Foray—Wordle fans are distraught by tricky challenge

The word 'foray' confused many Wordle players who struggled to guess the latest tricky word

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The word 'foray' has infuriated Wordle players as many swear off the game for good. 

Wordle has been known to throw a few curveballs at players and put words such as 'lowly' and 'natal' as answers for the daily word game, and Wordle 292 was one again, another infuriating challenge.

The word 'foray' has totally stumped players on April 7, with many only managing to guess the word after a 'trial and error' process with their guessing. Fans are infuriated and have taken to social media to share their disappointment as many lose their winning streaks and swear off the game.


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"Wordle 292 X/6 This is the worst day of my life," said one player who failed to guess the word correctly. 

"Wordle 292 X/6 Never heard of that word in my life," said another.

Other players were insistent that foray was in fact not a word. "Wordle is such a scam what kind of word is foray," said one player.

"Wordle 292 4/6 #Wordle292 Trial and error really. I can truly say I have never heard, read or used this word in my life," added another.

"Wordle really has the audacity to put the word 'Foray' like any regular person knows what it means or if it even existed," said another fan.

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Other players did manage to solve the challenge but insisted that they did it by chance. "By the Skin of my teeth today Wordle 292 6/6," said one player.

"Actually not bad considering no one ever uses this word Wordle 292 4/6," said another who was slightly more impressed by their score.

"Wordle 292 4/6 Another day of me making Wordle looks easy peasy lemon squeezy while 'Wordle 292 X' is trending worldwide. What can I say, I’m LeBron f**kin’ James of this game lol. Streak continues! #Wordle292," said one player who was not afraid to show off.

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What does Foray mean?

One Wordle player helpfully compiled a number of clips that showed the word Foray being used in popular culture.

This could help put the word into context for those who are still struggling to understand what exactly this word means.

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The Cambridge dictionary defines the word 'foray' as meaning, "a short period of time being involved in an activity that is different from and outside the range of a usual set of activities."

The example given in context is, "she made a brief foray into acting, before becoming a teacher."

A foray can also mean a sudden act by an army to enter into an enemy area. In context you could say, "the group of soldiers led a foray into Berlin in order to gather supplies."

If you struggled to correctly guess 'foray' today, you are not alone! To get better at this game there are plenty of Wordle tips, and Wordle hacks that can help players improve their scores and get their streaks back on track.

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