Kamala Harris' Wordle tactic is sure to help you improve your score as she reveals 100% success rate

Kamala Harris' Wordle tactic is a sure-fire way to help you improve at this tricky word game challenge that fans are loving

Kamala Harris' Wordle tactic
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Kamala Harris' Wordle tactic has been revealed in an interview as the Vice President opens up about her love for the online word game.

If you love Wordle and are desperate to improve your Wordle skills, there are many Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks that can help you improve at this word game and Kamala Harris has revealed her handy hack.

In an interview with The Ringer, the Vice President revealed that she has a go-to starter word that helps her to maintain her 100% success rate. Kamala revealed that she uses the word "Notes. N-O-T-E-S," every time she starts the game. The VP added, "I think that you have to have a healthy mix of consonants and vowels, and a lot of words come with an S."

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It seems that this starter word is the perfect tactic as the VP revealed that she typically manages to solve the puzzle within four tries, "My normal is four. That’s my average," said Kamala as she admitted that she has never been able to solve the Wordle on the first go, but has been able to solve it on the second go on a few occasions, "I’ve had six on the second word," she said.

The Vice President also explained that she has a 'night-time ritual' when she plays Wordle and some other online puzzles.

"My nighttime ritual is the mini New York Times crossword. And then sudoku," said Kamala. "Wordle, for me, is like a brain cleanser. So it’s in the middle of very long days, back-to-back meetings on a lot of intense issues. If I have a break, let’s say that people are running late or my little 25 minutes for lunch, sometimes while I’m eating I’ll figure out Wordle."

The Vice President even revealed that she is trying to convert some of the White House staff and get them to play along too. When asked about the rumor that Kamala encouraged her staff to play too, the VP admitted, "I have, I have. Some of them know it. Some of them laugh about it because they didn’t know that I know it and that I play it. So that was really funny. And then there are others that I have, you know, in a moment of stress said, 'Maybe you should learn how to play Wordle.'"

She then went on to compliment the design of the game."I mean, I think that the design of Wordle is genius. First of all, five letters, but also only one word a day, right? It’s really genius. Because, you know, some other games over the years where you could then just get kind of hooked and really spend far too much time. I think it’s really a smart design."

"And again, for me it’s a brain cleanser. It’s just a nice kind of cleansing the palate in the middle of a lot of other stuff," concluded the US Vice President.

Kamala Harris

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Although Kamala may find this hobby relaxing, in recent weeks a number of players have been frustrated by this tricky game and have sworn off after being challenged by some difficult words, such as 'askew,' and 'foyer'.

For those who are looking for another challenge, there are also a number of Wordle alternatives such as HeardleQuordle, and Factle, which are just like Wordle but with a twist. 

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