Taurus compatibility - sophisticated sign's romantic needs and how they interact with the rest of the zodiac

Taurus compatibility in romance, including what they desire, who they're like to date, and what each star sign would feel like dating them

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Taurus compatibility in romantic affairs is as straightforward as anything is about Taurus. Their needs and desires in a relationship are clear and unchanging. Taurus is a stable sign who won’t surprise. However, its compatibility with different signs of the zodiac varies.

So we've had a look at Pisces compatibility, Aquarius compatibility, and Aries compatibility. Next up is Taurus compatibility - and what a sight for sore eyes it is.

First thing first – Taurus is an earth sign, and as such it is dependable, sensible, loyal, and sensual. They enjoy personal growth and developing their confidence. Taureans are easy to spot, as they’re slow-moving and are often holding a book or a snack.

Ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty, Taurus shares a ruling planet with elegant Libra. The link with Venus means that they love to be in love, and are not willing to compromise on matters of the heart. They expect to be loved in an epic, uncompromising way, with violins and chocolates and rose petals, or not at all. Taurus needs love in order to thrive.

For greater clarity into Taurus compatibility, you'll need to look more deeply into your personal astrological birth chart – until that happens, here is the most important information.

What does Taurus need in a partner?

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Stability is the main characteristic that Taurus looks for in a potential mate. They would love someone who's at home when they get there, preferably sliding a fragrant homemade loaf out of the oven, and for that someone to accept their indoorsy nature.

Taurus love is warm and stable, and they expect the same in return. Check in with them, let them know you support their social life, and show them you’re impressed with their career. Their ruling planet is Venus, which means they love being indoors and love for their relationships to be close and loving.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, named after the Goddess of love. Forming relationships is natural to them, and being in a romantic relationship is their default state. Taureans can be single if they want to, they’re absolutely fine alone, but they’re so much more at home when they’re dating.

Taureans have a very sensible approach to love and measure their emotions against the value that the other person adds to their lives. So no matter how deeply they fall in love, they will take good care not to let a toxic person into their lives.

Taurus isn’t particularly chatty, and their silences will speak volumes. If you’ve done something wrong, if you’ve expected too much or too little from your Taurus, they will remember. When they need information, they won’t ask you, but they’ll fire up the search engine and try to find an answer there.

What is a Taurus like in a relationship?

A Taurus doesn’t do themselves any favors at the beginning of a relationship. At first, they present themselves as unemotional. Sarcastic, quiet, and reluctant to reveal too many private details, they don’t make an effort to fit themselves into the new situation.

When they get used to the romance, and to the amount of openness it demands of them, they relax a little. Dating a Taurus might feel a little like being on a quiz show. They enjoy being in love but prefer to keep conversations factual and interactions sensual.

When a Taurus allows you to borrow a book, you know you’ve made it. Their books are precious to them. Also precious - their living rooms, the way they arrange their dishes in the cabinet, and of course, their bathroom. If you gain access and influence in those fields, it’s a huge deal.

Taurus can come across as selfish, but there is no selfishness at the heart of their actions. They think long and hard about how they can bring you comfort and calm. They’re a Venus sign, and their primary passion is for their partner. They treat you exactly in the way that they’d like to be treated, so it would be fabulous if you could reciprocate.

If you can accept that the Taurus lives life at their own pace, and needs their time alone to decompress regularly, you’ll avoid the trap of self-blame when you perceive their unhurried and solitary ways. Taurus is a fixed sign on the wheel, and values stability in life as well as in relationships. Their classical element is Earth, which is another vote for security. When they know you’re together and looking out for each other, they’ll consider it a permanent arrangement and won’t risk it by seeking temptation.

Taurus compatibility with other star signs

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Aries and Taurus compatibility is hard to imagine. Both are passionate signs, fiery-hot Aries is a boundless lover and sensuous Taurus enjoys being worshipped. But their temperaments are very different, with Aries being constantly on the go, and Taurus the exact opposite. Their social life will be very different, with the Taurus in fancy pop-up eateries and Aries in a fast food drive-thru.


Taurus and Taurus compatibility can be fabulous. After all, who can understand you better than you understand yourself? The bond will be unshakeable, and the love will be epic. There is, of course, the small matter of neither of you enjoying being too active, so when it’s time to get the car washed or take the cat for her shots, neither is keen.


Gemini and Taurus love compatibility is a bringing together of opposites. Gemini is the clown, always laughing, pulling faces, and getting party invites. Taurus is sitting there with a wry smile, waiting to be entertained. They’re so super different, but it’s those differences that make this unique love compatibility fit so well.


Cancer and Taurus love compatibility is so warm and lovely. Cancer loves taking care of those that they’re with. Be they family members or romantic partners, Cancer will go all out for their loved ones. Taurus love to give love as well, so with each of them looking after the other, there are no winners or losers, only a beautifully balanced love story.


Leo and Taurus love compatibility is really beautiful. Both are such calmly confident signs, that they will have to be good with each other, since they enjoy the same space. Leo is more exuberant with their confidence whereas the Taurus is shy, but this doesn’t bother either of them. To love a Leo is to listen to them being loud. Whereas the Taurus will be thrilled to let someone else do the talking.


Virgo and Taurus compatibility can be a sight to behold. Virgo is stable, smart and loyal, and loves to do relationships. Taurus is stable, smart and loyal, and loves to be in love. They’re a natural fit and enjoy being together, but care must be taken that they don’t bore each other to death. Two earth signs in one relationship is a lot of watching the news and talking about trivia.


Libra and Taurus love compatibility can be absolute magic. Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus. Not only do they share a ruling planet, which only one other pair of signs do, but it just happens to be the planet of love and beauty. Both will prioritize the relationship above all else, both will be faithful and devoted to each other, and both express love as an art form. Libra is more sociable and Taurus on the solitary side, if that isn’t a problem for them, then the compatibility is perfect.


Scorpio and Taurus love compatibility is an electrifying mix. They’re very different, and there’s no denying that the stable and calm ways of the Taurus bear no resemblance to the exuberant and emotionally charged manner of the Scorpio. But again and again, inexplicably, those two signs are drawn together. Is it that both are such erotic signs, with a love of physical relationships? Is it the way that they honor each other’s need for privacy? Experience proves that this works.


Sagittarius and Taurus love compatibility is an interesting one. In some ways they’re very different, Sagittarius being extroverted and loud, Taurus more introverted and silent. But in other ways, they’re so alike. Both enjoy grabbing life by the horns, and both love spending their time eating delicacies and drinking whatever’s on offer. They’re a lovely, fun match if they can iron out their differences.


Capricorn and Taurus love compatibility links with their biggest similarity – the element of earth. Capricorn is a Cardinal earth sign, meaning they’re leaders, visionaries, and the first ones to do anything. Taurus is a Fixed earth sign, so they are stubborn and reluctant to change. So they’ll have different opinions, but since their element is the same, they’ll speak the same language.


Aquarius and Taurus love compatibility is a very interesting pairing. Aloof Aquarius with sarcastic Taurus? What can possibly go wrong? Just kidding, they’re actually both very calm, peaceful signs that could work very well, if they were able to ignore each other’s differences. Where Aquarius is charitable, Taurus likes riches, for example. Aquarius shares everything and Taurus hordes.


Pisces and Taurus love compatibility can go either way. On the one hand, both signs are romantic, emotionally intelligent and love to give. On the other hand, Taurus can be just too unemotional for Pisces, and Pisces could overwhelm Taurus because they can’t sit in silence, always communicating with people near and far.

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