The Traitors series 2: Who is the fourth and final Traitor and who was the first person killed?

The Traitors UK began last night and left on a cliffhanger, so who is the fourth traitor and who was the first person killed in season 2?

Fourth traitor : The Traitors series 2: Who is the fourth and final Traitor and who was the first person killed?
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The Traitors UK season 2 began last night and fans were left on a cliffhanger as the show ended without revealing who the fourth traitor was.

Last year's hype about The Traitors has encouraged viewers to jump on the bandwagon and watch The Traitors season two which just began last night on January 3rd on BBC. The show delighted fans with a twist as only three traitors were revealed and a surprise fourth traitor was set to be revealed by the end of the day. As the show ended on a cliffhanger, fans are desperate to know; who is the fourth traitor? And who did they decide to kill first?

Warning, there are spoilers from episode two in this article...

The Traitors

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Who are the traitors?

The selection at the beginning of the episode revealed that Ash, Harry and Paul are the traitors of the season after they told Claudia that they'd all be keen to participate in the show as a traitor rather than a faithful. 

The traitors were told by Claudia that the they would be recruiting the final member of the team but they wouldn't find out who each other were until the end of the day. Midway through the show the traitors took of their hoods and were finally able to find out who their allies in this show would be. The trio were shocked and excited that none of them suspected one another and felt that they had a 'strong group'. 

They decided that Miles, Andrew, Sonja, and Diane could be good allies but the show didn't reveal who the fourth traitor would be until episode two.

The Traitors

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Who is the fourth traitor?

As the first three episodes of the show are already on BBC iPlayer, viewers who watched ahead found that in the first moments of episode two, the fourth traitor was revealed.

The fourth traitor is Miles. After quickly becoming a well-liked and popular member of the group, the traitors felt that he would be a great addition to help dupe the faithful. Miles was shocked to discover who the other traitors were and said he had 'no idea' that it would be those three to select him as he didn't suspect any of them.

The Traitors


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The faithful still have no idea how many traitors are among them. The group have speculated that there are three traitors with two being originally selected and another one being recruited at night. However, as it stands, there are four traitors and 18 faithfuls.  

Who was the first person murdered?

In episode two, the traitors met to decide who they would kill first. They couldn't kill Kyra or Jaz as they both had shields that they won during the game earlier in the day. 

The group considered that Anthony could be a good person to kill as he ruffled some feathers during the challenge when he struggled to row the boat and work as a team, but they decided that it could work in their favour if they left him in the game. Sonja was also considered because of her comments to Ash at breakfast. Diane and Aubrey were also considered because of their astute nature and perceptive comments about other players.

Ultimately the traitors decided to murder Aubrey which was discovered when he didn't show up to the second breakfast with the team.

The Traitors

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It was then revealed that the traitors picked Aubrey would 'send a message' and 'throw them off the scent' of the traitors. This was because none of them had many discussions with Aubrey and no one would suspect they would kill him. Additionally, Aubrey was a threat and might have been able to work out who the traitors were, so he had to go.

The Traitors continues on BBC 1 and BBC iPlayer at 9pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

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