11 pan storage ideas to help you save space and stay organized

These pan storage ideas offer clever solutions to help make your kitchen affairs a little easier

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Coming up with sensible pan storage ideas is essential for anyone who owns a lot of kitchen utensils, as they're probably one of the most difficult items of kitchenware to store. Thanks to the awkward shape of most pans, it can be easy to waste essential kitchen space, as cumbersome handles can take up the majority of whichever drawer or cupboard you place them in, while also making it challenging to stack pans on top of each other. 

Unless you have an abundance of spare space in your kitchen, it's important to take the time to consider pan storage ideas that make the most of the space you have and keep them easily accessible for cooking. Because it's not just awkward shapes and varying handle styles that can cause issues with pan storage. Similar to hefty kitchen gadgets, pans are generally heavy kitchen items, so you have to be mindful of where you put them so as not to damage any drawers or shelving in your kitchen. 

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11 easy pan storage ideas

The good news is that there are plenty of different storage solutions for your induction pans, cooking pots, woks, and skillets in the little nooks of your kitchen that you've never thought of using before. So whether you have drawers or cupboards that could be organized more effectively, spare wall space, or a worktop, there are plenty of pan storage ideas to help keep pans tidy and easily accessible and your space beautiful. 

1. Storage rack

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A storage rack can be a brilliant way to store pans—especially if you're low on drawer or cupboard space and are looking for a way to present pans nicely on a spare bit of worktop space. They can also be a great buy if you're driven mad by rogue pan lids rolling around your kitchen drawers. Simply stack your pans up normally and then use a rack to arrange the lids!

2. Drawer dividers

drawer dividers with pans in

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If you have limited drawer space but have nowhere else to store your pans, using plastic or wooden dividers to split up your kitchen drawers can make it easier to keep your pans among other kitchenware like plates, bowls and oven dishes. Or if you're a bit of a pan hoarder (guilty), using dividers to organise your pans by type could make it a lot easier to find what you need when you're in the middle of cooking your meal.

This storage solution can also be helpful for bigger items such as food processors and blenders—see our guide to the best food processors and best blenders here if you're looking to upgrade yours.

3. Wall hooks

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Hanging pans and other kitchen essentials from wall hooks has long been a common feature in more rustic-themed kitchens, but it's now becoming popular in more modern spaces too. And we can see why. Not only does it look good—especially if you have a particularly fancy collection of pans—but you also have full visibility of your collection and it's super convenient as you literally just have to hook the pan on and off when you want to use it. No messing around in a drawer or cupboard looking for your favorite wok!

This is also one of our preferred ideas for storing kitchen items in general, not just pans. See our guide to the best kitchen storage ideas here.

4. Add hooks under a shelf or island

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If you're not keen on drilling holes into your wall or are unable to due to rental restrictions, perhaps a way around this could be to add hooks to existing shelving. Just make sure that you have a strong enough shelf to hold the weight of any pans hanging underneath. Or, if you're renovating or have a kitchen island to make use of, you could even install hooks underneath the island for hanging your pans, so that they're neatly tucked away.

5. Standalone shelving unit

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For small kitchens that are low on drawers, cupboards, and counter space, a small shelving unit can often be the answer to your storage quandaries. Not only can the shelving make a great space to store all of your pans, but you can use the top shelf as extra worktop space to house your kettle, toaster, or coffee machine too. Or if you're low on cooking space, you could even keep a portable induction hob on the top so that you have all your cooking essentials in one convenient place.

6. Floating shelves

IKEA ENHET Wall shelves

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Floating shelves can make a great solution to a whole host of storage problems. While many use them for their best cook books, cups, glasses, or plates, they can also store pans and the like. And one thing to consider is that a floating shelf doesn't just have to be a single unit either. You can get hold of bigger floating shelf units that hold a lot more utensils than a single shelf would—a great option for those low on cupboard space. Plus, one pro of a floating shelf unit over more complicated shelving is that the assembly is much easier. Simply put the unit together following the package instructions, and then screw it into the wall—just make sure that the attachments are suitable to support the weight.

7. Shelving feature wall

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If you're an enthusiastic cook and your pans are your pride and joy, why not display them on a feature wall? If you have a spare wall—or even half a wall—in your kitchen, scout out a large shelving unit and install it where you have space. Not only will this hold all of your pans and make for a lovely feature, but it could probably also fit some of your other kitchenware or even ingredients too.

8. DIY pan pullout

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We all love a snazzy kitchen feature and a pan pullout might just be one of the snazziest of them all. Not only will this feature give your kitchen a bit of a wow factor as well as making for a convenient way to access your favorite pans, but it also helps you truly make the most of your space, as this will utilize the inner roof of your kitchen cupboards but—depending on how low your pans hang—you can also store other bits underneath them.

9. Ceiling mounted rack

mounted ceiling rack

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This was a classic back in big '90s kitchens, but the trend lives on and has now even developed to suit more contemporary interiors styles. Not only does a ceiling rack make for a striking feature, but it's also a true space saver as you can fit so much on it. There are of course also models that come with hooks, so that you can hang your pans from them if you prefer rather than stacking them. Just make sure to give your cookware a wipe or rinse before using as this is a hotspot for dust.

10. Magic cupboard

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If you're undergoing kitchen renovations, another feature to consider when thinking about pan storage ideas is a magic cupboard. A magic cupboard is one of those nifty corner cupboards in the kitchen that looks like smallish area, but when you pull it open suddenly a few racks of storage all swivel out out of nowhere. This can be a great space to store your pans as it means that they're out of the way of your other kitchenware and—as the shelves in a corner cupboard tend to be circular—they fit the pan shape well and help you really make the most of your space.

11. Deep drawers

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If you're lucky enough to be renovating your kitchen, you can put a bit more thought into making space for pan storage. While many of us may lean towards storing pots and pan in cupboards, storing them in a deep drawer can actually help you make the most out of your space. That's because, the surface area of a drawer tends to be bigger than that of a cupboard, so you can fit more pots and pans next to each other and tesselate them so that handles all fit into the same little pockets of space. This coupled with the depth that you get from a deep drawer can mean that just one could fit all of your pots and pans.

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