These are the best wordle starter words to improve your game, and they're scientifically approved!

Players love to debate the best word to star Wordle but is there one that is scientifically proven to improve your score?

best word to start wordle
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Since Wordle became an internet phenomenon, many players have been desperate to find the best word to start wordle that can help them improve their scores. 

Even with all the Wordle tricks and Wordle hacks, players can still struggle to improve their wordle score. While some blame it on luck, others suggest that not having the perfect starter word can be the main issue.

So if you want to know which words are best to begin wordle with, here is a rundown of some of the best wordle starter words, and even some that are scientifically approved!


Using the word 'notes' as a starter word is Kamala Harris' wordle tactic and the Vice President claims that this is her go to word that helps her solve every puzzle.

In an interview with The Ringer, Kamala revealed that she uses the word "Notes. N-O-T-E-S," every time she starts the game. The VP added, "I think that you have to have a healthy mix of consonants and vowels, and a lot of words come with an S."

While notes isn't the most popular starter word, it has certainly helped the Vice President to retain a good score as she claims she has a 100% success rate.


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Adieu is one of the many fan favorite starting words that many players still use when playing Wordle. 'Adieu' along with 'irate,' 'audio' have been great options for players as the words have a lot of vowels and allow fan to eliminate which vowels will appear before they focus on consonants.  

Although this technique is only recommended by fans and not experts, some are still  using this tried and tested method.

"If you play Wordle... "Irate" should always be your first word." said one fan on Twitter. "AUDIO is always the best starter word in Wordle," said another.

"I’m convinced audio is the best starting word to use in Wordle," said yet another player.


This rude Wordle starter word is recommended by Marian Keyes who claims that the word 'sh**e' is the perfect word to start your day with. The author calls it the 'Marian Keyes sh**e method' and many fans have claimed that it has helped them improve at Wordle.

"The Marian Keyes shite method has changed my wordle game, I get it so much more often now," said one fan on Twitter.

"Today's Wordle word isn't even ENGLISH! And I still got it in 3 goes with the Marian Keyes Shite Method (patent pending)," said Marian Keyes herself.

Wordle starter words

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According to the New York Times, the owners of Wordle, the word 'crane' is the perfect five-letter word to begin Wordle with. 

The New York Times tested the best starter word using a Wordle Bot' which calculated which starter word would yield the best results. After analyzing all of the possible words, the bot scientifically proved that the word 'crane' was best in normal mode, and 'dealt' in hard mode.

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