Factle—the new Wordle alternative that fans are loving

Fans or Worlde are loving the new alternative game, Factle, which challenges fans with daily fact-based general knowledge

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Factle is the new Wordle alternative that challenges fans to solve a daily fact-based challenge— and fans are already obsessed with this tricky internet game.

There are also a number of Wordle alternatives such as HeardleQuordle, and Nerdle, which are just like the popular game Wordle that is currently entertaining fans across the globe.

Factle is yet another one of these Wordle alternatives that players are loving and it follows a similar format to Worlde, so working out how to play this intriguing new game is an easy adjustment for Wordle aficionados. 

Wordle and word games have become hugely popular

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How to play Factle

Players must be able to guess the Factle within five tries and correctly place the answers in the right position on the board. The color of the tiles will become yellow if they appear in the top five ranking but in the incorrect position, and will turn green when they are in the correct position.

To put this into context, on April 27, the game asked players to guess the 'Highest percentage of people with credit cards per country in 2017.' 

If players guessed that Japan was the country with the highest percentage of credit card users the tile would turn yellow. If the player then worked out that actually, Japan had only the fifth-highest percentage of credit card users in the world, the tile would turn green as Japan would be in the correct location on the board.

Other Factle challenges have asked fans to guess the 'top 5 most-followed people on Instagram,' and the 'top 5 visited countries (pre-pandemic, 2019).'


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What are people saying about Factle?

Fans of Factle have been taking to social media to share their obsession with the game. "Every morning I play Wordle, Lewdle, Factle, and Wordle. At this point, it’s a full-blown addiction and I should seek help," said another fan who is becoming obsessed with the Wordle spin-offs.

Another player commented, "someone just told me about Factle y’all gotta stop making these games because I really will do each and everyone I’m sent."

It seems that this new spin-off is delighting fans and is the perfect challenge for those who want to improve their general knowledge skills and continue to find fun Wordle spin-offs to enjoy.

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