Garden party ideas that will turn outdoor gatherings into an unforgettable summer event

A garden party is one of the best ways to spend a warm summer afternoon. Here's all the decor you'll need to create an can't-miss event...
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    The summer is finally here, so it’s time to make the most of the lovely weather as much as we can.

    It’s Britain, so we never know how long the sun will stick around for – which just means it’s even more important to luxuriate in it as much as possible (all whilst being safe and wearing tons of sun cream, of course). And one way to do so is by throwing a quintessentially British garden party.

    Garden parties are, right now, one of the safest ways for family and friends to socialise during the ongoing lockdown, and they might just be the ideal pick-me-up after the last few months. And outdoor parties are are even more perfect when the weather is warm. We’re picturing glasses of Pimms, fun music, and of course, gorgeous garden party decorations…

    After all, garden party decorations can make or break a fun outdoor gathering. Welcome your guests in to a fun, kitted out back garden – and they’ll walk in ready to have a good time.

    Garden party decorations can be super practical, as well as fun. A decorative light feature can illuminate your back garden as the sun fades and the night gets darker, while outdoor rugs on your decking can make guests much more comfortable if the event stretches on into the wee hours.

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    Any party can benefit hugely from a theme too – so we’ve come up with a selection of garden party ideas to inspire your next gathering. Be it a festival-inspired do, or a Hawaiian theme inspired by the beach, there are some fun decorations out there to help you achieve the look you’re after.

    Outdoor bar | garden party ideas

    outdoor backyard bar setup

    Garden party decorating ideas and tips

    Decorating your outdoor space for a party can mean anything from decking decorating ideas, to outdoor rugs, or even outdoor wall decor. But whatever you choose to use to decorate your home for a gathering, it can help to stick to a few simple rules.

    Try and decide on a colour scheme for your party – be it a colourful mix, a neutral pink/white look, or a subtle grey to match your pre-existing garden furniture.

    Having things stick to a specific colour palette…

    a) Makes your decorating choices much simpler

    b) Guarantees that your garden looks fabulous and put-together, rather than scatter-gun!

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    Also, try and ensure you don’t buy too many decorations – as your party is really about the people, and you don’t want your garden to be too overloaded that your loved ones can’t mingle, chat or dance properly!

    The garden party decorations you need for every kind of theme

    Take a look at our pick of the best items for your next outdoor get-together, to turn it into a real event…

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