Foyer—Wordle 304 stumps players with a tricky challenge

The word 'foyer' has stumped a number of players who are swearing off of the game after yet another difficult challenge

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The word 'foyer' was the answer to the most recent Wordle challenge on April 19, and a number of fans have been devastated by this difficult choice from the beloved online word game.

Wordle has been known to throw a few curveballs at players and put words such as 'foray,' 'lowly' and 'natal' as answers for the daily word game, and the challenge on April 19 was just as difficult.

The word 'foyer' infuriated fans as many struggled to decipher this tricky challenge and were ultimately unable to solve this game. This is primarily because of the word's lack of use in day-to-day language, plus the unique formatting of the word which has a 'y' as the third letter, which is uncommon for this letter which typically ends five-letter words.

Many took to social media to share their disappointment, with some insisting that they would be 'retiring' from the game and refusing to participate from this point onwards.

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"Wordle 304 X/6* My first loss And so close to a 100 streak too," said one devastated fan who managed to play the game 99 times before losing their impressive streak on the word 'foyer'.

"Wordle 304 X/6* My heart is broken," said comedian Ed Byrne.

"I have never ever not gotten it. Wordle 304 X/6 I won’t be taking questions at this time and I ask that you give me & my self-belief time and space to consider our future together. Thank you," said Felicity Reynolds on Twitter.

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Other fans were more successful and one fan showed off their success after they managed to play 100 games with a 100% success rate, "I’m officially retiring from #wordle Wordle 304 4/6" said the player.

"Cannot lie...I am fu**ing chuffed with myself!! #TheStreak Wordle 304 4/6," said another successful player who showed off their impressive score on social media.

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Meaning of the word foyer

As the challenge has stumped many fans, some are wondering what the word 'foyer' actually means. 

The word 'foyer' is typically interchangeable with the word 'lobby' and is defined as 'an entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public, especially a hotel or theatre.'

The word foyer is pronounced 'foy-ay' which is why some fans were a little bit confused by the spelling of this word.

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