Elope - Wordle 401 goes viral as fans fail to solve the puzzle

The word 'elope' has confused a number of Wordle players who were unable to solve this recent puzzle and ruined their streaks

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Wordle 401 has gone viral on social media as fans struggle to solve the word 'elope' and many ruined their streaks because of this tricky word.

Tricky five-letter words such as aphid, triteagape, and pinto, are all puzzles that have previously frustrated Wordle players who were unable to solve these challenges and subsequently ruined their streaks. 

On July 25, Wordle 401 was another similar challenge that stumped fans as many players took to social media to complain that 'elope' was a word that was far too tricky to appear in a wordle challenge.

Wordle alternatives

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"That’s a p**s take #Wordle401 Wordle 401 X/6," said one angry fan who failed to solve the puzzle. "Wordle 401 X/6 F**k you, Wordle," said an even angrier fan on Twitter.

"Streak gone Wordle 401 X/6," said another. "Wordle 401 6/6 this was terrible," said another player who solved the riddle by the skin of their teeth.

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Some players complained that they couldn't solve the wordle because they had never heard of the word 'elope' before. "Wordle 401 4/6 Elope! I don’t know what that means!" said one player.

Others suggested that it was the format of the word that threw them off. A lot of players were able to solve some of the vowels in the word but struggled with which order the letters should be placed in. "Grr... too many alternatives... #BTWordleClub Wordle 401 X/6," said one player who couldn't work out which order to place the letters in.

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Elope meaning

If you were one of the many players who struggled to work out this challenge because you are unfamiliar with the word 'elope' don't worry! You are not alone! So what does the word elope mean?

The Cambridge dictionary defines the word 'elope' as, 'to leave home secretly in order to get married without the permission of your parents'. A very romantic word, but unfortunately a word that is very tricky to solve in a Wordle puzzle.


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If you didn't solve Worlde 401 and you are looking to boost your Wordle scores there are a number of Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks, that may help you improve at the online word game. 

If instead, you want to try something a bit different, there are a number of Wordle alternatives that are just like Wordle, but with a slightly different twist to keep things interesting!

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