We need to take a moment for Duchess Sophie's striking red blazer and Burberry bag in these retro pics

You need to see this royal fashion throwback

duchess sophie
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We're in love with Duchess Sophie of Edinburgh epitomising classic 90s fashion in these vintage snaps of her wearing a bold red blazer and a super chic Burberry bag.

Aside from being a well-known public figure in the UK, Duchess Sophie of Edinburgh is also quite the sartorial role model. We're constantly admiring her uber stylish outfits, from her cornflower blue suit to her pale pink satin skirt, she's always giving us inspiration for how to strike the perfect balance between sophisticated and youthful dressing. 

Recently, we unearthed a photo of the Duchess from the mid-90s, and the outfit she's wearing it just too good to not share. 

duchess sophie

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No, really, we need a moment of silence for this outfit - it's a vintage dream. 

The old school snaps of Sophie were taken back in 1995, just four years before she married Prince Edward in 1999. But, even before she married into the royal family, she was a working woman in London, employed by Capital Radio and other British networks - and even then, she was inspiring the masses with her chic looks.

The Duchess of Edinburgh, who was known as Sophie Rhys-Jones at the time, wore a super chic red jacket, which featured black velvet detailing on the sleeves and some gold hardware that add an extra layer of elegance to the garment. She paired it with some simple black cigarette trousers, that would still look chic in 2023. 

She paired the statement ruby jacket with an unbelievably stylish Burberry crossbody purse, which featured the signature plaid Burberry print on the front and had brown leather accents. Finishing the look off, she went for a pair of trusty black loafers, which again had gold hardware, helping tie the whole look together. 

duchess sophie

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In a look that is definitely still on the trendy side, even over 25 years later, we're ready to recreate this look as soon as possible. 

Luckily, we found some products that will help you recreate the 90s-chic outfit if you don't have some of these staple pieces in your wardrobe already. 

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