Cancer compatibility - family-minded sign's romantic needs and how they interact with the rest of the zodiac

Cancer compatibility in romance, including what they desire, who they're like to date, and what each star sign would feel like dating them

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Cancer compatibility in romantic affairs is easy to ascertain since being in love is a natural state for them. Their needs from a partner center around the romantic basics – love, kinship, support, and listening. Not every sign can provide this, and not every sign enjoys a relationship that’s devoid of drama, so compatibility with the different signs will vary.

So we've had a look at Pisces compatibility, Aquarius compatibility, Aries compatibility, Taurus compatibility, and Gemini compatibility. Next up is Cancer compatibility - and what that might look like with other signs in the zodiac.

Cancer is a water sign and a very typical one at that. This makes them sensitive, emotionally generous, loving, and accepting. They enjoy sitting around a big table with all their loved ones, breaking bread, and feeling supported. Cancerians are best friends with their mothers and make wonderful parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings.

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Ruled by the Moon, which influences psychic powers, romantic urges and sensitivity, Cancer is unique. No other sign is ruled by the Moon, which is not even a planet! Each month, the Moon goes through all 12 signs, so the Cancer’s mood may be quite changeable. They are accepting of partners that are similarly changeable, as long as each can be sensitive to the other’s needs.

For greater clarity into Cancer compatibility, you'll need to look more deeply into your personal astrological birth chart – until that happens, here is the most important information.

What does Cancer need in a partner?

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Sensitivity is what Cancer looks for in the perfect mate. Their favorite quality, and most valued characteristic, is when their partner is able to notice when they’re sad and wants to support them in their hour of need. Small gestures, like remembering dates and bringing their favorite chewing gum, are appreciated by the Cancer.

Cancer love is all-encompassing, and they want their partner to offer the same. Meeting family, friends, work-mates, and old school buddies is how they know you’ve truly welcomed them into their lives. Their heavenly ruler is the Moon which means they love gazing upwards at night and feeling at one with the whole of creation.

The moon rules femininity, fertility, and conception. Loving a Cancer means loving the idea of having a family with them. They love everything about close, large families – the constant birthdays, the gatherings, the inside scoop, and having someone to turn to whenever they feel the need. If you could form part of that structure with them, you’ve made it.

Cancers have a very complete approach to love, so the moment you are a couple, you have access to each other’s passwords and finances and can call each other’s mothers for recipes. This is natural for Cancer. If you hold back, they’ll assume you don’t want to be together.

Cancerians love a busy and lively conversation with many participants, but when they’re in love, they let their cooking do the talking. They enjoy treating their loved ones to homemade pies, baked fruity delicacies, and rye bread straight from the oven. When the cooking stops, make sure you check if everything is alright.

What is a Cancer like in a relationship?

A Cancer is all-in, right from the start, they hold nothing back in relationships. At first, they’ll show you how much they care by being constantly present, and showing you that they remember all the little things. If you mention that you love Chinese food, watch them take up an Asian cookery class for you.

Once you’ve been together a while, and the Cancer has learned all of your little quirks and preferences, they will never forget them. They’ll happily create a life routine centered around you, and they’ll make sure that they pack your special pillow when you go on vacation.

When a Cancer lets you in the kitchen, this is their temple and they must trust you very much. They value good food and good company so much, that the kitchen is their sacred space, and only very special people are allowed access to the cooking facilities.

Cancer can appear clingy in relationships, so you worry that they expect the same amount of devotion, but they know that their affection is a little over the top. They’re a sign of the Moon, so their way of relating is a bit like a fantasy novel or a movie script. If you appear interested in all the minute details of their day, they’ll know you really care and it will make them happy.

If you can accept that Cancer needs you to be around a lot, and needs to know where you are all the time, just because they care, not because they don’t trust you, you won’t question yourself when you realize just how close a relationship they need. Cancer is a cardinal sign on the wheel, and value tradition in their everyday lives and also in their relationships. Their classical element is water, which is why emotions are very important to them. When you’re together with a Cancer, they’ll be sensitive to your needs; emotional, social, and cultural, and will expect the same from you.

cancer compatibility with other star signs

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Aries and Cancer compatibility doesn’t make much sense. Super fiery Aries wants to do active stuff together, whereas Cancer just wants to sit down and listen. There’s no situation where this could work. Aries wants to start out with passion and no emotion, and Cancer can simply not do that. Cancer is a very particular sign around love, and if it’s not total, it’s not for them.


