The Wordle trick that TikTok fans are loving—and it can help you solve the puzzle instantly

There is a Wordle trick that game players on TikTok are loving as it's helping maintain their streaks and solve the puzzles

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A new Wordle trick has become popular with puzzlers as an internet personality breaks down the easiest way to solve Wordle without ruining your streak.

Even if you know all Wordle tips, and all the Wordle hacks, you may still be keen to improve your Wordle skills. A new hack from a TikTok content creator has encouraged fans to be more strategic when playing Wordle and guess deliberately incorrect words in order to eliminate potential letters. 

Hank Green explained, "It could be patch, catch, hatch, latch, batch, or watch, and so we start to come up with words to eliminate options." He then explained that by deliberately guessing the incorrect words, 'caput' and 'blows,' he is able to narrow down the solution and discover which words are in the answer. 


Wordle times!!!

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Fans are loving this trick and many have taken to social media to share their thoughts. "This is SO SMART!! This was my first failed wordle because there were just too many options," said one fan.

"I've been playing wordle for a while and Hank just taught me how to play 😂😅," said another commenter.

Others were more dubious, one fan joked, "there’s too much work going into this. I just stare blankly at my phone until the epiphany hits. Never fails."

On March 16, fans playing Wordle 270 had a similar problem as they struggled to find the correct word 'cater.' This was because many people guessed 'hater,' 'later,' 'eater,' and 'water' before they guessed the word cater. Using this new trick will help fans to eliminate possible letters earlier on in the game and help them to solve the puzzle before they use up all of their guesses.

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This hack may be clever but it is also a little bit time-consuming, and some casual Wordle players are more interested in a quick fix. If you prefer to play this game in a less strategic way, there is a rude Wordle starter word that some players are obsessed with at the moment.

For fanatics, there is also Wordle unlimited and Quordle, which can help you get your Wordle fix even once you've completed the daily word game.

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