Homemade Burgers Recipe

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Total Time15 mins
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories305 Kcal15%
Fat20 g29%
Saturated Fat9 g45%

If you’re barbecuing, there’s nothing more tasty than a burger and if they are homemade it’s only better. This delicious burger recipe is an absolute classic and makes for a really great way to use up any mince you’ve got.

What’s more, it couldn’t be more simple to make – all you need is some good quality mince steak and a dash of salt and pepper for this simple mince recipe. Serve it up with some burger buns of your choice, lettuce and tomatoes and whatever condiments you heart desires for a really great tasting dinner that the whole family will just love.

Whether you’re entertaining or just want a way to get the whole family together on the weekend – or even want something you can whip up quickly for the barbecue during the meat, this super easy recipe is a great go to. It makes enough burgers for six people (or three if you think you’re going to have seconds!) and is ready in just 15 minutes.

Serve them with salad, fries or whatever side dish you fancy and you’ll have yourself a tasty meal that takes just minutes to make.

Try this ultimate burger recipe this week and you’ll not be disappointed.



  • 1kg (2lb 4oz) minced steak
  • 1tsp sea salt
  • 1tsp pepper

to serve

  • burger buns, lettuce and tomatoes


  1. Mix the mince, salt and pepper, then shape into 6 burgers. Cook on the barbecue - start high then move them to the lower heat on the side – or sear in a frying pan then put in a hot oven for 10 minutes. If you like, serve in burger buns with lettuce and tomatoes, and your favourite sides – we love sweet potato chips (see tip).
Top Tip for making Homemade Burgers

To make sweet potato chips, cut sweet potatoes into long slices, place in a roasting tin and drizzle lightly with olive oil and sea salt. Roast for 35 minutes at 200C, 180C fan, 400F, gas 6.

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