Pisces compatibility - sign's romantic needs and how they interact with the rest of the zodiac

Pisces compatibility in romance from what they need, what they're like to date, and what each star sign might experience dating them

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Pisces compatibility in matters of the heart is unique as they have the ability to see past the surface and connect with their lover's pure, tender essence, elevates their love to a higher level.

Depth-defining Pisces - one of the water signs - is the most sweetly romantic, intuitive, and empathetic sign of the zodiac. If you have any kind of close connection with a Pisces, you know they're among the most passionate and true-hearted people you'll ever meet. 

However, what sets them apart from others, can also make them a narcissist magnet. Because a Pisces sees only the highest potential, they can mistake red flags for a parade!  Not a warning paced by the cosmic lifeguard, telling them not to dive in. 

Pisces are profoundly intuitive and follow their hearts when making decisions. They're adaptable and idealistic - with a touch of mystic visionary thrown in. They crave not just a physical, but a soul connection. As a water sign ruled by Neptune - planet of the depths but also higher frequencies - Pisceans are all about emotions, empathy, and flow.  They're a mutable sign, so at their best adaptable and ever-evolving, but equally they can be changeable and prone to whims. Just think of the two fishes swimming in different directions!

Lovers of peace, they are usually easy to get along with. Pisces can struggle with differentiating between fantasy and reality, and given the choice, they will always choose fantasy. 

It’s no surprise that this year is a wild one - there’s no shortage of exciting astrology in 2023, but could dating a Pisces be written in the stars for you? For a deeper insight into Pisces compatibility, you'll need to really examine your personal astrology birth chart - but in the meantime here's everything you need to know.

What does Pisces need in a partner?

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The most important thing is someone who understands and supports their emotions and can establish healthy boundaries. Pisces crave romance, but not necessarily in the traditional sense. The small gestures, like running a candlelit bath, taking a trip to the sea or a local duck pond, delving into their profound emotional ocean, sharing dreams, or watching a meaningful movie together, truly make them feel loved and appreciated.

Sensuality combines with sensitivity. Pisces is all about the emotional connection. They have a deep understanding of the magic of intimacy and often have a sense of knowing, beyond our human senses, what turns a partner on. To connect with a Pisces on a deeper level, try joining a yoga or meditation circle with them or talking about the deeper meaning of life.  

Music is the ultimate food of love for a Pisces. They are drawn to classical, chill-out, and folk songs, as well as emotion-stirring tunes that speak to their souls. Music can act as a gateway for them to express their inner feelings, and they so need and appreciate someone who takes the time to make them feel safe expressing themselves. 

What is a Pisces like in a relationship?

Pisces are incredible partners. Their empathy and sensitivity make them great listeners, and they want to know the depths of your being. They'll listen intently to your pain, hopes, and dreams, and offer unwavering support and belief that you can achieve anything. And when it comes to intimacy, once trust is established, they'll take you on a journey to a truly indescribable dimension of sensuality.

But, like all signs, Pisceans have a shadow side. They can be changeable, fickle, and occasionally paranoid due to their extreme sensitivity. If they sense something is off, even the slightest reproach can send them swimming away. They also despise confrontation and may avoid conflict at all costs.

Overall, there’s so much to love about a Pisces. Their uncanny ability to intuit your needs; their selfless style of loving; their lifelong quest for a deeper understanding of what truly makes a soul connection. 

If you're lucky enough to have a Pisces in your life, cherish them for the unique, sensitive, and intuitive person they are.

Pisces compatibility with other star signs

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Initially, this is a sparky match. Bold and heroic Aries can seem super exciting to the fishes. Aries love to chase and thrill new love interests, and Pisces idolize the openness of the Aries lover. Aries appreciates the care and adoration, while Pisces feel truly seen. Aries is a fire sign, so these two can make steam! 

However long-term, sensitive Pisces may struggle with Aries bluntness and see this as criticism. Or outright rejection. While Pisces desire for harmony at any price can have Aries seeing them as a pushover. If you’ve come together it's so Pisces can gain emotional strength and the confidence to put in healthy boundaries. And Aries – you have drawn that sweet soul to you to show you a different kind of warrior love. One where you can allow your vulnerable heart (yes, it’s in there!), to feel open and safe. 


