The Traitors season 3: Everything we know - plus the future of Claudia Winkleman's wardrobe, according to her stylist

Wondering about The Traitors season 3? You're probably not the only fan eager to know what lies in store for the future of the BBC show

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors season 2
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The Traitors season 3 has been a subject on fans’ minds for weeks now as season 2 of the hit show sets up what promises to be an intense finale.

Since it returned earlier this month The Traitors season 2 has had viewers captivated by everything from host Claudia Winkleman’s Traitors outfits to the Traitors castle itself. The second instalment has been a resounding success and with the final episode airing on 26th January, many of us might have already been wondering for a while now about what lies in store for the hit BBC show. Amid rumours of a celebrity special, we have all the details about whether there’ll be The Traitors season 3, including what Claudia’s brilliant stylish Sinead McKeefry has planned for the host’s always-fabulous wardrobe.

Will there be The Traitors season 3? 

Thankfully for fans who are already dreading the months of TV that lie ahead without the weekly banishments, challenges and “murders”, it was confirmed last year that there will be The Traitors season 3. Making the exciting announcement, the BBC’s Head of Entertainment Kalpna Patel-Knight teased that fans can look forward to Claudia returning as host and so much more.

Claudia Winkleman standing outside the Traitors castle in The Traitors season 2

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“The massive unscripted hit The Traitors will be back for a third series. Expect to see more psychological gameplay, exciting challenges and of course Claudia at the helm. It will be a thrilling ride for both avid fans and newcomers to the series for sure. The BBC will always remain faithful to The Traitors,” Kalpna said.

Meanwhile, Stephen Lambert, CEO of Studio Lambert, declared that, “Claudia and the team look forward to keeping audiences on the edge of their seats again with ever more thrilling missions and exceptional players competing in this gripping game of bluff and skill."

What is The Traitors season 3 release date? 

It’s only natural as soon as a show we love draws to an end that we immediately start wondering about when the next season will be released. Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no The Traitors season 3 release date that’s been confirmed. There was an almost two-year gap between The Traitors season 1 airing in November 2022 and season 2 starting in January 2024. If the third season follows this pattern then it’s possible we won’t see The Traitors season 3 until 2026 which is a frankly devastating possibility to all die-hard fans. 

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors season 2

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However, there is some good news that hints at a potentially slightly quicker timeframe based on news about the casting process for The Traitors season 3. Applications to be part of the next season can now be filled in with the deadline listed on the BBC website as 11 February 2024 and the anticipated filming date is just a few months away. With this in mind The Traitors season 3 could possibly air in 2025 if it is filmed this year.

When does The Traitors season 3 start filming? 

No exact filming date has been announced yet for The Traitors season 3 but the application form for the show suggests that cast members will have to be available for multiple weeks with filming anticipated to be spring/summer 2024. If this turns out to be correct then The Traitors season 3 will be filming within a few months, though the form does state that this could change at the production’s discretion.

Cars driving across the countryside in The Traitors season 2

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How to apply for The Traitors season 3 

Anyone who feels that they’re ready to take on the challenge of being either a devious traitor or a loyal faithful can apply to be part of The Traitors season 3 by filling in the Studio Lambert application form. First you must closely read the eligibility requirements which include the fact that you must be (or will be) at least 18 years old at the time of applying and you must be available to take part for up to 4 weeks. The closing date is 11th February.

Where will The Traitors season 3 be filmed? 

If The Traitors season 3 follows the same pattern as the previous two seasons then it will be filmed at Ardross Castle near the Scottish city of Inverness. Anyone who’s discovered where to watch The Traitors US season 2 will know that this is also where the US version of the show has been filmed up to now too.

The Traitors Castle in The Traitors season 2

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The castle and its grounds are the perfect setting for the show, with so many rooms for secret conversations to take place in and a brilliantly dramatic exterior too. At this point we couldn’t imagine The Traitors being filmed anywhere else but fans will have to wait until an announcement is made to know for sure that the third season will be filmed at Ardross Castle again.

The future of Claudia’s wardrobe for The Traitors season 3 

One of the stand-out aspects of The Traitors has always been Claudia Winkleman’s outfits which have been everything from traditional to gothic-inspired. Throughout the show she’s been expertly styled by the amazing Sinead McKeefry who’s revealed her aspirations for Claudia’s season 3 wardrobe. Opening up about her vision for Claudia’s clothes going forwards to womanandhome, Sinead explained that things could get a lot more gothic.

Get Claudia Winkleman's Traitors looks

"I’d like to go a little more gothic next season,” she shared. “And that’s probably my initial reaction to having such a fabulous knitwear series. And really showcasing that.” 

In The Traitors season 3 the host’s knitwear has been a particular source of inspiration for fashion fans everywhere. From Claudia Winkleman’s green jumper to her oversized red one with some impressive statement sleeves, the knitwear pieces have been gorgeous and memorable.

Reflecting upon her choices, Sinead said, “I’m really keen and happy and super impressed by a lot of the knitwear that I’ve bought and put together. And there’s definitely more room for that, and always will be because of the location it’s shot in.” 

However, alongside some beautiful knitwear pieces, the stylist is eager to bring something slightly more “theatrical” to Claudia’s clothes for The Traitors season 3.

"I’d also like to do a deep dive into something slightly more theatrical, although I don’t want it to ever look like that,” Sinead continued. “But I like elements of it, like wearing lace in the daytime, with a chunky knit, let’s say."

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors season 3

(Image credit: BBC/Studio Lambert/Llara Plaza)

Claudia wore a net veil in episode 7 which was particularly memorable for its funereal theme after one of the faithful was “poisoned” in plain sight. Whilst this was perfect for this episode in particular, it seems Sinead is definitely interested in introducing full on lace and a more gothic feel into Claudia’s daytime looks in The Traitors season 3.

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