The Full Moon May 2022 falls on a Lunar Eclipse, meaning fate is taking over—here's what the Scorpio Moon means for your star sign

Full Moon May 2022 is arriving with a Lunar Eclipse in tow, meaning fate is about to take the wheel. Here's what that means for your sign

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It's eclipse season guys, and the May Full Moon 2022 is bringing not only a Lunar Eclipse, but an enormous amount of Scorpio energy too.

The Blood Moon total lunar eclipse 2022 coincides with May's Full Moon, but wait, it gets better. You could say that the sting in the tail of this lunation is that it takes to the sky only days after Mercury retrograde May 2022 kicks off. Yep, the May Moon calendar 2022 is about to bring a lot of stuff up, but first—try to look back a little.

Did you have any personal revelations or breakthroughs, undergo any shocking shifts or adjustments, or experience any dramatic exits or entrances in November 2021? This week’s attention-grabbing lunar eclipse could connect to events that came to light at the end of last year—and the decisive conclusions to them are likely to reveal themselves now. As we all know, eclipses in astrology can mean massive, sudden change, so how will you deal with it?

As this cosmic headline-making event takes place in the sign of Scorpio, it’s going to be, in a word, intense. Scorpio is a Water sign that derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm. Be prepared to dig deep as Fate may throw us some curveballs that require us to tap into our inner power reserves. 

When is the lunar eclipse in May 2022?

On Monday, May 16, 2022, at 12:14 AM EST, the Moon and the Sun will align to initiate a total lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth moves perfectly in alignment between the Sun and Moon. Think of the Full Moon May 2022 like a supercharged, super-powered, super-emotional lunation.

Anybody who follows their Full Moon rituals and observes the lunar cycle already knows how charged, powerful, and emotional a regular one can be. Just look at the April Full Moon 2022, which came before the first Solar Eclipse of the year, that fell on the same day as April New Moon in Taurus and Venus conjunct Jupiter

As mentioned during last month’s solar eclipse—eclipses in astrology meant that Fate has taken control of our cosmic steering wheel. And while a Lunar eclipse is more likely to signal an ending as opposed to a beginning, remember that as eclipses are merely giving you a celestial nudge towards your destiny, albeit at an accelerated pace. Sometimes the surrender is necessary even if we don’t think we’re ready to let go.

That’s important to remember as Venus, the co-ruler of this lunation, makes a nurturing connection with the Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer, and Mars contacts Neptune in compassionate Pisces. Saturn is squaring the Lunar Nodes of Fate during this eclipse—signaling that this is a celestial crossroads that we are walking across—and there may be a sense of not being able to turn back to the ways things were. 

We must move forward with what we now know to be true. We may be required to make difficult decisions. The signs of Scorpio and Taurus are calling on us to cast aside our fears, anxieties and doubts and trust ourselves to choose the simplest path forward. And the rulers of this eclipse, Venus and Mars, are here to remind us that there is help, healing, and a shared spirit of empathy available to us if we reach out to those who love us.

Here's how the Full Moon May 2022  will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

how the Full Moon May 2022 affect my star sign?

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With this lunar eclipse taking place in your 8th house of spiritual, financial, and sexual mergers, a critical juncture has been reached in terms of your contracts with other people. You’re being propelled into ending relationships that are not on solid or fertile ground. Think of it like the cosmos asking you, metaphorically speaking, to no longer prune withered flowers. A time to rebalance any karmic scales as you’ll have clearer insight on where you may have fallen short on your commitments to others and where others may have let you down in the past. You can either forgive them—or yourself—and commit to acting or relating differently in the future. But it is a release point for gaining closure on a situation that may have troubled you, Aries. The exciting part is that you can clear space for partnerships that are more aligned with your actual needs and desires. 


Taurus, this lunar eclipse is lighting up your 7th house of partnerships and commitments. Has a relationship, or a dynamic within that relationship, moved well beyond its expiration date? Think of times when you’ve asked you partner to adjust a behavior or do something differently—and despite your attempts, nothing changed. If you find yourself in a “history repeats itself” situation, this lunar eclipse is signaling that this relationship, or at least, way of relating to each other, cannot continue in this same old way. Not at least without it energetically draining one or both of you. Saturn in a square to this sensitive point is asking you to take stock of your commitments to other people and to yourself. This is a call to see who is willing to put in the work to allow this partnership to flourish. Release what isn’t working without fear or judgement.


Now is the time to release anything in your daily routine that is no longer aligned with your wants, goals, dreams and desires, Gemini. As this lunar eclipse is activating your 6th house of health and habits, think of this like a cosmic personification of the meme “this meeting could’ve been an email.” It’s the Fates way of redirecting your time and energy to stop exerting yourself on that which doesn’t serve you. Instead, you’re getting shifted so you can prioritize what actually matters to you. Don’t worry if it initially feels like your best-laid plans have been laid to waste. It’s like having one less meeting to attend, one less text or email to have to respond to, one less chore or errand you do that gets in the way of what you really want to do. This is rebalancing to get you more aligned spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 


When it comes to fun, Cancer, this lunar eclipse is asking you if you’re having enough—or too much—of it. Do you allow yourself to experience true happiness? The kind of pure-hearted and unself-conscious delight like you had as a child? Are you able to throw yourself into something unbridled passion? Or are your pockets of free time filled with escapist tendencies and secret vices? Or instead, do you neglect what you want to do and prioritize someone else’s wants? This lunar eclipse in your 5th house of pleasure is asking you to think about your personal ability to have, experience, feel, and create joy in your life—without fear or shame. It’s a time to let go of habits, vices, or blocks that prevent you from showing up to receive real pleasure. You could start a love affair with someone who inspires passion—or release one that is blocking you from that.


