The Barbecue Diet

Barbecues shouldn't be banned for the calorie counters. Learn to eat cleverly when you fire up the charcoal and you can still lose weight!

In an ideal world we would have spent all winter and spring season long watching our calorie intake and hitting the gym every day, so that by the time summer rolls around, we would be looking and feeling fabulous. But the reality is that winter is often too cold to think about salads and running, and when spring comes we want to spend our time basking in some much-needed sun. So more often than not, it’s only when a beach holiday is imminent that we manage to get back on track with our diet and weight loss goals.

But who wants to watch what they eat and work out in the summer? Well, the good news is that summer weight loss doesn’t need to be tortuous. With a few tips and tricks, you can lose weight this season without sacrificing any summer fun – like the good old British summer barbecue tradition. So, forget boring diet recipes and fire up the (charcoal) BBQ because there are plenty of easy, tasty ways to lose weight this summer without missing out on your favourite summer tradition. Introducing the barbecue diet.

From switching meat for fish to making your own marinades, we’ve got all the tricks to help make your garden barbecue a diet-friendly affair. You can still enjoy fun gatherings with friends and family in the garden, while being kind to your waistline. We’ve even got the tips you need to barbecue your foods to perfection – because let’s face it, no one likes their burger burnt to a crisp! And once you’ve tried our one-step trick to healthier barbecued chicken, you’ll never go back.

These delicious, healthy and easy changes take minimal effort, and will leave you feeling fuller for longer. So click through now to discover our exclusive barbecue diet tips for the summer ahead…

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