Caulk—fans are furious as Wordle picks another tricky word

Wordle fans are furious as today's wordle 'caulk' baffles a lot of players who are unfamiliar with this word and fed up with the game

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Caulk was the answer to today's wordle challenge and fans are furious as the word game continues to baffle players—some are even swearing off the game.

Learning how to play Wordle isn't tricky, but learning how to do well at this challenging word game has become increasingly more difficult.

Even if you know all the Wordle hacks, and you're up to date with all the latest Wordle tips online, since the New York Times purchased this word game, fans have found guessing the game very challenging—and today's wordle really took the game to another level!

Fans were shocked when Worlde opted to use the word 'caulk' as the word of the day in a recent challenge, and they took to social media to share their anger.

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On social media, Wordle fans were confused by the challenge and explained that they were confused by the word 'caulk,' which many thought was an obscure word in comparison to the typical usual words appearing as answers on the site.

"WHAT IS A CAULK? COME ON WORDLE," said one furious fan on Twitter.

"Today's wordle sucked what even is caulk????" asked another player on Twitter.

"who would think of caulk wordle?" added yet another bemused fan.

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Other players blamed the New York Times as the outlet recently purchased the word game and many have that the challenges have gotten worse since it was purchased.

"NY Times has absolutely ruined the beautiful game Wordle was cynic????? caulk?????" said one fan.

"You're not gonna make me quit Wordle, NYT. I don't care how hard you get," added another fan who was not yet defeated by the game. 

Other fans did however feel defeated, "@nytimes @NYTimesGames just ruined #wordle. I can stop playing now," said one player on Twitter.

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What is Caulk?

Caulk was the answer for the Wordle game on February 16, but what exactly is caulk?
Caulk is a substance used to seal joints and seams to prevent gaps and leakage. 

Most caulk is used in building work and particularly in kitchens and bathrooms when a tight seal is needed. Caulk is more flexible and malleable than other materials such as cement, so it is the perfect sealing agent to protect homes from water damage and other issues that gaps may cause over time.

It's not a typical word that most people use every day—unless they work in construction or enjoy a bit of DIY—so understandably, this word did not go down well with fans of the game that used to be pretty easy.

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