Where to watch The Traitors US season 2 in the UK and when is the next episode?

You might be tempted to watch The Traitors US season 2 as well as the UK version as both continue with betrayals, plans and reveals

Alan Cumming in The Traitors US season 1
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You might be wondering where to watch The Traitors US season 2 from the UK as the hit series continues to keep viewers on the edge of their seats on either side of the pond.

From the moment season 1 landed on BBC One in 2022, The Traitors has captured fans’ imaginations. Filmed in Scotland, the faithful contestants must root out the traitors amongst them, all the while the hand-picked traitors seek to “murder” their fellow players. In the UK version this is all in pursuit of up to £120,000 but in America, the fund is up to $250,000. 

The Traitors series 2 is currently airing in the UK, but whilst you might know how to watch The Traitors UK, the American version’s second season is just as exciting. With anticipation building and several familiar faces on the cast, we have all the details about where to watch The Traitors US season 2 in the UK.

Where to watch The Traitors US season 2 in the UK

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Time and Date: 2am GMT (9pm ET/ 6pm PT) on Thursdays
Platform Peacock
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When it comes to where to watch The Traitors US season 2, the episodes are currently landing on Peacock in America. Since the BBC has acquired the UK rights to The Traitors US from Peacock, it’s understood that at some point the second season will arrive on BBC iPlayer. 

Sadly, this hasn’t happened yet and it’s not known when The Traitors US season 2 will be available to watch in full. If you don’t want to miss a single moment of betrayal, challenges and finger-pointing if you’re abroad or working in the UK whilst it airs, though, then you can watch The Traitors US season 2 via Peacock with the use of a VPN and a Peacock subscription. 

How to watch Peacock in the UK

You used to be able to watch Peacock in the UK if you were a NOW TV customer who had the £9.99 entertainment pass or via Sky TV. However those in the UK never had access to the full range of content available on Peacock in the US and now Peacock is no longer available to watch via Sky as of 9th January 2024. 

If you want to continue enjoying Peacock’s content whilst you’re in the UK, including The Traitors US season 2, you’ll need to use a VPN and if you haven’t already, you’ll also need to sign up for either a premium or Peacock Premium Plus subscription. 

A VPN is a useful bit of software that changes your IP address, allowing you to access on-demand content as well as live TV just as you would normally at home. Our sister site TechRadar has tested all of the major VPN services and they’ve found ExpressVPN to be the best out there. ExpressVPN has lightning-fast speeds, reliable content unblocking and the always-useful 24/7 customer support. It has a maximum 12-month subscription but also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.  


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  3. With your VPN installed and server location set to US, you can now watch The Traitors US season 2 online.

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When is the next episode of The Traitors US season 2 released?

For anyone who just can’t wait to watch The Traitors US season 2 continue, the next episode is due to land on Peacock on 18th January. The slot for the show in the US is Thursdays and so each new episode will be released on this day on a weekly basis going forwards. The eleven episode season will draw to an end on 7th March 2024 with the finale which will determine whether any of the traitors remain undetected to take the entire prize pot away from the faithful contestants.

Where to watch The Traitors US season 1 in the UK

If you’ve already watched all of the episodes of The Traitors UK season 2 that have aired so far and would prefer to see the US version from the very start before you watch The Traitors US season 2 then you should head to BBC iPlayer. All episodes of The Traitors US season 1 are available to watch on the BBC’s on-demand service. This means you can enjoy all the banishments, murders and backstabbing moments at your own pace. Given that season 1 is on iPlayer, it’s also likely that season 2 of the US version will join it in due course though no date has been confirmed.

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