25 Christmas gift ideas for dogs

Your furry friend deserves a treat - and these Christmas gift ideas for dogs will be sure to get tails wagging

Christmas gift ideas for dogs: Dog with reindeer ears

When ticking off your festive shopping list, there’s a very important family member you shouldn’t forget to include in your planning: Christmas gift ideas for dogs!

We all know that dogs are much loved by their humans (sometimes more than other humans!) and now is a perfect time to treat him or her to something special. With the excitement of the festive season, your bundle of fluff will love receiving a new treat and there are some truly unique Christmas gifts out there to choose from.

Where to buy Christmas gifts for dogs

You no longer need to make a special visit to the pet store to pick up a gift for your dog. Many high street stores have a selection of goodies made for four-legged friends, or you can order online and get them sorted in just a few clicks.

When it comes to shopping for dogs, practical is best. Sure, they want new toys, but do they need them? And does their owner (that could be you) have enough room for more? There are plenty of useful purchases you can make, too, such as new leads, cosy jackets or even a dog camera to keep an eye on them while you're out.

Want to feel inspired? We've scoured the very best Christmas gifts for dogs from Pets & Home to Not On The High Street, John Lewis, Matalan and more to find something that your furry friend is bound to love. 

Fenella Smith Dachsund Dog Treat Jar

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Fenella Smith Dachsund Dog Treat Jar

RRP £34, John Lewis

Nothing makes our four legged friends as happy as treat time, and wouldn't it just add to the joy if said treats could be stored and presented from this very chic little jar by British designer Fenella Smith? Well it would for you, anyway. 

Tails Ultimate Christmas Box

(Image credit: Tails)

Tails Ultimate Christmas Box

RRP £25, Tails.com

Speaking of treats, what dog wouldn't love to receive this bumper box of delicious and (crucially, for you) healthy snacks? Inside you'll find chicken and duck biscuits, turkey pate, a giant festive biscuit, lickimat for treats and eco-friendly plush bone toy. Just don't let them eat it all at once!  

PAIKKA Handmade knitted dog coat

(Image credit: Paikka)

Paikka handmade knitted dog coat

RRP £45, Selfridges

Dog jumpers can err on the tacky side but not this gorgeous cable knit number in a chunky wool mix.  We love the little details like ribbed trims and rose gold tag - so everyone at the local park knows who the smartest pooch on the block is. The rich claret colour is nicely wintry, although there's a classic grey too if that's more your thing. 

FatFace Meadow Floral Dog Duvet

(Image credit: Fat Face)

Fat Face Meadow Floral Dog Duvet

RRP £49.99, John lewis

A comfy, perfectly squishy day bed that your pooch will love to chill out on. It's unusually stylish for this sort of product, with two pretty prints to pick from in cotton fabric and the filling is made with 100% recycled materials from old plastic bottles. 

Catford Dogs Blythe Lead

(Image credit: Catford Dogs)

Catford Dogs Blythe Dog Lead

RRP £25, Liberty London

Many of us are looking to support small independent businesses in 2020, and this is a great way to do it. Made by a small South-East London brand, this sturdy and stylish lead is made of ultra strong materials, but doesn't sacrifice any cool factor for practicality.  

Kiehl's Cuddly-Coat Cleansing Spritz

(Image credit: Kiehls)

Kiehl's Cuddly-Coat Cleansing Spritz

RRP £12, Kiehl's

Freshen up your four-legged friend with this light and energetically-scented spritz. It'll neutralise any smells they pick up in the park (say no more) and gently condition with glycerin too. This is probably one of those gifts that benefits the owner more than the dog - but it does mean  you can put off bath time for a bit longer, which I'm sure most pooches will appreciate. 

Lish philip wool-blend small pet carrier

(Image credit: lish)

Lish Philip wool-blend small pet carrier

RRP £225, Selfridges

One for the most pampered of pooches, this regal tartan dog carrier unzips to become a cosy travel bed. Every part of this luxe carrier has been lovingly crafted, from Its Harris tweed fabric all the way from the Outer Hebrides to the classy gold hardwear and super shaggy lining. 

Navy Winter Stars Knit Dog Scarf and Pom Pom

(Image credit: Ollie & Co)

RRP £12, Ollie & Co

'Tis the season to wrestle or bribe your dog into wearing adorable but unnecessary clothing. You won't have much trouble getting Fido into this though, a comfy and cosy scarf that fits easily over his head and has a secure loop to prevent mid-walk shake-offs. Thanks to its affordable price this would make a perfect present for any dog lover in your life, and makes a nice winter alternative to the usual bandanas. 

Dog basket, £195

Fortnum & Mason Dog basket

RRP £195, Fortnum & Mason

If your little prince or princess deserves the very best, you’ll want to treat them like royalty with this dog basket from Fortnum & Mason. The wicker is hand-woven from willow, while the luxurious Pippa & Co. pillow is exclusively crafted from sustainably sourced fabrics, trimmings and fillings. A very fancy dog, indeed.

