Leo compatibility - proud sign's romantic needs and how they interact with the rest of the zodiac

Leo compatibility in romance, including what they desire, who they're like to date, and what each star sign would feel like dating them

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Leo compatibility in romantic affairs is about the Leo, not about the other sign. Their needs and desires in a relationship would be clearly presented to a mate. Leo is a strong sign with rigid views of the world of dating. However, its compatibility with different signs of the zodiac varies.

So we've had a look at Pisces compatibility, Aquarius compatibility, Aries compatibility, Taurus compatibility, Gemini compatibility, and Cancer compatibility. Next up is Leo compatibility - and what that might look like with other signs in the zodiac.

First thing first – Leo is a fire sign, and as such it is passionate, artistic, playful, and warm. They enjoy keeping active and inspiring others. Leos are easy to spot, as they’re on a stage or a podium as often as possible, with their trademark fabulous hair.

Ruled by the Sun, the fiery life giver and life taker of our solar system, Leo can make a partner feel as if their love gives them life. The Sun is huge and intense, and so is the love of Leo, it doesn’t come in half measures. They expect to be loved in an all-encompassing, total way. Leo can survive alone, without a relationship, but if they’re going to fall in love, it’s got to be spectacular.

There’s a busy year ahead in astrology of 2023, it’s hard to keep on top of everything. Could dating a Leo be in your destiny this year?

For greater clarity into Leo compatibility, you'll need to look more deeply into your personal astrological birth chart – until that happens, here is the most important information.

What does Leo need in a partner?

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Attentiveness is the main characteristic that Leo looks for in a potential mate. They would love someone who notices a new haircut or their outfit of the day, and makes a big song and dance about complimenting them, preferably in public, and for that someone to be impressed with everything they do.

Leo’s love is hot and passionate, and they would love the same in return. Let them know you noticed all the ways that they uplifted you, and make sure they notice that you’ve gone out of your way for them. Their heavenly ruler is the Sun, which lights up every corner. This means they appreciate honesty. They are committed to being fully themselves without apology, and they want the same for you, too.

The Sun represents the Self in astrology, and Leo will be very real with a partner. They’re loyal and appreciate a strong bond. They can’t entertain a semi-detached relationship, and the moment a partner would appear to have lost interest, is the final moment of this love story. Leo is great at being single, they like to do their own thing, but with a partner, they feel like the party never stops, and they love it.

Leos have a very all-or-nothing approach to love and would put their partner on a pedestal, lavishing gifts and attention on them. If they feel betrayed or overlooked by a partner, then the pedestal will be gone, never to return.

Leo is an exuberant and expressive sign that doesn’t like to hold back. If you’ve disappointed them in any way, they may go quiet, and that’s never a good sign. If they ask you a question, they may already know the answer, so make sure you never lie to a Leo.

What is a Leo like in a relationship?

A Leo doesn’t know how to hold back at the start of the relationship. Heck, they don’t want to hold back! They’ll show their full personality and will go out of their way to make you love them back. Name it and the Leo will buy, steal or hunt for you, whatever you desire. Leo isn’t a subtle sign, and they love taking care of their partners.

As you get to know each other, you’ll notice that the attention doesn’t stop. You’re still their number one priority and you will feel like this is too good to be true, but learn to reciprocate. Leo wants the same amount of attention, appreciation, and wish fulfillment back from you.

When a Leo invites you to meet their friends, this is a show of trust. Leo has a well-curated public image which they’ve been cultivating for years. Ever since they met those friends, Leo has kept their public persona consistent and impressive. If you’re invited to join in, it shows that Leo believes you to be suited to them both at home and out in public.

Leo can come across as self-centered, but they’re not about the glorification of themselves. They want to present a specific persona to the world, who they view as their real selves. Leos are big personalities and they shine bright, so they know all eyes would be on them. But they’re also a very collaborative sign and will go out of their way to ensure that you receive all the opportunities that would benefit you, too. Leo will stand at the back of the hall, applauding proudly and taking pictures, while you’re onstage, receiving an award that Leo nominated you for.

All they ask in return is for the same, that you make them feel special when their achievements are celebrated, big or small.

If you can accept a Leo’s desire to live life out and be proud and open to scrutiny, you will love this wild ride. Leo is a fixed sign on the wheel, which makes them determined and productive, so their love lives aren’t separate from their real lives, but rather support them. 

Their classical element is Fire, which is passionate and fearless. The first wave of love will never be over. You’ll either live life together, in a hot embrace like newlyweds, or not together at all.

