2022 and enjoy Full Moon rituals. An often touted talisman to boost your manifestation is crystals.

Manifesting means getting into vibrational alignment with your aspirations, and crystals act like magnifiers for this vibrational frequency. What’s more, crystals have their own personalities, just as we do, and you can use your astrology birth chart and star sign as a great gauge for what particular stones to work with. 

Before looking at the types of crystals suited to each star sign, it's important to consider how to use crystals to attract love and positivity in your life.

How to use crystals to attract love and positivity in your life

  • Carry them - crystals are incredible good luck charms, so keep them with you throughout your day. Make sure they don’t get chipped or scratched–a small drawstring bag is a perfect way to transport them. 
  • Wear them - having crystals as pieces of jewelry, especially necklaces, work wonderfully. Just be sure to cleanse them regularly, as they’ll be exposed to the everyday energies of the outside world. 
  • Meditate with them - holding your chosen crystal while mediating amplifies your intention setting and can help manifest your desires quicker. Alternatively, you can grasp your stone in the palm of your hand while you journal your aspirations. 
  • Place them in your environment - if you’re not keen on carrying crystals around with you,  you can place them around your home and even your working environment instead. Just ensure they’re not within grabbing distance of prying hands – crystals carry energetic imprints, so you want to ensure they’re working for you and nobody else! 

The types of crystals to attract love and positive vibes according to your astrological sign

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Carnelian. Carnelian is the perfect match for your creativity, positivity, and go-getter ways. Use this crystal whenever you need a spark of inspiration to obtain your goals. This stone also supports vitality and sexual energy and is brilliant when applied in romantic relationships. What’s more, Carnelian is incredibly grounding, so it will help you maintain balance within your life. 


Malachite. As a Taurian, you’re wonderfully reliable, hardworking, and astute. Harnessing the powers of malachite is a terrific way to rouse the necessary risk-taking you cosmic bulls need to get what they want. It will also help balance out the emotions, which is wonderful when it comes to matters of the heart. Malachite is also excellent for protecting those around you and your possessions. 


Aquamarine. As the most adaptable, cunning, and social of the astrological houses, it’s little wonder that Aquamarine is your perfect partner. Not only does this stone exude hope and happiness, but its calming energies quieten the mind and reduce stress, so you can continue your ingenious ways to get what you want!


Moonstone. Being the watery celestial crab, qualities of nurture, compassion, and security are especially important to you. Therefore, Moonstone is a beautiful crystal to work with as it enhances your innate abilities of intuition, emotional intelligence, and loving side.  Not only that, but it also promotes inspiration and good fortune in romantic affairs. 


Citrine. As a fun-loving fire sign, citrine is the perfect stone for you as it amplifies all the confidence, joyfulness, and optimism that come naturally to you. It will imbue you with all the passion and self-assurance you need to find your perfect mate. This crystal is also brilliant for bringing success, especially in financial matters. 


Flourite. Virgos, your natural virtues of humility, pragmatism, and perseverance are sure-fire ways for you to manifest your best life! Flourite is a perfect accompaniment for you on your journey as it can transform negative energy into positive and boost mental clarity, so you don’t get caught up in your head. Essential qualities to keep you on track. 


Lapis Lazuli. As a Libran, you’re renowned for friendliness, charm, and frankness. Lapis Lazuli will support your pursuits of wisdom, communication and integrity. This beautiful stone was once considered more valuable than gold, which should give you some clue about its glorious energies. Use this to protect your energies, and clear away what no longer serves you to welcome in the new. 


Amethyst. Amethyst is well-known as the master protector, but it also promotes spiritual wisdom and modesty. Not only that, amethyst will bolster your native loyalty, honesty, and determination. In matters of love, few stones are better. Work with it to encourage a loving connection with yourself and others. 


Turquoise. Turquoise is just the stone for you, Sagittarius. Tapping into its properties advances your sense of joy, wisdom, and intuition. Couple this with your inborn characteristics of assertiveness, compassion, and sense of adventure, and you’ll be unstoppable! Turquoise is also a purification stone, ensuring that nothing untoward stays with you. 


Garnet. Garnet is celebrated for its ability to revitalize and balance energies.  This stone works perfectly with your zodiacal traits of ambition, diligence, and organization,  as it ensures that you don’t push yourself too hard. Not only that, Garnet inspires love and devotion, so it’s magnificent for lending a helping hand in all things relating to relationships. 


Onyx. The potent vibrations of willpower and strength that Onyx emanates are ideally matched with your Aquarian tendencies of self-reliance, cleverness, and rebellion. This stone is incredibly grounding too, so it will keep you grounded and focused on your goals. Its protective properties will shoo away any bad mojo too. 


Rose quartz. As you’re well-known for your emotional sensitivity, sympathy, and maturity, a Rose Quartz crystal is your best companion. Not only will it welcome love into your life like nothing else, but it will also ensure happiness in all you do. In addition, it will aid you in feelings of peace and tranquillity, so you’ll be in no doubt that you’ve got this.

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