Wordle hack—is this the key to cracking the word in under four tries?

Everyone has a lot to say about Wordle, the Internet’s new game obsession, but do most people use this crafty Wordle hack?

Wordle hack
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It's been a few months since Wordle, the sensational word game developed by Josh Wardle, took over the Internet—but do you know the Wordle hack that some game players swear by?

One of the most talked-about portions of the game when discussing how to play Wordle involves whether users start off each daily game with the same word.

Metro UK columnist Rose Stokes took to Twitter to ask users all about their habits when playing. “Hey Wordle heads, am curious," she tweeted. "Do you use the same starting word each day or different ones? I invariably start with the same one. I don't know if this is a bad tactic." 

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A lot of Rose's followers disagreed with her, highlighting the merits of kicking off each match with a completely different guess. 

"I use a word that links to the kind of day I'm having when I do it," one Twitter user discloses honestly. "Quite the variation. Thinking I need to be a bit more strategic here."

Another Twitter user claimed to have a very interesting approach. On the platform, he discloses that he uses the winning word from the previous day as he "can't think of that many 5 letter words if it's early." How he manages to remember the word 24 hours later is pretty remarkable to us.

Another social media user added that they mix it up "according to whim." They added, "It may not be the best strategy, but I can't be exclusive with one word. I love them all," he writes.


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However, others have revealed that they start off their games with the same exact word each time. The conversation then naturally led to what those words are. "I do 'tries' and boyfriend does 'tripe,'" one user revealed. 

"I start with three standard words. Between them, I cover all the vowels, most of the letters that have combinations and primary starting letters in English," said another Wordle fan. "I usually get the puzzle in 4 tries. I have never not solved a puzzle." Good for her!

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"I use the word 'Louie' every day so I can nail the vowels!" someone else chimed in.

Is there a right and wrong way to approach each game? We’re not entirely sure but, if we were to listen to some of the more mathematically minded social media users, consistency seems to be—at least on a statistical level—key. 

"I saw a post where someone statistically worked out the logical best starting word, based on frequency of letters and where they're more likely to appear," said one Wordle whiz on Twitter. "So if you want that, start with SALET." 

We'll give 'Salet' a try as soon as Wordle refreshes tomorrow!

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