Virgo compatibility - perfectionist sign's romantic needs and how they interact with the rest of the zodiac

Virgo compatibility in romance, including what they desire, who they're like to date, and what each star sign would feel like dating them

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Virgo compatibility in romantic affairs is easy to ascertain because they have their cards on the table. They love learning new things and will be excited to learn everything about a new partner.

So, we've had a look at Pisces compatibility, Aquarius compatibility, Aries compatibility, Taurus compatibility, Gemini compatibility, Cancer compatibility, and Leo compatibility. Next up is Virgo compatibility - and what that might look like with other signs in the zodiac.

First thing first – Virgo is an earth sign, meaning they are mature, loyal, grounded, and secure. They enjoy learning – from books,and from those around them. Virgos aren’t hard to identify, they’re usually tidying something, possibly carrying anti-bacterial wipes.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Virgo shares a ruling planet with fun-loving Gemini. The link with Mercury means that they love to chat and socialize with others. They need communication in a relationship, and even if they don’t ask personal questions, it’s a good idea to keep the conversation going and tell Virgo all your stories, too. For a Virgo, conversation means trust.

There’s a busy year ahead in astrology of 2023, it’s hard to keep on top of everything. Could dating a Virgo be in your destiny this year?

For greater clarity into Virgo compatibility, you'll need to look more deeply into your personal astrological birth chart – until that happens, here is the most important information.

What does Virgo need in a partner?

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A partnership is the main characteristic that Virgo looks for in a potential mate. They would love someone who shares the load with them, taking turns on housework and with choosing date night locations. Walking side by side through life, they need a partner who puts the relationship first.

Virgo love is sensible and predictable, but they won’t judge a partner who happens to be more melodramatic. Virgo is quite a self-sufficient sign, they’ll begin the relationship already owning their own home, they’ll be involved in many hobbies and enjoy a support network, and won’t ask you to take on any role in their lives except for being a romantic partner. They’re neither jealous nor demanding. 

Virgo is very sociable, and wants a partner by their side when they’re out and about. You’re entitled to your independence, of course, but your Virgo doesn’t want to be missing you in social situations. In return, they’ll say yes to dinner at your favorite venue, even if they have to take three buses to get there.

What is a Virgo like in a relationship?

A Virgo starts a relationship well, and it’s only uphill from there. At first, they present themselves as capable, communicative, and constant. You’ll be receiving messages around the clock, and they show they care by keeping you at the forefront of their mind, inviting you to anything they’re going to, and including you in all plans and ideas.

When they get used to being in the relationship, they’ll check with you, what the right amount of contact is for you, what your boundaries are, and what your expectations are. Dating a Virgo can feel too good to be true.

They don’t want to waste your time. Virgo will ask you where is this relationship going because they’re efficient and practical. If this is a love story, then Virgo's sensibility tells them to make it official. Asking you to move in will come fast, and once you’re sharing a space you’ll come face to face with the organized, and borderline obsessive way they run things.

Virgo compatibility with other star signs

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Aries and Virgo compatibility could be fun! Aries is playful and active, and Virgo loves having that laughter in their lives. The Virgo’s affection for cleaning and organizing won’t fit with the Aries ‘move fast and break things’ way of running a house, but Virgo doesn’t mind doing all the housework, as long as Aries brings the joy.


Taurus and Virgo compatibility is cute! Both are earth signs so both partners will be grounded and fuss-free. They’ll enjoy the same pastimes of dining out, visiting ancient castles, and learning new skills. Taurus will be coaxed out of their shell by the sociable Virgo, and Virgo will learn from Taurus the value of a late morning spent in bed with a coffee and a croissant, reading a pile of books.


Gemini and Virgo compatibility is inevitable, but not simple. Both are ruled by the planet Mercury, which is the planet of communication, so both are sociable and chatty. They’ll go out a lot together, and their friends' groups may join up to form mega-cities of party vibes. But Virgo is very honest, and Gemini operates an honesty-optional system, and without trust, Virgo will walk away and never return.


Cancer and Virgo compatibility starts off well but is hard to maintain. Even though Cancer’s romantic heart and Virgo’s pragmatic nature are lovely together, there’s a sticking point when it comes to the leadership in the love story. 


Leo and Virgo compatibility can be challenging. The pull of two such powerful personalities together can’t be stopped, as each of them appreciates the strength and commitment of the other. But once they’re together, Leo’s proud nature would like for Virgo to admire and follow them, and Virgo doesn’t worship anyone.


Finally, a load off the shoulders of the ever-hardworking Virgo. They don’t need to tidy after each other or remind a partner to take their antibiotics because both Virgos are super capable. It can be adorable to see how excited they are to learn new facts from a similar lover of knowledge. Is it too much of the same? In some cases, yes. But not all.


Libra and Virgo compatibility can absolutely work. Both signs are quite similar, in being friendly and sensible and understanding the rules of the world we live in. Libra is more open to new ideas, and Virgo is more capable of traditional ways, but this isn’t a contradiction, as each sign can rule a different aspect of the relationship. 


Scorpio and Virgo compatibility could be interesting! Scorpio is passionate and very alive. They like to play games with a partner and are experimental. Virgo is not. Virgo is sensible and wise. Scorpio can talk Virgo into trying new things, some of them very silly. Can Virgo talk Scorpio into trying out sensible, healthy living? Perhaps not. So the relationship would be uneven.


Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility can be exhausting. Sagittarius is one of the most free-spirited and adventurous signs in the zodiac, and Virgo is an overthinker. If their similarities draw them together – both are mutable signs so they’re flexible and fun-loving – their differences will pull them apart. Virgo is a rule-follower and Sagittarius can’t even see the rules.


Capricorn and Virgo compatibility can create the ultimate power couple. Both are earth signs, grounded and sensual, so they’ll feel drawn to one another immediately. Business-minded Capricorn has friends in high places, and organized Virgo can plan any coup and achieve any goal. Together they’re unbeatable. Their romantic compatibility follows the same lines, no leaders and followers, each person plays to their strengths.


Aquarius and Virgo compatibility is interesting, if not exactly romantic. The two most faithful signs of the zodiac, both Aquarius and Virgo are humanitarian, honest, with a good understanding of social issues and a desire to contribute to the solution. Aquarius, however, is famously aloof, more in the mind than in the heart, and Virgo is too logical to be over-the-top romantic.


Pisces and Virgo compatibility is absolutely lovely. Two opposite signs on the Zodiac wheel create a beautiful balance of ‘opposites attract’. Pisces is romantic enough for the two of them, and Virgo is pragmatic enough for the pair. They’re both mutable signs, which makes them adaptable and intuitive, and they’re both respectful and honest.

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