April New Moon in Taurus coincides with the first solar eclipse of 2022—here's how this powerful event will affect your star sign

April New Moon in Taurus is second New Moon of the month and coincides with first Solar Eclipse of the year—meaning destiny is calling

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This April New Moon in Taurus, 2022 is on a Solar Eclipse. If there's one thing we know about eclipses, they are a time when destiny comes to call. 

The fourth month of the year is a busy one in terms of the Moon Calendar 2022. It kicked off with the first New Moon April 2022, followed by a supercharged April Full Moon 2022 in Libra that packed a whole lot of punch. What's unusual, however, is that this month ends as it began—with an April New Moon in Taurus.

Have you been experiencing fast-paced change in your life? With a solar eclipse activating personal and political events here on Earth this week, don’t be surprised if potent and seismic shifts occur in rapid succession. 

On April 30, 2022, at 4:27 p.m. EST, the Moon meets the Sun at 10 degrees of Taurus. While this cosmic configuration usually means a New Moon, it is now triggering a solar eclipse because the Nodes of Fate are currently in Earth sign Taurus and Water sign Scorpio. Expect a big dose of supercharged beginnings, endings, and fated events, as Fate clears room for new seeds to grow. 

Remember that an eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, and in effect, blots out the sun’s rays momentarily. This is interpreted to mean that the natural order has shifted, and nothing is bound by the rules. During eclipses, now that Fate has taken control of our cosmic steering wheel, anything that can happen will happen. Also, anything that was destined to happen will get inserted into the timeline at a much quicker pace. Especially as Uranus is also triggered by this eclipse, and this planet is known for shaking things up. 

Luckily for us, this Solar Eclipse is ruled by a luscious Venus in Pisces having just met up with dreamy Neptune and on the way to join with bountiful Jupiter. Not only was Venus conjunct Jupiter all that but Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is one of those once-in-a-lifetime magical conjunctions. These aspects are very fortunate and indicate this is an overall very positive eclipse, signaling increases in love, money, beauty, the arts, and pleasure. 

Quite literally: this is a very fertile lunation where your wildest dreams and most-longed-for hopes have every possibility of coming true. 

Here's how the April New Moon in Taurus and Solar Eclipse will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

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How will April New Moon in Taurus and the Solar Eclipse Affect my star sign?

Aries Sun and Aries Rising

Prepare for a big boost in your incomes, Aries, as the cosmos are raining down financial blessings for all Rams everywhere. With the North Node of Fate activating your 2nd house of personal resources and monetary income, this lunation is an exceptionally fertile time for you to gain a greater sense of personal power and financial freedom. As Uranus has likely been shaking up your finances and creating some unease or instability, it’s a perfect time to gain more confidence about the ratio of what comes in versus how much you’re giving out. Fate is reminding you of your innate money-making abilities, whether that’s working up the courage to talk to your boss about a raise, seek out a higher-paying job, or finally start monetizing that side hobby and get fairly compensated for your time, expertise, and energy. It’s your time to secure that bag—and maybe even buy one as a treat.

Taurus Sun and Taurus Rising

If you’ve been waiting for a cosmic refresh, Taurus, this eclipse is the perfect time. Ever since Uranus entered your sign, you may have experienced some major changes in all areas of your life: home, work, relationships, and your health. As a fixed sign, change is often uncomfortable for you as you prefer a bit more comfort, security, and predictability. But this solar eclipse is allowing you to be an active participant in these ground-breaking transformations as this lunation is occurring in your first house, the most personal part of your chart. With Venus, Neptune and Jupiter activated by this eclipse, ask yourself what your deepest desires are? What fantasy have you had that you would like to see come true? Pay attention to any messages you get, people you meet, or signs you receive as these can all be cosmic clues that your manifestations are on their way.

Gemini Sun and Gemini Rising

Opportunity is calling, but to receive the message, it could be best for you to make sure you’re cosmically primed and aligned. How to do that? Lean into relaxation. As one of the most social and chatty signs of the zodiac, silence and stillness may not sound like the most fun way to receive the energy of this powerful and potent lunation. But with Gemini season just around the corner, you’ll be busy soon enough. Instead, take this time as a time for a celestial reset. Now is the time for you, Gemini, to start thinking about freeing yourself of anything that is draining your physical, emotional, or spiritual battery Then meditate on what fills you with joy? What are the things you love doing and the people you love doing it with? Take this time to recharge, reflect on those answers, and then be ready to power through your season positively glowing. 

Cancer Sun and Cancer Rising

Nature abhors a vacuum—meaning that where there is a lack, nature will work to fill it. For you, Cancer, it’s time to give nature that space. For example, we’ve all had the experience of being reminded of a social post we made years ago—and the subsequent cringe feeling that follows. This lunation is asking you to look at your social presence, both online and in person and edit out anything—or anyone—that isn’t aligned with the person you are now. As one of the most nostalgic signs of the zodiac, this activity could be scarier than it sounds. But hanging on to pictures, memories, or unfulfilled fantasies of former flames, friends or past loves is exactly what the Nodes of Fate are asking you to release. With this activating your 11th house of good fortune and friendships, it’s time to make space for new contacts—personal or professional ones—and be open to someone unexpected showing you a new way.

