Lowly—Wordle 285 infuriates fans as many lose their streaks

Wordle 285 has stumped fans with the word 'lowly' as many players swear off the game for good after this tricky challenge

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The word 'lowly' has disappointed fans as Wordle 285 poses an unexpected challenge for game players and many lose their previously successful streaks.

Players that know all of the Wordle tips, and Wordle hacks can still be thrown a curveball every once in a while, and Wordle 285 on March 31 was certainly one of these unfriendly curveballs.

The word 'lowly' left fans gobsmacked and many were confused as to why the game makers would choose this challenging word to be the answer. The word 'lowly' means low in status or importance, but it is not a popular word in most people's vocabulary. 

In addition to the word being uncommon, fans were also shocked as the word contained duplicate letters, an uncommon word format, and a 'w' from the end of the alphabet, making this word completely unfathomable for some.

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Many took to social media to share their disappointment, and some even swore to never play the game again.

"There went the 79-day streak. Might stop playing now #Wordle 285 X/6," said one disappointed fan.

"So pissed RN Lost my streak there are too many word options left. F**k you NY times," said another angry player.

One fan took to social media to post a crying photo and say, "UGHH F**K I LOST MY STREAK F**KING HELL I've never been this sad my whole life."

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Others were more frustrated with the word choice and took their anger out on the game makers. "Worst wordle ever. Who the f**k uses the word lowly," said one frustrated fan on Twitter.

"Dare I say a 'lowly' move by wordle," said another.

Other players were still in denial about this devastating loss, "never used this word in my entire life, therefore it does not exist."

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Although there were of course some players who managed to work out this challenge, they were drowned out on social media by the numerous complaints from those who failed the challenge.

Players who want to improve their Wordle skills can get more practice by trying out Wordle unlimited, a game that allows players to make up their own challenges for their friends and family.

There are also Wordle alternatives to play when you've completed the daily challenge. Fan favorites include the musical version of Wordle, Heardle. This game plays a small section of a song and challenges players to guess the song before the time is up. It's a tricky game that has songs from lots of different genres and eras, and can help players to widen their music knowledge.

Another Wordle spin-off, Foodle, is another great word challenge that asks players to guess five letter food-related words every day. While this may sound easy, the five-letter words are related to foods from cultures all over the world and really puts players' knowledge to the test.

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