Dog camera, £189

Furbo Dog 2 Way Camera

RRP £189, Amazon

Always wanted to know what your dog gets up to while you’re out of the house? A Furbo is a must-have for nosy pet owners, as it allows you to keep an eye on your dog through the camera, which you can watch on your phone via an app. It’ll send push notifications to let you know if they’re barking, and you’ll even be able to talk to them through it. You’ll also love being able to play remotely by tossing treats to your little pal.

Animal wash, £27

Aesop Animal wash

RRP £27, LookFantastic

Aesop make fancy soaps for humans, but why should your dog be left out? This chic ‘shampoo’ works to thoroughly cleanse and deodorise fur while respecting and caring for delicate skin. With scents of lemon, tea tree and spearmint, it’s almost enough to make bath time an enjoyable experience.

Barbour jacket, £32.99

Barbour Dog jacket

RRP £32.99, Very

Only fancy dogs can wear this very posh jacket from Barbour. Not only does it look great, it’s also functional and will keep him or her warm and dry on those New Year walks. With tartan lining and a belt to fix it in place, we’re almost jealous!

Bone toy, £5

Joules Bone toy

RRP £5, Horse Direct

Finally, proof that dog toys don’t have to be eyesores! This plush is available in red tweed or blue floral, and while you can appreciate its beauty, your pet will love carrying it around the house or using it as a pillow.

Dog wine, £4

Posh Pooch Dog wine

RRP £2.99, Pets at Home

Christmas is a time for enjoying a glass of wine with friends and family, and now your dog can join in, too! This non-alcoholic tipple is a healthy infusion of 100% natural herbs, and can be drank alone or poured over food for some extra flavour.

Snack launcher, £6.99

Snack launcher

RRP £6.99, Prezzybox

We promise you’ll have hours of fun with this treat launcher, which comes with a handy wrist strap so you won’t use it. Perfect for taking out on walks, it’ll help your dog with their co-ordination.

Relaxation trainer, £69.90

Relaxopet Relaxation trainer

RRP £69.90, Fetch

Stressed pets will be thankful for this gadget, which helps reassure the animal in stressful situations, whether in their own home, in a stable, in a cage or in a non-animal environment. It uses sounds, inaudible to humans, and frequencies to calm them down.

Bubble toy, £2.99

Pet Safe Bubble toy

RRP £2.99, Fetch

Dogs love bubbles, and owners love watching them chase them around the garden - so this gift is a win-win! The formula is pet-safe, and is even peanut butter scented to make the bubbles more enticing.

Pet bed, £65

Kysler Pet bed Extra Large

RRP £65, Made

This pink velvet bed looks so cosy, we’re almost tempted to curl up ourselves! Luckily, there is a matching pink bed, so you could go all-out and make your bedroom a pink haven for everyone in the house.

Treats gift box, £5

Treats gift box

RRP £5, Lily's Kitchen

You’ll win the approval of any dog with this special festive treat gift box from pump favourite Lily’s Kitchen. It contains Christmas turkey bites, duck & venison sausages and beef mini burgers - so your dog can enjoy their own Christmas dinner while you feast on yours!

Pet portrait, £16.19

Personalised Pet portrait

RRP £16.19, Etsy

Technically, this is probably one for the owner rather than the dog, but we can’t deny that these portraits are adorable! Simply share the name, and 2-3 pictures of your dog, and the rest is easy!

KONG toy, £11.99

KONG toy

RRP £11.99, Amazon

If your dog is prone to destroying all of their toys, you probably need to invest in a KONG. These incredibly hard-wearing toys are practically indestructible, but still keep your pet amused thanks to the hole, which you can fill with treats for them to dig out.

Broccoli toy, £3

Broccoli toy

RRP £3, Pets at Home

Dogs don’t like vegetables, but we’re sure they’ll enjoy this adorable teddy bear. Sure, it’s a bit gaudy, but won’t they look adorable carrying this around the house..?

New dog kit, £20

Wild & Woofy New Dog Starter Kit Gift Set

RRP £20, John Lewis

If you know someone lucky enough to be getting a dog this Christmas, get them this starter kit to help. It contains a spotted bow tie, rope style lead, tennis ball and collapsible bowl with carabiner to help them with their newest family member.

Personalised hamper, £30

Personalised dog hamper

RRP £30, Not on the High Street

This adorable hamper comes printed with your dog’s name on the front, and is filled with natural treats - such as biscuits, sausages and paw balm. If you really want to spoil them, you can opt for a premium version.

Silver Grey Softie Faux Fur Dog Blanket

(Image credit: The Stylish Dog)

Silver Grey Softie Faux Fur Dog Blanket

From £46, The Stylish Dog

This cosy blanket is stylish enough to be enjoyed by you and your dog. Pop it on the sofa, or in their bed or at the bottom of your own bed for those bedtime snuggles. It's super warm and machine washable so practical too.

Medium Dapper Dogs Liberty Print Dog Neckerchief

(Image credit: Liberty)

Medium Dapper Dogs Liberty Print Dog Neckerchief

RRP £25, Liberty London

Okay we admit it, sometimes our dog is dressed better than we are. If you, like us, love spoiling your pooch then why not treat them to this fancy neckerchief. Featuring  the Dapper Dogs Liberty print it's handmade from cotton with a secure Velcro fastening that can be worn with a harness or collar.