The rude Wordle starter word that fans are loving—and it's recommended by Marian Keyes

There is a rude Wordle starter word that is a current fan favorite after being recommended by Irish fiction author Marian Keyes

rude Wordle starter word
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There is a rude Wordle starter word that fans are loving at the moment, and it's not just for fun, it's actually helping them solve the game!

Even if you know all Wordle tips, and all the Wordle hacks, you may still be keen to improve your Wordle skills. So if you want to solve the daily word puzzles, there is a new trick that some fans are loving—but it's a little bit cheeky!

The hack comes from fiction author Marian Keyes, who wrote fiction novels such as Watermelon, Rachel's Holiday, and Grown Ups. Marian says that the rude five-letter word 'SH**E' has been a huge success and has been her key to helping her solve her recent Wordle puzzles. 

The author said on social media, "Tanken yew to Jai Moore (I'm sorry, I cannot find your 'handle' here on Twitter) for my Wordle AWARD. My starter word has proved to be a RAGEN success for many thwarted Wordle do-ers. I HUMBLY* accept the honour *not humbly at all. I am swanking round, thinking I'm IT"

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Fans are loving this hilarious hack and many have taken to social media to congratulate the author for this clever tip.

"@MarianKeyes your starter word is a literal game-changer. However, I am stunned that when I enter it, it doesn't show the wobbly-letter-unrecognized word message. I suppose sh**e is universal," said one amused fan.

"Fab-u-lass!!!!! I have added SH**E to my collection of starter words, I used one of your other suggestions today which worked splendidly!" said another.

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Other fans have argued that even though it wasn't a huge success, it was fun to begin the word challenge with a naughty word.

"It's just a good feeling, particularly atm, to start the day with this word, irrespective of wordle success," said one commenter.

If you love the idea of starting the day with a bad word, there are many Wordle alternatives including a game called Lewdle, which consists only of rude five-letter words.

If you're still hankering for more Wordle games there is also Quordle and Nerdle. However, this new rude word hack may not be as successful in these games which are slightly more complicated than your average Wordle game!

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