Taurus and Cancer's love compatibility could be really lovely. Both signs are very calm, and have a great generosity of spirit. Both signs enjoy traditional relationships, one-on-one, without too many kinks and variations. Neither of them needs extra excitement outside the relationship. This would be a really aspirational relationship, everyone would want to be like you.


Gemini and Cancer love compatibility could work if both parties have a great sense of humor and a lot of patience. Gemini is chatty and always on the go, and Cancer loves it when there is a conversation going on around them. They’ll disagree over how intense the relationship needs to be – Cancer loves to be together every hour of the day, and Gemini needs their own space, but there are ways to make it work.


Cancer and Cancer compatibility can be super special. Cancer is a loving sign, romantically motivated and very giving. Cancerians love their families and are honest and wholesome. Even one of those personality types can light up a relationship. Imagine two! They will both take things very much to heart, so be mindful not to say anything that could hurt.


Leo and Cancer's love compatibility is very complicated. On the one hand, one sign is ruled by the Sun, the other by the Moon, there’s a case to be made for ‘opposites attract’. On the other hand, their core values are just so different, that this is unlikely to work. Cancer loves big families, and Leos like luxury holidays. Cancer loves to potter around in the kitchen, and Leos use the kitchen as a fun Zoom backdrop. They have so little in common, that they would struggle together.


Virgo and Cancer compatibility is warm and stable. Virgo loves being in a relationship, sharing their lives with one another, and Cancer is a very 'relationshippy' sign too. They’re both signs that are happier to give than to receive, and they’re both dependable in love and don’t look for cheap thrills outside. A Virgo-Cancer relationship can last forever, and both make wonderful parents, too.


Libra and Cancer compatibility is peaceful and romantic. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, planet of love and beauty, and they appreciate a love story that could feature in a book – elegant, graceful, and infinitely loyal. Cancer can provide all that! But Cancerians also like to keep things real, favoring a traditional dinner over afternoon tea at the Ritz. The date location would be up for discussion, but the emotional compatibility is excellent.


Scorpio and Cancer love compatibility is magnetic but risky. Both water signs, they are motivated by emotions, and when two water signs stick together, it is the two of them against the world, and it is intense. They’ll match each other’s depth of sensitivity and devotion. Scorpio likes to have secrets and time alone, whereas Cancer needs the relationship to be intensely open and honest, so this could be a sticking point.


Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility could be interesting. Sagittarius is one of the most extroverted signs, loves adventure and travel, and is always the first to the mike at karaoke. Cancer is one of the most introverted signs, loves reading a book in a coffee shop, and is always the first to bed after a party. They’re both very loving and supportive signs, so if they laugh off the differences, they would be a great pairing, with very different lifestyles.


Capricorn and Cancer compatibility is astrologically sound. Two signs that reside in exact polarity to one another on the zodiacal wheel are said to be perfectly compatible. Capricorn is more business-minded and Cancer is more family-minded, so if one works outside and the other one works from home, it can be a great match. Capricorn values stability and Cancer loves the indoors. It’s a match. They’re very different personalities, but they complete one another.


Aquarius and Cancer's love compatibility is fascinating, as they are two of the most faithful signs of the Zodiac. They’ll fall in love easily, high on the feelings of safety in each other’s company, both having experienced the pain of infidelity before. Cancer needs to be together all the time, surrounded by their friends and relatives, and Aquarius can’t do too many people all at once, so they’ll need to negotiate a compromise.


Pisces and Cancer compatibility is extremely romantic. Both are water signs, so they value an emotional connection and they lead with empathy. Pisces loves being in a relationship, and Cancer loves being part of a family, so they easily intertwine their lives – parents, kids, ex-partners and lonely neighbors become part of their joint extended family. Each is happy to sacrifice for the other.

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