Leo Sun and Leo Rising

The spotlight is on your career, Leo, and if there is any sign that was made to bask in glory, it’s you. The Nodes of Fate are signaling a critical moment in your 10th house of fame, career, and public image. Expect rewards and recognition to roll in, especially if you’ve been working hard and are in a supportive working environment. But if you’ve found yourself uninspired, slacking, or otherwise distracted by other priorities—or if you’re part of a less than ideal working team—the cosmos may have a celestial course correction in mind for you. The Nodes of Fate are calling you to reflect on your personal destiny and saying that if we all must work, at least work at something you love—or that allows you the financial and personal freedom to have time to do the things you love. You deserve it, Leo.

Virgo Sun and Virgo Rising

What if the best thing you could do to prepare for this supercharged Solar Eclipse is…not planning a thing? To just see where the day, the moment, the open road, or the next available flight takes you? Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, but not planning feels a bit too reckless, then make planning a travel itinerary the only you need to schedule. While you’re known as a tightly controlled, routine-conscious sign, Taurus rules your 9th house of travel and adventure. And with Uranus currently shocking your spiritual system, the itch to break free of your schedule might only be scratched by booking that trip and seeing where the moment takes you. The Nodes of Fate are asking you to be more spontaneous, more adventurous, and if necessary, finding that travel partner or companion who will motivate you to pursue those bucket list places, your dream destinations.  

Libra Sun and Libra Rising

Eclipses are highly charged times and strong emotions may rise to the surface for you, Libra. This super-powered lunation is occurring in your 8th house of karmic debts, and it could have you re-examining your past. Possibly even have a person from your past reappear someway. The Nodes of Fate want you to use this time as an opportunity to see just how far you have come and how much you have learned. Should you encounter a ghost of your distant or recent past, you may feel empowered to act a different way than you normally would’ve. And as eclipses are fated times, releasing karmic baggage is a great way to welcome in something or someone new, so pay close attention to anyone who enters your life right now. They could factor into your future in a very significant way.

Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Rising

While much is made of Scorpio’s notorious mysteriousness, you know that once you decide to love someone and they’ve earned your trust, you will remain loyal to them through anything. You take your commitments seriously, especially as a Fixed Water sign. That’s why this Solar Eclipse taking place in your 7th house of partnerships is inviting you to consider—and even reconsider—your spiritual unions. Just because you decided to commit to someone doesn’t mean that the relationship is stuck or stagnant. It’s growing just as you are as individuals. Are you growing closer together or apart? Use this supercharged eclipse to recommit to relationships that reflect who you are in this moment—and where you want to be. You can be choosy. You can be selective. Because with destiny calling in your love life, this is a time to deepen your bond with a partner or attract a more soul-centered alliance.

Sagittarius Sun and Sagittarius Rising

For you, Sagittarius, this Solar Eclipse is activating your 6th house of health and wellness—and while that includes physical health, also take this as a momentous opportunity to transform your mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds as well. The Nodes of Fate are calling on you to welcome in a new way of operating in your life. As a sign, you’re known to love travel and adventure, so things like daily routines and schedules can seem quite mundane. But if there is any sign that incorporates a spark of creativity into anything you do, it’s most certainly you. So, start thinking about everyday activities like commuting or meal prepping, even exercise and meditation, not like chores but places you’re visiting on your journey. As intentional destination points. Enjoy the process, the journey, instead of fast-forwarding through it to get somewhere else. Be in the moment more.

Capricorn Sun and Capricorn Rising

You’ve earned a break, Capricorn, and if there is one sign that is likely in need of a break, it’s you. Instead of work, work, work, the Nodes of Fate are calling on you to play, dance sing, or whatever fun verb you desire. With this super-charged Solar Eclipse activating your 5th house of fun and creativity, some Capricorns will be called to grow their families, as this is an especially fertile time, while others will be compelled to start a creative project. You may find yourself bombarded with exciting thoughts and ideas, like a visit from a creative muse. If you get a flash of insight during this lunation, use it to lay the groundwork for a passion project, side hustle, or creative work—because the timing is too auspicious to ignore. The Fates want you to look at work like it can be fun, too. And if nothing comes to you, then go out to meet destiny, as you’ll likely have a whirlwind night of fun and flirtation with someone you haven’t met yet.

Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Rising

This Solar Eclipse is activating a very personal and private sector of your chart. Taking place in your 4th house of home, family, and ancestry, this super-charged New Moon may have you seeking refuge and retreat at home or with those closest to you. If issues at work have been pulling your focus, the Nodes of Fate are asking you to consider what your real priorities may be. Doing so maybe involve having an open-hearted discussion about any existing issues at home that you’ve been avoiding addressing. Sometimes that can be as simple—though not easy—as identifying where you can maintain firmer boundaries or be more communicative. This is also the perfect time to add some more personal touches to your space, anything that makes it feel warmer, cozier, and more inviting to you. The more comforting your environment, the more you’ll feel like it’s your personal sanctuary. You deserve that, Aquarius.

Pisces Sun and Pisces Rising

Do you have a story inside of you that you feel called to share? That’s what the Nodes of Fate are urging you to consider right now, Pisces, as your 3rd house of communication, is being triggered by this solar eclipse and Uranus’ presence as well. As a Mutable Water sign, you wield tremendous creative abilities, so use that energy to find a unique way of expressing yourself. Or if you’re looking for some cosmic creative inspiration, think about ways to communicate with the Universe. Perhaps tarot cards, a psychic reading, and possibly even asking for signs in song lyrics. Remember that not all communication is verbal, so consider another creative outlet like poems, songs, art, dance, or anything else that activates your imagination. With this exceptionally fertile super-powered Taurus New Moon, now is the time to find your voice and express yourself wholeheartedly.

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