Pisces compatibility with Taurus has potent potential. Pisces is intuitive, imaginative, and emotionally expressive, while Taurus is practical, grounded, and reliable. Pisces can help Taurus tap into their imagination and creativity, while Taurus can provide Pisces with a stable foundation to build upon. Both signs are intensely sensual. And love the anticipation and the discovery. 

The sticking point is that Pisces craves emotional connection and can be easily overwhelmed. At the same time, Taurus values security and financial stability and can get pretty stuck in their ways. Taurus needs to respect Pisces' emotional responses and be present, while Pisces needs to honor Taurus desire for security. If Pisces and Taurus work on this in sync, they can have a fulfilling and successful relationship based on trust, respect, and shared values.


Both are mutable signs. Flexible, changeable, and playful in spirit.  There's never a dull moment with this pair. Gemini is an air sign that loves talking about their thoughts but can sometimes come across as all intellect and no emotional content! Pisces are all about the feels, so even though they are fascinated by Gemini's silver tongue, quick wit, and utter charm, they can be confused about just where the Gemini is coming from. 

Both have so much to learn from one another, but the trick is to be honest and very clear so no misunderstandings occur. Pisces can teach Gemini how not to hide their feelings behind their incredible wit and captivating smarts. While the twins can teach the fishes not only not to take things so personally, but also that it’s completely okay to share those feelings. 


These two will come up with sweet metaphors for their love. Love is a journey, an adventure, or even a homecoming. Pisces' gift of looking beyond the obvious, the horizon, and into the world of spirit, broadens Cancer’s mind and stirs their soul. They love the magic Pisces brings! Both are water signs – emotional, sensitive, and highly intuitive. They can bond from the first hello - glued by a strange feeling they have known one another before.

Cancer’s love of home, roots, and family offers far-seeing Pisces the stability they may have been missing. They show them that love needs stability and a home port under which to grow. While Pisces' desire to experience more depth, meaning, and inspired creativity draws Cancer out of its shell to discover just what’s beyond the familiar. This can result in a dreamy, romantic pairing with the necessary touch of reality that sees both parties thrive – in the real world and the one, the two of them make up!


Shy Pisces is drawn to Leo’s golden, radiant confidence. It warms their soul. Like the sun, they bask in that glow. Leo loves all the limpid-eyed adoration and the fact that Pisces is usually happy when they show off - for most of the time anyway. We have water and fire. Sex on the beach. This one can get hot, hot, hot very quickly. When these two are in alignment, they can turn into a power couple. Not only that – that attraction for one another doesn’t wane over time. 

However, Pisces compatibility with Leo does come with risks. They may be so enraptured by Leo they don’t want to say no to them - ever. Consider your Leo has come into your life to teach you something about this. Leo has attracted this pearl of empathy and selflessness to remind them it’s not always all about them! At the end of the day, both signs come from the heart. These two can bring out the best in one another. A joint vision or goal can turn into the glue which bonds them forever.


Pisces compatibility with Virgo may be read as,"you complete me." Earthy, practical, pristine Virgo is Pisces’ opposite sign. Fall into one another’s orbits and you may feel you’ve found the missing part of your soul. Pisces offers Virgo imagination, magic, and spontaneity which they may have been missing. Virgo in turn can gift Pisces with a rare kind of everyday magic they did not even know existed. The kind where they discover how easily love and life flows when you are in the moment - rather than a flight of fantasy.

Virgo’s 'less is more' attitude appeals to Pisces as this reflects Pisces' focus on what is truly important. Both love beauty. Pisces can unleash Virgo’s latent imagination and spiritual side. Virgo reminds Pisces the bills need to be paid and trash taken out, but that life can still be infused with magical loving despite this. Accept one another’s differences and see them as filling in your own gaps. Whatever you do – don’t start criticizing the very qualities that attracted you to your partner in the first place. Nobody’s perfect - but are you perfect for each other?


Both of you hate conflict and are seekers of truth, harmony, and true connectivity. This combination can bring balance to one another’s love force. Acceptance of each other and grace characterizes your connection. You both have a deep appreciation of the arts, beauty, and music. You can act as muses to one another and both of you bring inspired and loving sensuality to the bedroom!

