The best eyeshadow for blue eyes

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  • What make-up suits blue eyes? We round up the best shadows to enhance those baby blues

    The best eyeshadow for blue eyes is whatever you want to wear, but if you’re looking to bring out the colour in your eyes and make your blue eyes ‘pop’, then this is what the experts recommend…

    Let’s preface this by saying we don’t subscribe to that old fashioned ‘doing your colours’ notion of beauty.

    The one that suggests blondes can only wear one quarter of the colour spectrum, redheads another and never the twain shall meet. If you love green eyeshadow and red lipstick, wearing them will make you feel confident and look fabulous as a result; no matter what traits you won in the genetic lottery.

    Having said that, there are some shades that just work together, and the best eyeshadows for blue eyes can really make them ‘pop.’ Of course ‘popping’ as far as eye make-up is concerned, is a wonderful, striking thing.

    What eye shadow colour makes blue eyes ‘pop’?

    The generally accepted wisdom when it comes to the best eyeshadow for cooler colours like blue and grey eyes, is that a warmer shade will help bring out those icy tones.

    Everyone loves a creamy sand, molten copper or chocolate brown eye, it’s simple, universally flattering and perfect for day or night.

    Pablo Rodriguez, Director of Artistry at beauty brand Illamasqua, says, “I truly believe that it always comes down to personal preference when selecting eyeshadow colour. However, if we want to create a rule based on colour theory, then orange shades are the opposite to blue in the colour spectrum, so a beautiful orange hue will give more contrast and ensure the eye colour will pop.

    Actress Marion Cotillard with orange eyeshadow on blue eyes.

    Actress Marion Cotillard, 44, stands out on the red carpet with a soft, peachy orange eyeshadow shade.

    “I also love to use a similar eyeshadow shade to the natural colour of the eyes, as this will expand the eye colour and generally make the eyes appear bigger and more of a focal point.”

    What is the best eye shadow colour for blue eyes?

    If you like to experiment with colour, unsurprisingly, blue works well here. Avoid 1980’s electric shades, frosty shimmers that fall into lines or, even worse, cornflower.
    Instead create a dramatic smoky eye with deep navy and dark slate grey tones. Other colours that work well with blue eyes are smoky purples, mossy greens and even a deep dusky pink (if you dare!)

    What eye shadow colour should you avoid?

    So are there any shades that should be avoided at all costs? If you’re eyes are a light, icy blue, then super-bright colours may detract from their natural striking beauty.

    Rupert Kingston, co-founder and director of Delilah, advises, “For blue eyes I tend to stay away from all the cold greys or anything that already has blue undertones, as they just don’t make the eye colour pop.”

    Reds are probably best avoided regardless of eye colour or skin tone unless you’re feeling really brave.

    Otherwise, the main thing to keep in mind when picking an eye shadow colour is just to have fun! Play, experiment and find your perfect shade from our pick of the best eyeshadow for blue eyes below…