Leo compatibility with other star signs

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Aries and Leo compatibility is passionate but uncertain. Two fire signs together would always be exciting and sensual, and they’ll recognize the passion in each other’s eyes. Aries and Leo won’t be able to keep their hands off each other, but emotionally, neither is grounded enough to invest the necessary love into a relationship. Aries is playful and childlike and Leo likes to play at being a grown-up, so their temperaments don’t match.


Taurus and Leo compatibility can be legendary. Taurus is a very tactile physical sign, and they love passionately with every fiber of their being, and Leo is a very excitable physical sign, and they express love with their entire body and soul. When it comes to passion, they’re a match. But Leo is very sociable and Taurus needs time to decompress, so they’ll disagree on how they spend their time together.


Gemini and Leo compatibility is a mismatch so bizarre as to actually be funny. Both signs are extroverted and sociable but in very different ways. Gemini likes to be silly and have everyone rolling in the isles. Leo likes to be impressive and receive applause. So at a party, Gemini will be wheeling out the fart jokes, and Leo will prefer to talk about their upcoming Nobel prize. Gemini thinks Leo is stuck up, and Leo thinks Gemini should grow up.


Cancer and Leo compatibility can be a very sweet case of opposites attract. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Leo is ruled by the Sun, so they could not be more different. Where Cancer is soft and romantic, Leo is blunt and passionate. They’re not the same, but their opposite qualities can be quite compatible. The kind Cancer can mellow out the Leo, and the active Leo can boost and uplift the Cancer.


Leo and Leo compatibility has pros and cons. Leo is a leader – in relationships, in life, at work. Two leaders in a relationship can be one too many. But on the other hand, each Leo will be so relieved to finally meet a partner who is as bold and upfront as they are! They’ll feel as if previous relationships were a compromise, dealing with partners who were weaker, less resilient, and not as honest as they are, and they’ll feel gratitude for meeting their match.


Virgo and Leo compatibility definitely works, but for how long? Both signs are ‘grown-up’ personality types. Both are confident, independent, and able to handle stressful situations. Virgo is more organized and has specific goals for the relationship, whereas Leo is more passionate and wants to see how things turn out. The relationship is very workable, but each needs to be open to the other’s shortcomings. Because however hard they may try, Virgo isn’t spontaneous and Leo isn’t ready on time.


Libra and Leo love compatibility could be a mature, responsible, and respectful combination. Leo is confident and protective over their partner and family, and gentle Libra appreciates those qualities. Libra is elegant and good at listening, and proud Leo appreciates these traits. They may clash over Leo being louder than Libra, or Libra being less sunny than Leo, but overall they’re a beautiful match.


Scorpio and Leo compatibility is great in some ways, and challenging in some others. They have their passionate nature in common. They’re both exuberant signs with big personalities and they enjoy getting to know someone new and fascinating. And both are fascinating! But Leo loves honesty, they are ruled by the Sun and like upfront, frank communication. Scorpio loves mystery, they are ruled by Pluto, planet of transformation, and like surprises, endings and new beginnings. This could be an issue.


Sagittarius and Leo compatibility could turn confusing. They’re both fire signs so the instant spark will be there, and they’ll be attracted to one another and have lots of fun together at first. But Leo wants to be prim and perfect all the time, and Sagittarius wants to run free and wild. Sagittarius spills red wine on the white carpet, and attends black tie events with their hand covering a curry stain on their shirt. Leo would lose their mind, if they to deal with that long-term.


Capricorn and Leo compatibility is a great match, but perhaps not very romantic. Both signs like to dream big. They’re fans of luxury and would go on dates together to incredible destinations, chilling on the most Instagrammable sun loungers on Earth and sipping cocktails so innovative they’re not even sold to the public yet. But Capricorn’s no-nonsense attitude and Leo’s commitment to their public persona can make the love story a non-starter.


Aquarius and Leo love compatibility can be exciting. Calm and quirky Aquarius would be amused by Leo’s bombastic nature. They’re not similar in personalities, but they’re both very faithful, they’re both very giving. When Leo is engulfed in a firestorm of emotions, aloof Aquarius can accept it without raising an eyebrow, and guard the Leo from the fallout of their outburst. 


Pisces and Leo compatibility can build them up or tear them down. Pisces loves in such a profound way, that they feel as if every fiber of their being only exists in the context of that love. Leo loves in such a complete way, that their every action revolves around the relationship. As long as they agree on every point, it’s the greatest love. If there’s a disagreement, the Leo fire will annihilate the Pisces romanticism so sensationally, the Pisces may never recover.

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