Aries compatibility - fiery sign's romantic needs and how they interact with the rest of the signs

Aries compatibility in romance, including what they desire, who they're like to date, and what each star sign would feel like dating them

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Aries compatibility in romance is one-sided because they themselves don’t have a ‘type’. Aries is a passionate sign that is accepting of others. Therefore, compatibility hinges on who would accept their fiery shenanigans, who they can have fun with, and which signs can keep Aries from losing interest in the relationship.

At its heart, Aries is a pure version of the fire signs. This makes it a passionate, fast-thinking, laugh-a-minute sign that could be quick to anger but equally quick to calm. They are no-nonsense, and direct, and could come across as cruel if not careful. They certainly know how to put themselves first.

As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, they can be the first ones to introduce you to new trends and even new bedroom positions. Is dating an Aries compatible with you?

Ruled by Mars, planet of sex and war, Aries embodies all the passionate boldness of the red planet. Their favorite activity is being active, their favorite music is loud, and their favorite person is the one they’re talking to right now. Does this short attention span seem childlike? As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the baby of the wheel, and their decisions are impulsive and spontaneous. 

For a deeper insight into Aries compatibility, you'll need to look into your personal astrology birth chart. For now, here’s the skinny on Aries compatibility.

What does Aries need in a partner?

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Aries look for someone as chaotic as they are. Loud, fun, flexible, and happy to try out new things. They need a partner who grabs their shoes and car keys, the minute they hear of a new medieval market or music festival in the next town.

For Aries, variety is the spice of life. They’ll jump into a new hobby one minute, and right out of it the next. Does it make you feel worried that you might be replaced in the relationship? You should be.

Mars is powerful and impulsive, it will change its mind in the heat of the moment. Think about the words and phrases that incorporate Mars – Martial Law, Martial Arts, they’re all related to war, as Mars is named for the Roman God of War! So Aries need someone who can stand their own ground. They can’t date someone who they can easily obliterate.

Aries are also fiercely independent and self-reliant and find it easy to drop friends and make new ones. To ensure that your new relationship with an Aries doesn’t end up being over before it has begun, practice being a little different each day. Versatility will be your hack.

If you’re a mutable person by nature and your ex-partners hated it - enter Aries! They’ll love it. They love being active and are always on the go. A partner that can enjoy sports with them, both observing and engaging in regular athletic activities, will be seen as an asset by the Aries.

And they find it comforting to be surrounded by people all of the time, so if you can enjoy a non-stop party yourself, you may be an Aries’ perfect mate.

What is a Aries like in a relationship?

Aries may seem as if they hide their vulnerabilities, but the fact is, that even their softer side is stronger than most. Mars, their ruling planet, is the planet of sex and war. Aries don’t wait around for things to happen to them, they prefer to be the instigator, the initiator of both the relationship’s start, and also its ending.

When they show a bit of vulnerability, be prepared to laugh it off. A relationship with an Aries is a lot of fun, with very little space left for a heart-to-heart. If it can’t be said with a smile, an Aries doesn’t want to hear it. This zodiac sign prefers to laugh than to cry, and even in intimate settings, there will be a lot of giggles.

At times, your Aries will leave you alone and go party with their friends. This isn’t a bad sign and doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfill their social needs. It’s an entirely natural state of affairs, as the Aries know that no one can quite keep up with them, and they’re giving you a break and letting you regroup, while they go out for a drink and gossip with someone else.

Aries may come across as if they don’t want to be in a relationship at all, because they keep their independence, and are prone to a booty call. But they need to feel loved and are addicted to the idea that there’s someone special for them who will always laugh at their jokes, and open the door to them with a smile, even at 2am on a Tuesday. Their stubbornness and arguments show you that they respect you enough to let you into their inner sanctum – not everyone gets to see their angry side.

If you can accept the Aries as they are, and refrain from trying to change them, they will celebrate you and appreciate your love. Aries is fire and fire can burn, but it is also warming and passionate. Their childlike charm is either for you or it isn’t, and if you ever stop loving them, walk away immediately. They’ll survive.

Aries compatibility with other star signs

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Aries and Aries love compatibility is a whole lot of fire. Any ‘two-of’ type of relationship carries its own unique challenges. Their fun loving, passionate, independent qualities are doubled up which sounds divine. But also their desire to go on new adventures doubles, so monogamy isn’t easy.


Taurus and Aries love compatibility is not straightforward. On the one hand, they could be the perfect opposites-attract union, with peaceful Taurus and chaotic Aries completing one another and enjoying their differences. On the other hand, dealing with someone so different can feel complicated.


Gemini and Aries love compatibility really works. They’re both very childlike, so they can laugh for hours together, and both never sit still. As sociable as each other, they can be a two-headed party animal. The sticking point would be on honesty – Aries are blunt tellers of truths and Gemini like to keep a secret.


Cancer and Aries love compatibility can be a risky affair. Cancer is all about the emotion, they care about feeling and aligning and being sensitive and attentive. Aries is not! Actions speak loud for the Aries, and any hurt feelings are collateral. Aries isn’t out to hurt the Cancer, but if it happens it happens. For the Cancer, this could lay the foundation for years of anxiety.


Leo and Aries love compatibility is absolutely worth exploring. Both are fire signs and so will enjoy keeping up with each other. Their tireless energies will match. Leo likes the high life and Aries doesn’t like to keep their opinions secret, so this will create some hilarious mock arguments in fancy restaurants and members’ clubs.


Virgo and Aries love compatibility won’t come easy. Aries has no rules in romance – whatever feels right is right, anything goes. Monogamy, open relationships, fetish or social scenes, they’ll try anything once. Virgo, on the other hand, have very strict rules and values. Much patience is required, if they are to date.


Libra and Aries love compatibility is too good to be true. They’re different, as different as can be, with muddy, sweaty Aries roaring through the elegant, delicate life of the Libra. But they’re polar opposites on the zodiacal wheel, making them a yin-yang situation. Their differences make them stronger.


Scorpio and Aries love compatibility hinges on the planet that unites them – Mars. Aries is ruled by the fiery red planet, and Mars was Scorpio’s ruler in traditional astrology. Both signs are passionate, physical, and enjoy a bit of mind games not to mention sexual play. Outside of the bedroom, Aries is day and Scorpio is night, so they’ll need to learn to respect that.


Sagittarius and Aries love compatibility can be very exciting. Two fire signs together will always be a passionate prospect. Sagittarius needs a lot of freedom, and Aries can absolutely give them that. In fact, those two might only meet up every once in a while, such is their need for independence. Aries loves a partner that doesn’t interfere, which makes Sagittarius a uniquely suitable match.


Capricorn and Aries love compatibility can go either way. Capricorn is the sea-goat and Aries is the ram, making them the two astrological symbols that have horns. Side by side, they can be undefeated, but if they turn against each other, if arguments start and they need to take sides, it’s a disaster. Their unbridled mutual strength and passionate personalities can be the making or the breaking of this love story.


Aries and Aquarius compatibility is natural to begin with. Aries isn’t romantic and feels awkward in romantic situations, and Aquarius is exactly the same. Aquarian loyalty can’t be matched by anyone, let alone sociable Aries, but both signs enjoy feeling free to pursue other friendships and hobbies, and this mutual respect and independence is a love language to both.


Aries and Pisces compatibility is incredible at first. One of the most romantic signs in Pisces, with one of the most passionate signs in Aries, the pull between them will be epic. As the days wear on and the Pisces sees that their deep emotions and romantic gestures aren’t reciprocated, resentment can set in. As the Aries sees their unhappy Pisces mate, they feel under pressure to change, and they don’t want to.

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