The Aldi pizza oven is back to transform your garden into a pizzeria for under £40

Craving some restaurant-quality pizzas at home? This affordable pizza oven can deliver just that right from your back garden

Aldi pizza oven lifestyle image of woman using pizza oven in garden
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Aldi's Specialbuys always seem to deliver exactly what we need without us even knowing it. This time it's the return of the sellout pizza oven that flew off the shelves when it last in stock – and for good reason. 

From Aldi's every ways pan to their recently well-received Aldi Grow Your Own gardening range, there's rarely a middle aisle product we don't want to get our hands on immediately and none more so than this much-coveted summer essential.

Needless to say, when we heard that the popular pizza oven was hitting the shelves once again on the 21st of March, and priced at only £39.99, we were suitably excited and just had to share the news. 

The return of the Aldi pizza oven 

A pizza oven is one of the most coveted summer items for any outdoor kitchen area. When it comes to knowing how to BBQ right, there are a few things that compare to owning a fully functioning pizza oven. 

This BBQ pizza oven is practical and compact, whilst also being compatible with both gas or charcoal grills. This means that no matter what barbeque model you're working with this summer, your pizza-making skills can still be the star of the show. 

The oven features a high-quality ceramic pizza stone with a built-in thermometer, so you can reach the perfect temperature with ease. 

The sizeable oven allows for pizzas up to 12 inches, meaning you can create a work of Italian art for you and your whole family. 

Our favourite feature? The fact that the oven can cook the impressive 12-inch pizzas in just 10 minutes, is perfect for those moments when our pizza patience is wearing rather thin.

Cut out of pizza oven with leaf decals and beige background

The sellout Aldi pizza oven in stores now

(Image credit: Aldi)

And if you're looking to transform your garden on a limited budget then the price is pretty attractive too. Compared to other pizza ovens on the market, Aldi's offering is impressively affordable for under £40. And as if the price isn't good enough, it also comes with a three-year warranty giving you peace of mind that it's a well-worthy investment.  

Whilst the pizza oven will only be available in Aldi stores, you can have a sneak peek on their website. However, similar to when Aldi's stand mixer which rivals KitchenAid's classic design was released a couple of weeks ago we predict that this pizza oven won't hang around long on the shelves so it's best to act fast this week. 

And if you're looking to make a bit more of an investment, perhaps you're going for the quiet luxury garden trend, then there are some more expensive models available to choose from. 

Hosting an outdoor pizza party is one of our fave garden party ideas, and having an easy-to-use fast pizza oven like this one from Aldi can make it all that more enjoyable and stress-free. Plus by saving on the oven you'll have more budget to buy all the ingreidents needed to make your own delicious pizzas.

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