Eclipses in astrology—how Solar and Lunar eclipses affect cosmic energy

Eclipses, in astrology, are seen as times of great importance that symbolize endings and beginnings, and times when fate takes the wheel

Eclipses in astrology—Solar Eclipse. The moon moving in front of the sun. Illustration
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Eclipses in astrology provide the kind of cosmic shake-up that you may or may not be ready for. However, understanding the importance of these supercharged cosmic occurrences can help you look back, and forward, to what you need to let go of and build upon.

You may keep an eye on our Moon Calendar 2022, but have you noticed that there are a lot of Lunar and Solar eclipses too? There are four to six eclipses a year, so of all the astrological events in 2022, they're worth looking out for. 

A deep dive into the Royal Family's link to eclipses, will give you the actual chills—as many important events in their timelines relate to eclipses.

It's said that eclipses symbolize beginnings, endings, and clean slates. Just like the Sun and Moon have the capacity to rise and set—eclipses should be considered as chapter endings and new beginnings. 

According to the Astro Twins, speaking in Astrostyle (opens in new tab), "Solar and Lunar eclipses are dramatic turning points. They provide the cosmic kick in the pants to push us off the fence and into action." 

So what's the difference between Solar and Lunar eclipses in astrology?

What do lunar eclipses represent in astrology?


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Lunar eclipses always fall on a Full Moon, so if you're getting your Full Moon rituals in order, perhaps double-check your Moon calendar—because Lunar eclipses in astrology can spell tough times whether you like it or not.

As you've learned from reading your astrology birth chart, especially your Moon sign, the Moon represents our deepest emotions and true unconscious. The power of lunar energy is supercharged by eclipses and this is a time to embrace endings and let go of anything no longer serving you. This might be a sudden choice on your part—or something completely beyond your control.

Lunar eclipses represent what your truest self needs, wants, and feels. An easy way to remember the significance of Lunar eclipses is to remember the Moon rises at night, so consider these cosmic events as a time when things are put to bed.

In other words, an individual or situation can be 'eclipsed' out of your life. This may sound tough, but while bathing in the shadows, you may afford yourself the time to address what can bring you light. 

Perhaps you've been wrestling over a big decision? Lunar eclipses are the time to bite the bullet. This could come in various forms, whether it's ending a relationship, quitting a job, or professing your feelings to someone new. So it’s a point in our lives when we're supposed to prepare for new chapters by tying up any loose ends. 

It may not be easy, but observe and appreciate the space left by endings, to make room for new beginnings.

What do solar eclipses represent in astrology?

Eclipses in astrology: The sun rises behind the skyline during an annular eclipse on June 10, 2021 in Toronto, Canada. Across parts of Canada, viewers witnessed the rare sighting of a so-called "ring of fire" solar eclipse - a thin outer ring of the sun's disk that is not completely covered by the smaller dark disk of the moon.

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Unlike their Lunar pals, Solar eclipses always fall on a New Moon. So if you're getting your New Moon manifestations in order, an eclipse can mean it's time to turbocharge that abundant energy.

Just like we considered Lunar eclipses as putting things that no longer serve you to bed, Solar eclipses should be seen as waking the things that do, up!

Solar Eclipses are all about manifesting and inviting abundance into your life. Having a more abundant attitude in your day-to-day life, via positive thinking, meditation, and mindfulness can bring all those juicy new prospects you wish for.

They're a time to be open to new chapters and be truthful about what you really want moving forward. Need some inspiration? Why not pick up some tarot cards and let them bring up some thought points to consider.

Remember that every great thing you've done in your life began with a wish, a hope, an inadvertent or intentional period of manifestation.

Solar eclipses are a time to look deeply into yourself and reflect on all of the wonderful opportunities that the Universe has in store. They can push total curveballs into your life that can seem out of nowhere. A person; a work opportunity; an unexpected chance for personal growth. Listen to your gut and seize opportunity instead of allowing fear to stop you from moving forward.

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