How to play Quordle? New Wordle alternative takes the word game to new extremes

Quordle has been described as "Wordle on steroids"

Quordle is the new alternative to Wordle
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So far in 2022, the word on everyone’s lips has been Wordle.

Wordle is the daily word game which quickly took over social media, with millions around the world doing their best to crack the guessing game which involves guessing letters to correctly identify the five letter word in six guesses.  

It has gone on to be purchased by the New York Times, winning over legions of fans who are desperate to find out how to play and how to improve.

Of course, Wordle has done a good job in uniting people from all walks of like—and not always in good ways.

When the answer to the daily riddle is a tricky word like Caulk, fans have been left furious.   

Still, people can’t get enough—which is where Quordle could come in handy.

What is Quordle?

Quordle takes the concept of Wordle and intensifies it.

It’s been described by some as “wordle on steroids” as, instead of just solving one five-letter word, you’re trying to solve four, simultaneously.

A game of Quordle

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How to play Quordle

Unlike Wordle which just has the daily challenge, there are different ways to play Quordle.

There is still a Daily Quordle, which is a set of puzzles that everyone can compete against and replicates the feeling of the daily Wordle.

However, Quordle offers something Wordle doesn’t; Free Quordle is the gameplay option which allows users play an unlimited amount of times.

When playing either the Daily or Free Quordle, the rules and steps remain the same.

You start by making your first five letter word guess.

Wordle and word games have become hugely popular

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When you take your first guess in your game of Quordle, that one guess will be applied to each of the four different words that you are trying to solve.

Like Wordle, the squares will change to help you on your way—a green square indicates the letters are in the correct position, a yellow square means the letter is in the word but a different position and a grey square means the letter doesn’t appear in the world.

The grey squares will apply to only the one individual puzzle. Each of the four puzzles have different grey squares.

Whether on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, to play Quordle properly you must scroll down when playing the game as the board is too big to show all at once.

This will help you as, when you guess a word once, it shows you the letter positionings for the different four words you’re guessing.

A game of Quordle

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For example, if you entered the word woman, the word would appear four times.

With the first word on the top left, the O is highlighted yellow. This means that first word has an O in it somewhere, but not in the second position.

For the second word on the top right, the O is green and the M and A are yellow. This means, for that word, the five letter word does have an O as the second letter, and M and A appear somewhere else in the word, but not in positions three and four.

With Quordle, you have nine guesses to get all four words correct.

Where to play Quordle

Quordle is free to play online at

Quordle has no affiliation to Wordle.

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