Each of you may reach for the very best versions of yourselves. The Libra/Pisces couple intuits the latent potential each has and up their own game to meet it. Libra can assist their Pisces when they get lost by mapping out two clear pathways. While Pisces' loving and all-encompassing acceptance sees Libra drop unrealistic expectations and embrace real love. Do watch for any tendencies to place one another on pedestals, however. And don’t shy away from calling one another out over behaviors that get in the way of real growth.


Pisces compatibility with Scorpio is a sensual, smooth, sexy slide into deep waters, which are tropically hot. Both of you are instinctively drawn to the deeper meaning of life. Neither of you has time for anything superficial. Just how deep can this love be? If you are lucky enough you could spend an entire lifetime (or several), and still not come up for air nor reach the bottom. 

Children will probably be important or feature in some way in this pairing. If not yours, then one or the other comes as a package deal. You both see this as enhancing your union. It’s not just a serious, depth-defining connection, however, as both of you can bring out one another’s playful side. If you are seeking that alchemical union that is more than just physical attraction but one of mind, body, and spirit, then this combo could be your gateway. 

However, both of you need to watch for hidden undercurrents around control. Nobody can control the tide. Provided you both keep this in mind, sail away on what could be the ship of passion on the voyage of a lifetime!


You both share the same ruler – Jupiter. Which was Pisces’ ruling planet before the discovery of Neptune, and still is as the old rulerships apply. You both have a desire to explore and share the same interests in travel, philosophy, spiritual, and religious beliefs. You are both mutable signs. And while Pisces and Sagittarian planets square one another, this merely adds spice, variety, and chemistry. At least that’s how the two of you will see it.

The important thing both signs need to remember is that you cannot afford to allow your union to become boring and predictable. Also, Pisces – do talk about any insecurities you have rather than simply becoming clingy or needy. Sag – you have found a fellow soul traveler which is rare. Together you can explore magical love dimensions that exceed your wildest fantasy! You both need to create your own special worlds to inhabit. And have a big plan or dream you jointly wish to fulfill. The couple that plays together or explores together, stays together in this match.


When you first meet, chances are you don’t stop talking. There’s so much to share and so many areas you are both in agreement. Both of you may be more open than you usually are. Capricorns can hold back until they feel comfortable, but Pisces simply puts them at their ease. You can bring your realness and not worry about being judged.

Pisces – you just know there’s more going on with that Capricorn than meets the eye and you are determined to find out just what that is. That’s what all those thoughtful questions you’re asking are designed to discover and that just makes that Capricorn more forthcoming. 

Don’t be in too much of a hurry with this one, however. Capricorn will teach Pisces about the gift of time and waiting for the right moment. And yes, it will be worth it as behind that boss exterior is the soul of an artist. Pisces teases out Capricorn’s truth and vulnerabilities and shows them the many kinds of success to be enjoyed. The spiritual and loving success stories are the most important.


Pisces you love the fact that Aquarius is like no one you’ve ever met - this is a one-of-a-kind, kind of love. And Aquarius, that Pisces loyalty and all-accepting devotion not only soothes your rebel heart but can turn into your greatest asset. As you are next-door signs, many Pisces have planets in Aquarius – and vice versa. This is why even though you can be oh-so-different you can feel so similar. 

If you have been drawn together there may be a significant past-life connection. But in this one, you are here to honor and respect each other’s individuality and differences even as you fuse together so tightly. Love can work, and oh so beautifully it can make others gasp and turn green. All the two of you need to do is be like the tide. Go out and give one another space and then come back, share your experiences, and bond anew with a fresh appreciation for all your individually unique facets - and repeat without worry. You don’t need to be joined at the hip. Not all the time anyway!


This pairing can bring about the kind of relationship where you know what one other is thinking, anticipate what the other is going to say, and intuitively know where they are without a Find My Phone app. You have your own in-jokes and sometimes even your own language. You both need to create your own fantasy world in which you escape to. But you do need to ensure you do return to this one.

Pisces with Pisces compatibility can be one of the most complex yet satisfying unions. It depends on how grounded one or both of you are. You can become the master magicians – co-creators of a life that exceeds both of your wildest dreams. Or retreat into enablement, co-dependence, and delusion. Both of you need to come into the union owning the truth about yourselves – the unvarnished variety. And be very, very clear with one another about where the boundaries in your relationship are. Do this and the happily-ever-after could just exceed the once upon a-time. 

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