There are deep changes occurring in the most private part of your chart, Leo, as this intense lunar eclipse lights up your 4th house of home and family. As a spotlight-adoring sign, you’re known for living your life out loud and in the public eye. But this lunation is asking you to turn your attention inward and look closer to home. You’ve identified a familial pattern that is no longer serving you—and now you have to decide what steps you must take to heal it. You may discover that some wounds you have are part of an inherited ancestral lineage—and you’re the one destined to finally break the karmic cycle here and now. Look for shifts occurring within your family structure and how the members of the unit relate to each other. Resolutions to these patterns are emerging now and you are called to embrace them.


Get ready for the floodgates to open, Virgo, as this lunar eclipse in your 3rd house of communication has you ready to reveal a long-buried secret. The energy for you is one of a mental and emotional release, as you’re called to tell the truth about something you’ve been keeping to yourself. Don’t underestimate how momentous a moment this is for you. While you’re a sign that notices everything (literally), you’re not always as keen to share how you feel about it. But for all the inventory you’ve taken, all the clues you’ve gathered, all the insights that have come to light and the conclusions you’ve drawn, it’s time to take action. Ignoring them won’t make them disappear. Gathering more facts is no longer necessary. You’ve had your realization—and now the difficult conversation may have to follow. If that feels scary, remind yourself how free you’ll feel.


With Scorpio ruling your 2nd house of money, Libras have a natural talent for securing resources. So, for you, Libra, this lunar eclipse is activating your relationship with the concept of financial security, power, and control. It may be time to keep a closer eye on who, what, and where you’re investing your time, energy, and resources. You could be exploring your career and questioning if the money you make at your job is worth the stress and personal sacrifices that you make to keep it. You could be looking more strictly at your budget, as ordering in, going out, or endless streaming services are eating into your balance. Something may be blocking you from having a more profound sense of security. Once you’ve discovered the root of this feeling, it’s time to let go of any kind of scarcity mindset that is holding you back.


If last month’s solar eclipse was asking you to take stock of your current relationships, then this month’s lunar eclipse in your 1st house of personality is asking you to keep the focus on you. You’ve undergone some huge transformations, particularly since the end of last year. With all the hard-fought lessons you’ve learned along the way, think of this time as a chance to let the new-you emerge. Be prepared for major shifts as people get to know the new you and the spiritual makeover you just undertook. Your relationships are poised for a big change. People who are no longer aligned with the new version of you may no longer fit. But others who are, can now join you on this journey. And that’s the most exciting part of this new chapter you’re writing—and now ready to start broadcasting out to the world.


If you find yourself overtired, exhausted, or just extra sleepy, listen to your body, Sagittarius. That’s your sacred calling during this intense lunar eclipse happening in your 12th house of the subconscious. This lunation is activating your intuition in all ways, and you may be made aware of some initially uncomfortable truths about yourself. Rather than seeing this as an opportunity to pile on yourself, this is a moment to dig deep and practice self-care and self-compassion. It’s OK if things did not turn out exactly as you wish they had. It’s OK that you’re not where you thought you’d be—or where you think others are. And it’s more than OK to forgive yourself for the path you took to get to this moment. Use this time to relax and meditate and decide how you’ll release those lingering fear, doubt, regret, or anxieties about the future. You’re a mutable fire sign—you were born to adapt. This eclipse is reminding you of that.


One of the most effective ways to realize who has your back is not noticing who shows up when you’re in need. It’s realizing who’s genuinely cheering for you when you’re on top. You had some harsh truths comes to light—about people you may have considered friends but who, like the saying goes, did not clapping when you were winning. While we’ve all seen our social circles shrink over this course of this pandemic, lockdowns, and social distancing, you may be feeling the urge to reconnect—or fire up your dating apps again. And this lunation is inviting you to do just that—but with the people who really do uplift, inspire, and align with you. With Scorpio ruling your 11th house of friendships, groups, and networks, it means you’re deeply loyal and committed to those you call friends. And now it’s time to make sure you’re getting that same energy back.


With eclipses taking place in your 10th house of fame and career, you are going through a massive shift in your professional life. You’re at a critical crossroads. You could be wondering how to balance duties at work with obligations at home. There could be a dream job offer that came up out of nowhere but requires a move or other personal risk. Or perhaps shakeups in your current job have left you unsettled about your company’s future—and your role in it. Whatever your specific circumstance, remember that Fate is calling on you to shine in this very public sector of your life. Whatever changes are brought up at this time are designed to help you create the legacy you’ve always been destined to have—and your work is a part of that. Even though it’s not the most comfortable for you as an Aquarius, it’s time to enjoy your moment in the spotlight.


Pisces, this lunar eclipse is activating your 9th house of spiritual beliefs and you are being called to be an advocate for your most firmly held convictions. You’re a naturally kind, empathetic, and compassionate sign, but with Scorpio ruling this house, when you believe something, you’re staunchly passionate about it. But has your means of expressing those beliefs gotten in the way of your personal relationships? Are you compromising yourself by playing overly nice? Or are you alienating others with your dogmatic approach? Think about this eclipse as a way of holding space for your truth—and giving you the opportunity to say what you think without judgement. You are being pushed to get involved and raise awareness of a cause greater than just yourself. And that means having people by your side, with you, in this fight. You need them just as much as they need your voice.

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