Aldi is launching a new bladeless fan and it costs 90% less than high-end models

We can't get over this bladeless fan Aldi Special buy that's an impressive rival to its pricey competitors

Aldi bladeless fan
(Image credit: Aldi)

With the hotter weather approaching, the shops are beginning to prepare themselves for the inevitable fan-purchasing panic. But Aldi didn't need a heatwave to get ahead, they're already launching their impressive cooling contender. 

When it comes to the best way to cool a room down without AC, having a good fan in your room is a fast way to tackle any surprise heat waves that might arrive. Most models can be rather expensive, but if you're looking for an efficient yet budget-friendly choice Aldi has it covered. 

Similar to the new Aldi Hotel Collection candles, they're once again providing a luxury-style product at affordable prices and we couldn't be more excited to get our hands on this new Specialbuy to help keep cool when the heat arrives. 

New in: Aldi bladeless fan 

Launching this Thursday, June 6, this bladeless fan is going to be sold for an impressive £39.99 and will only be available in stores in the middle aisle. 

As with all our favourite past Specialbuys, namely the Acapulco rope chairs, we're certain this one will sell out extremely fast so if you want a new fan, we recommend you get there first thing on the 6th. 

It's not just the price that's great, the fan also has several impressive features too. With three different speed settings to choose from you can have a cool low to a refreshing turbo speed, and there's nothing to worry about when it comes to sound. 

The fan is extremely quiet at 56 decibels which means there'll be a minimal amount of white noise being emitted from the fan throughout the day, so it's ideal for home offices and bedrooms. *Because like finding the best dehumidifier for a bedroom noise levels are hugely important.

Aldi bladeless fan

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you've always struggled with how to clean a fan safely or place a bladed fan near your pets or small children this model from Aldi can give you peace of mind. 

With zero blades, the fan simply swivels left and right by 60° so it can hit all corners of your room without taking up too much space or being a potential hazard.

Similar to more expensive, high-end bladeless fans available right now, this one is extremely easy to control as it has a digital touchpad and a remote control. This makes it easy to use by anyone in your family and from anywhere in your room, ideal if you're using it to sleep and want to turn it off in the middle of the night. 

The sleek oval design is also one of our favourite features of the Aldi fan, it'll look perfectly in place in any Minimaluxe living room or as a barely visible addition to a conservatory.   

Alternative Bladeless fans for every budget

Whether you can't make it to the store on the 6th or you're after something a little bigger, we've found some amazing alternatives to Aldi's bladeless fans. They're just not quite as affordable as Aldi, but who is? 

The only way you can snap up the Aldi specialbuy bladeless fan is to beat the traffic to the middle aisle. Whilst some of their Specialbuys do become available to purchase online, most are exclusively in-store and only available while stocks last. 

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