Aphid - fans 'give up' on Wordle's most difficult challenge yet

The word 'aphid' has frustrated a number of Wordle players who were unable to solve this puzzle and some labeled it 'impossible'

Aphid Wordle
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The word 'aphid' is the latest five-letter word to stump Wordle fans who were frustrated by this latest challenge from creators at the New York Times. 

Words such as triteagape, pinto, and gawky, are all wordle puzzles that have previously confounded Wordle players who have struggled to solve this online game. 

On July 21, the word 'aphid' was another difficult challenge that stumped players who were unfamiliar with this uncommon word. Furious fans have taken to social media to complain that this challenge was too hard and they were not even aware that 'aphid' was a real word.

Phrazle takes Wordle to the next level, here a woman plays Wordle on her smartphone from the living room of her home using just three guesses

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"Impossible Wordle 397 4/6," said one Wordle player. "Wordle 397 6/6 this was the hardest puzzle I’ve ever had to solve in my adult life," said another.

Other players agreed that this word was so challenging that they had to give up. "Not a chance today! Wordle 397 X/6," said one player. "I absolutely gave up Wordle 397 X/6," said another disheartened fan.

Others complained that they had never even heard of this word. "Wordle 397 X 5/6 Saved my streak, but I have never ever heard of this word," said one. 

"Wordle 397 4/6 wtf is an aphid," said another. "Wordle 397 3/6 It’s Aphid. I’m telling you cause I got it wrong yesterday and it’s such a bulls**t one today xoxo," said yet another fan who solved the puzzle but was still frustrated by the obscure word.

Aphid meaning 

if you struggled to solve the word 'aphid' for this most recent challenge, then don't worry - you aren't alone! A lot of players struggled to solve this challenge because they had no idea that 'aphid' was a word, let alone a word that could appear in Wordle. So what does aphid mean?

The word aphid is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as, 'any of various small insects, such as the greenfly, that suck the juices of plants for food.'


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