Strawberry Moon 2022: What June Full Moon's monicker means and why it's so significant

The Strawberry Moon 2022 is the name for June's Full Moon and brings with it Sagittarian energy and a hugely important annual event

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The Strawberry Moon 2022 is laden with importance owing to the fact that it comes ahead of Summer Solstice.

It's another name for the June Full Moon 2022, which comes after Mercury Retrograde 2022 finally shuddered to an end and before the longest day of the year.

Mark your Moon calendar 2022 for June 14, because this Sagittarius Full Moon is a Supermoon - meaning that lunar energy is sure to be heightened. It's the second Supermoon of the year, following May Full Moon 2022 - when the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse 2022 filled the cosmos with supercharged Supermoon energy.

Not only does the Strawberry Moon 2022 come ahead of Cancer Season 2022, it's also the last time the Moon is full before Summer Solstice 2022 - an important annual celebration. 

Summer Solstice occurs on the longest day of the year in high summer and has been celebrated by humans since ancient times. Also known as Midsummer, it's seen as a time to let the light in and celebrate all the abundance and growth of the spring and summer seasons.

So, have you ever wondered what the meaning behind the Strawberry Moon 2022 is? 

What's the meaning behind the Strawberry Moon?

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Each month's Full Moon has its very own nickname.  So far this year we've seen the Wolf Moon, the Snow Moon, the Worm Moon, and even a Pink Moon too - but did you ever wonder where these names come from?

In Western astrology, each month's Full Moon gets its name from a combination of Native American, European, and Colonial American sources. According to the Farmers Almanac, you may have to grab your rose-tinted glasses if you expect a strawberry-colored Moon because the name has nothing to do with its color.

"This Strawberry Moon name has been used Native American Algonquin tribes that live the northeastern United States, as well as the Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota peoples," explains the Farmers Almanac. "To mark the ripening of ”June-bearing” strawberries that are ready to be gathered. The Haida term Berries Ripen Moon reflects this natural as well. As flowers bloom and early fruit ripens, June is a time of great abundance for many."

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