Weaver tips and hacks to help you master this addictive new Wordle spin off

Weaver is the new Wordle alternative that fans are currently obsessed with - and it's one of the most challenging spin-offs to date

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Weaver is the Wordle alternative that fans are currently obsessed with and has swept the nation as fans become addicted to this online puzzle challenge.

For those of us who love to play Wordle, one wordle game a day is just not enough! This is where fans start researching wordle alternatives and try to find new ways to challenge their brain with a daily puzzle. 

While there are a number of spin-offs to try, the latest online game, weaver, is most certainly a fan favorite as legions of fans are playing this game and wordle every day. So if you want to get involved, here is everything you need to know about how to play, plus some hints and tips at how to improve...


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How to play weaver

Weaver is played by connecting one word to another by only changing one letter each time. For example, the word 'East' can be changed to 'West' but just changing the first letter and then the second letter.

The Weaver game makers explain, "this game is called a 'word ladder' and was invented by Lewis Carroll in 1877."

The weaver creators then explained the rules for this exciting game, "weave your way from the start word to the end word. Each word you enter can only change 1 letter from the word above it."


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Tips and Tricks to improve at Weaver

When it comes to playing weaver the best tip is to take your time and think ahead. For example on Tuesday July 19, fans were challenged to change 'Gold' into 'Dust'.

Your first guess doesn't have to immediately give you one of the letters, and it could just be an opening to help you solve the challenge. The word 'mold' doesn't solve any of the letters in 'dust' but it does give players room to guess 'molt' then 'most' then 'must,' and then 'dust.' Hey presto! The weaver challenge has been solved in 5 guesses!  

Fans also like to begin at with the last word and then work their way back up. Some also like to use a paper and pen so that they can link the words without making guesses directly onto the online puzzle.

Wordle and word games have become hugely popular

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If this game doesn't quite take your fancy, there are also a number of other alternatives such as HeardleQuordle, and Factle, which are just like Wordle but each with a slightly different twist. 

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