Missing Claudia's The Traitors wardrobe already? Her stylist, Sinead McKeefry, shares more stunning wardrobe must-haves

Wardrobe staples to make you look and feel amazing all year round

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors season 2
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The Traitors season 2 has came to a spectacular end on Friday 26 January, and while I'm still gutted it's over (that finale, though), I'm experiencing an equally huge sense of loss at no longer being able to swoon over Claudia's outfits each week. 

In an attempt to fill the void and help build a capsule wardrobe, I reached out to the lady behind the countryside chic that's touched the nation: stylist Sinead McKeefry. And what a joy she is. Just minutes into our chat, I was introduced to Sinead's brilliant sense of humour and hearty laugh, and immediately understood why she has such long-standing clients. I was also instantly struck by not only how knowledgeable she is, but how generous she is with her expertise. 

Sinead's love of fashion is infectious, her skill unquestionable, and her desire to help people feel good in what they wear inspirational. 

Sinead McKeefry selfie with Claudia Winkleman

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Combining classic wardrobe items in a way that transforms even the simplest of items into something stunning, Sinead has captured the imagination of many, and has now, deservedly-so, amassed a growing army of admirers - myself included. Each week people have been searching how they took can get Claudia Winkleman's Traitors outfits – something Sinead is very happy about. 

"The thought I'm inspiring people to be a bit creative themselves, and to think, actually, we're all really good at just putting on that black jumper and black jeans every day and running out the house," Sinead tells me. "To know people are stopping and thinking about what they're wearing, and it's making them feel good - that means so much to me."

But all is not lost when it comes to our weekly fix of Sinead McKeefry fashion, with The Traitors season 3 confirmed, it's only a matter of time before we're all once again scouring the web for her latest chunky knit recommendation. But, well, I'm impatient and couldn't wait that long, and so I asked if she would mind sharing her wardrobe must-haves in the meantime – and much to my delight (and bank balance's dismay) she very kindly obliged...

1. Cashmere jumper

"A cashmere jumper, possibly a navy," Sinead says. "It feels amazing against the skin, can be layered and obviously has that quiet luxury feel to it. You can wear it jeans, but equally with an inspiration piece from say, Le Kilt – that cashmere just brings it right down. It makes it feel cool, and a little less contrived, but it's still got that elegance to it. 

"You can wear it with faded old ripped jeans, with a great pair of well-fitted trousers with a flat shoe, with heels – it's just that key piece that's going to work with so many different elements of dressing. 

"Cashmere is a luxury, but you can go to places like Uniqlo and get really good cashmere. Mens cashmere as well, look in the menswear department." 

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2. Statement boots

"Footwear is so key – a statement boot is great investment piece," Sinead tells me. "I bought the Givenchy buckle boots about eight years ago, and I still have them, I still wear them. You can put them with leggings, jeans, tights, a plain black kilt and cashmere jumper - they can really just elevate any look. 

"In every high-end high street brand, like Zara, you'll find a boot with good detail on it – something that adds a little bit of interest. Or ones like the DMs we've used on The Traitors (that no-one can actually get right now) – even that is a statement. It might not be the biggest statement in the world, but it makes you feel pretty cool if you've got a pair of boots like that. I'm 50, I mean business – and I want what I wear to make me feel like I mean business, and this style of boot does that. 

"Thinking past winter, if you want to crack out your leg in summer or springtime and you've got a gorgeous long floaty dress, your navy cashmere jumper over the top and a great pair of boots - everyone's going to think you look fabulous."

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3. Trench coat

"I bought a really amazing trench coat from Reiss about five years ago, and it was really fluid – just so flattering," Sinead shared. "For me, personally, they were more flattering than Burberry trench coats, but you can go to Zara, you can go to Reiss for trenches – I got a beautiful mustard yellow one from American Vintage. Again, quite fluid. 

"If you've got a black or navy one, they are great for taking you through the winter. They can be layered up with snoods, with your cashmere jumper and statement boots. Some of them are just really nice as well to wear over t-shirts, and coming into spring it's just really nice to have a gorgeous trench coat. 

"I'm not a massive statement necklace person, but I will layer gold. And I think gold against those gorgeous beige, taupey, creamy colours of trench coats is just really chic – and it doesn't need to be Burberry."

Our best trench coats article features a range of designs for all budgets. 

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4. Leggings

"Go on to Wardrobe.NYC and invest in the fantastic range of leggings. Some are plain, some have zips – I totally love the ones with zips at the back – some have a little kick flare at the bottom. They are investment piece, but how many times have you tried to find the perfect black trouser? They are made from bonded lycra, and really suit every shape. 

"I love these leggings because they work in so many ways – I've used them on The Traitors in the day, but also as parts of different outfits on Strictly as well. They've got a really slick silhouette to them, they're uber-cool, I mean, Wardrobe.NYC really is quite the label at the moment. These leggings are a really gorgeous investment piece that you'll feel amazing in – you won't regret it."

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